First time on a houseboat?

First time on a houseboat?

You can do it with ease. You don't need a license or previous experience to drive any of our houseboats. We will explain and show you everything thoroughly at the start of your rental.

Driving a boat is commonly compared to driving a car.

A place for family holidays

A place for family holidays

Travelling by car or plane is boring, try a real adventure this time - a cruise!

How to ensure the safety of children? How to combine the leisure time of children and adults? Or how to sail when the kids want to swim?

Life on the boat

Life on the boat

When planning a holiday, we look forward to finally embarking on a new adventure and often don't realise the inconveniences we may encounter along the way.

Here's some advice on what to look out for.


Popular Ships

We offer a wide range of houseboats. The most demanding of you and those,

who are looking for a compromise between comfort and price


News and Articles

Information about individual destinations. We will give you advice on what is worth visiting, where to anchor and what restaurant to visit.
We'll tell you about local weather, transport from the Czech Republic and charter companies.

Why sail with us?

For 15 years we have been making sure you have the best houseboat experience. We will rent you a boat you can rely on. We will advise you in every situation. You always know what you're sailing into.

Compared to ordering directly from the operator, you get a partner with whom you can deal with any inconveniences or unexpected situations, and in your mother tongue. Thanks to our personal relationships with our partners, we can successfully resolve any disagreements or uncertainties on individual bases for you.

Client satisfaction

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Top Charter Companies

Choosing a charter company isn't always easy, but we can help.

We have selected the best and most trusted charter companies that you will be happy with.