Myths about sailing that may not make you uncomfortable

Myths about sailing that may not make you uncomfortable

There's a lot of talk about sailing, but it doesn't have to spoil your longed-for holiday. We'll tell you what's true and what's not so true.

Here are the most common myths about boating that circulate among people and are usually not entirely true. What is the most common thing a woman said about sailing?

Boating is for the rich

When you say cruise, do you think of luxury, billionaires, James Bond or lots of money? You're not wrong. You can actually find luxury crewed superyachts on offer from charter companies. But a regular charter boat rental is no more expensive than a hotel vacation. While the absolute cost of a charter isn't the lowest, if you budget the cost per person, a boat vacation comes out to a price that most vacationers can afford. Read more about how much a week on a yacht costs and, for comparison, check out the options for the discerning who appreciate luxury yacht charters and all-inclusive holidays at sea.

People are sick on the boat.

Perhaps the most common concern of novice sailors is the risk of seasickness. This is usually an unnecessary fear. In most cases, no one gets sick on the boat. When on a boat holiday, you often sail between islands where there are no big waves. So there is nothing to rock the boat. Moreover, the children whose parents are most worried about their stomachs are surprisingly the best able to cope with the cruise. Anyway, it helps to read the article How to cope with seasickness to be informed.

The captain is an old sea wolf

Are you repelled by the idea that the hired captain on the ship will be a grumpy old man with an unshaven beard, smell and talk weird? Well, we're going to disabuse you of that notion. Our skippers are communicative professionals in their field and are constantly learning. They're mostly calm and make you feel completely safe on the boat. Often new friendships are formed on the boat as well. Check out the profiles of some of our skippers to get an idea of who you might sail with, for example.

The cruise is not suitable for small children

Very often parents are afraid to take small children on the boat. But there is no real reason for this. Children enjoy their stay on the boat and the cruise to the maximum. By taking safety precautions such as child nets, life jackets and others, the risk of injury is kept to a minimum. Read more about safety features on a boat in our article on safe boating holidays or study the 4 rules for a trouble-free boating holiday with children.

Sailing with children

Cruising is an experience of a lifetime for children.

We'll be crowded on the boat

Yes, a boat is usually not a giant villa (unless you rent a super luxury yacht). But you can't talk about a downright cramped feeling either. Of course, space is more limited on a boat, so you have to weigh how much stuff you're bringing. We recommend taking a sports bag as luggage. On regular sailing boats there is a fully equipped kitchen, cabins with bathroom, living room (saloon). When the weather is nice, everyone spends the whole day outside on the deck. So don't worry about any claustrophobia or submarine sickness.

I must be super fit

The great thing about sailing is that you may or may not be involved in the running of the boat. If you're an adventurer and sportsman at heart, the skipper can teach you how to steer, pull ropes, tie up the boat... But if you prefer to relax and unwind, you'll simply enjoy a peaceful stay on board.

Boat rides only in summer

And have you heard about exotic destinations where it is most beautiful in winter? Beautiful Caribbean beaches, Thailand, the Seychelles or even Malaysia, you can experience it all when it's already cold in Europe.

Dogs are not allowed on board

You don't have to leave your four-legged pet at home when planning a boat holiday. You can bring your dog on board by prior arrangement with the charter company. In fact, in our experience, many dogs enjoy the cruise and subsequent water play.

Dogs on board

Even dogs enjoy being on the water.

Sailboat capsizes

Modern sailing boats are one of the safest means of transport in the world. Thanks to their keel (centre of gravity) underwater, they are virtually unbreakable. Forget disaster movies where the boat is tossed around in a storm and capsizes. This is an extreme case that you really just don't experience on your vacation in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean outside of hurricane season.

Chartering a boat abroad is complicated's sales and customer service department will guide you through the entire process of selection, booking, payment and boarding step by step. Chartering a boat with us is really a breeze. See for yourself and start by selecting your boat in our search engine.

It's worth waiting for Last Minute

Although it is a holiday, the boat charter industry is different from the traditional summer tours. Last minute deals do occasionally come up at the beginning and during the season, but they are not always the lowest priced. In our experience, we recommend booking a boat some time in advance, preferably in the First Minute, when discounts run into the tens of percentages.

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