How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

The cost of chartering a yacht will vary depending on the type and size of yacht selected. The specification, age, and layout of the yacht can also affect chartering costs to an extent. Charter rates are usually quoted on a weekly basis with bookings typically commencing on a Saturday, although smaller vessels can be chartered by the day in some cases. Pricing is similar across all destinations and is affected more by the season in which you wish to depart. There are destinations available all over the world!

Here is a breakdown of costs involved in chartering a yacht.

Bareboat Charter Costs 

Yacht Type:
Low Season Weekly Rate From:
High Season Weekly Rate From: 

Monohull (6 guests)

700 €1 800 €

Motor Boat (6 guests)

1 200 €2 300 €

Catamaran ( 12 guests)2 000 €4 600 €

Gulet (10+ guests)

10 000 €15 000 €

Super Yacht (15+ guests)

20 000 €40 000 €

Hiring a Skipper and Extra Crew

Professional skipper: 100€ to 200€ per day. 

If you lack the appropriate licence or you prefer to have an extra set of hands to share in the sailing duties, you can hire a skipper to sail the yacht for you. 

Hostess, Cook: 50€ to 100€ per day

You can also hire a hostess to assist with food and drink preparation as well as provide general assistance during your trip. 

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Additional Costs

Marina fees | Fuel costs | Food and drinks | Airport transfers | Crew Gratuity  | Insurance

Marina Fees

Prices can range from 10€ to 200€ or more per night. Depending on your destination, docking fees can vary significantly. In certain marinas in peak season can cost even more. The price per night is normally calculated as a base price plus a cost per meter of the yacht. Catamarans typically pay for a double berth depending on the marina. Expect to stay in a marina approximately every second or third day of your trip. Your specialist can provide you with an estimate of marina fees depending on the location, season, and yacht you intend to charter. 

Fuel Costs

A monohull or catamaran sailing yacht will consume approximately 200€ per week of fuel. 

Fuel costs will vary depending on your destination, but the main driver of fuel costs will be the type of yacht you select. Motor yachts will use the most fuel by far compared to a catamaran or monohull of similar size. Fuel costs alone can exceed the cost of chartering a motor yacht. 

Sailing catamarans and monohulls are far more fuel efficient compared to a motor yacht when using the engine and of course can travel under sail without any fuel consumption at all. 

Food and Drink

Approximately 100€ per person per week, depending on location. 

Unless you are booking an inclusive package, you are responsible for purchasing your own food and drinks. If you are hiring a skipper and or additional crew you are required to cover the costs of their food and drink as well. These provisions can typically be purchased from grocery stores nearby marinas. 

Airport Transfer

Transportation to and from the airport is not included. Your agent will inform you ahead of time of the approximate costs and the best options for modes of transport to and from the marina.

Crew Gratuity

Depending on the destination a crew gratuity of 10% to 20% is recommended if you choose to hire a skipper and additional crew.


For bareboat charters, consider insuring your deposit to avoid unexpected costs. Travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance should also be considered to provide extra peace of mind during your yachting holiday.

Other Incidental Costs

If you travel by car to the marina, expect to incur some parking fees. Tourist taxes and national park fees may apply depending on your destination and sailing route. In general it is best to have some pocket money on hand to cover incidentals during your holiday. Credit card payments are not always available in remote locations.

3 Easy Steps To Your Next Sailing Holiday

1. Consultation & Quote

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2. Booking & Payment 

Once you have confirmed your booking, a down payment of 20% to 50% is due 2 to 4 weeks after booking, with the remainder due 1 month prior to departure.

3. Holiday Support 

Prior to your departure you will be provided with information regarding transfers to the marina and any other information you may require.  During your trip, our  customer support will be available to assist you.

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