Luxury yacht charter: all-inclusive holidays at sea

Luxury yacht charter: all-inclusive holidays at sea

Think that chartering a luxury yacht just isn't for you? Let us convince you otherwise.

Nowadays it is relatively common to rent a smaller yacht for a week-long vacation with family, friends or work colleagues. Many people have a captain's license. But what if you could travel in a spacious luxury yacht with a bathware, captain and crew and all the services that a luxury hotel provides?

Luxury all-inclusive yacht holiday

Cruising on a boat is one of the most wonderful ways to travel, spend your holiday and explore beautiful coastal destinations. But if you are the one organising the trip, you'll have a lot of work on your hands and arrangements to sort out. You need to charter a boat, arrange insurance, plan your itinerary, manage the crew, take the helm, buy groceries, refuel in marinas... But what if all these worries were taken care of for you?

A couple relaxes on the bow of a luxury yacht.

Luxury yacht charter is the ideal way to enjoy sailing the ocean worry-free. An all-inclusive package provides everything you could possibly need before and during your trip — the perfect luxury yacht with a spacious cabin, a captain and crew (so you can sunbathe and sip cocktails), a personalised itinerary, as well as all food and drink on board, taking into account any dietary requirements. Luxury yachting is comparable to spending your vacation at a luxury seafront hotel, but with the added advantages of your privacy and the freedom to sail somewhere new every day. Plus, almost everything can be customised to your needs and desires. For example, if you like a particular spot, you'll be free to stay there a little longer but if not, you can simply head somewhere else.

A set table to eat on board a luxury yacht.

Although renting luxury yachts is usually preferred by families with kids, larger groups of friends or, for example, as part of a corporate event, it is really for anyone who wants to enjoy a luxury sea cruise. With numerous types of boats to choose from and covering European destinations as well as exotic locations further afield, the possibilities are almost endless. Simply contact us and make an enquiry with no obligation to book.

Popular destinations for a luxury yacht charter

Anyone who has ever sailed the sea will tell you that seeing coastal towns from the water itself is so much more than when visiting them by land. Popular destinations for yacht charter in Europe include Croatia, Greece, Italy, Sardinia, Ibiza and Turkey, with more exotic destinations in the Canary Islands, the Seychelles, the Caribbean and Thailand. But this is just a fraction of the places you can visit with a luxury yacht charter.

Hammock or hammock hanging on a palm tree on the beach of an exotic island.

When is the yachting season?

When choosing a destination, the first thing you should consider is the time of year you will be sailing. The yachting season lasts for different lengths of time in different countries and varies at different times of the year. For European destinations, generally the main sailing season runs from around June to August. So what about the most popular destinations for a luxury yacht charter?

  • Croatia: June to October (good chance of strong to extreme winds in autumn)
  • Greece: April to October
  • Italy: May to October (winds are lightest in high season)           
  • Turkey: April to October
  • Sardinia: April to October (swimming in the sea is possible throughout the season)
  • Canary Islands: October to April (ideal for the winter months)
  • Ibiza: April to October (ideal for families with children and less experienced sailors)
  • Seychelles: Year-round sailing (mild to moderate winds, small waves)
  • Thailand: December to April (ideal for the winter months but with year-round sailing)
  • Caribbean: December to June (watch out for storm and hurricane season from late July)
A catamaran sailing on turquoise water.

Choose a destination based on what you want to see

If you're on the fence about where you want to go, think about what you want to see, how you want to moor and what kind of service you expect in port. Each country has its own specifics, although the services offered ashore can be very different at ports even in the same country. So, what does each destination have to offer?

  • Croatia: breathtaking landscapes, islands and modern marinas (Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Trogir)
  • Greece: romantic islands, beaches accessible only by sea, less well-equipped marinas (Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu)
  • Italy: fantastic variety of destinations for all, including families (Ligurian coast, Tuscan archipelago, Gulf of Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Adriatic, Pontine Islands, Amalfi, Calabria)
  • Turkey: Ionian coast, western Lycia, eastern Lycia, Caria
  • Sardinia: white beaches, turquoise sea and beaches accessible only by boat (Cagliari, Olbia, Palau) 
  • Canary Islands: ideal for those who love longer voyages due to greater distances between anchorages (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote)
  • Ibiza: nature reserves, islands and the infamous nightlife (Formentera, Ibiza), beware of booked moorings
  • Seychelles: beaches, sea, and a paradise of unspoilt landscapes and almost uninhabited islands (Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, surrounding islands)
  • Thailand: beautiful beaches, islands, turquoise sea, great diving, as well as a rich nightlife (Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, Koh Lanta, Koh Similan, Koh Phi Phi)
  • Caribbean: white beaches, coral reefs and unspoilt nature (Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Antiqua)
The island of Maldives with turquoise water, white sand and palm trees.

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How to rent a luxury yacht

Chartering a luxury yacht is simple. Once you get in contact with us, there are basically just three steps.

1. Consultation and quote

The moment you've made the decision to set sail on a luxury yacht, contact us either by phone, email or by filling in the contact form. A specialist will contact you directly for a consultation with no obligation. After explaining your ideas, needs and wishes, they will find the most suitable holiday for you. Together you will discuss what destination you'd like to go to, whether you prefer a certain type of boat, how many people will be travelling, what the itinerary will be, if you have any special catering requirements and much more. Our specialist will then prepare several recommendations for you and then you can decide what suits you best. Based on your agreement, you will then receive a non-binding quote.

Women having a good time aboard a luxury yacht.

2. Booking and payment

Once you and the specialist have fine-tuned the details to your complete satisfaction, the trip will be booked and all other necessary arrangements made. All you need to do to confirm your booking is make a payment. Some charter companies require a down payment and subsequent installment before the trip, whilst others prefer the full amount at once.

3. Support and communication

Our customer support is at your disposal throughout the entire process, from initial enquiry, consultation, quote, booking and payment to your departure. We will provide all the information you need: where you'll be sailing from, how the voyage will be organised, what there will be on board and anything you would like to know before you depart. At sea, the captain and crew will be available if you need anything and our customer support will be there for you on shore.

Choosing a boat for a luxury holiday requires extra care. We are ready, so just give us a call.

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