A typical day on a charter boat

A typical day on a charter boat

Welcome to our series on skippered boats! Curious about a typical day on a skippered charter boat? While every day is as unique as you make it, our guide will give you a clear idea of what to expect, from morning to night.

Our guide provides an insight into what a typical day on a charter boat is like. Your experience will depend on your preferences and the group you bring along, but much like any other holiday, you can tailor your time to suit your desires. Learn about the sequence of daily activities on board and the important role the captain plays in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Lazy morning? No problem.

On a boat holiday, you define the morning. Whether you prefer to wake up at sunrise or let the warm rays of the sun wake you around 10 o'clock, there's no rush. It's up to you how long you sleep, when to have breakfast in the cockpit, and when to eventually set sail. Your captain will accommodate your schedule. For example, you can prepare breakfast in the galley or perhaps head ashore to a café or bakery.

Morning cruise or other activities

Most mornings on the boat are spent either enjoying the water in the bay or moving to another island, beach, or bay. Your holiday program depends on your agreement with the captain so you can choose to spend each evening in a different location or stay longer in one spot. Even while sailing, you can sunbathe, stop for an occasional swim, read, or enjoy water activities like being pulled behind the boat on a rope, ring, or paddleboard.

Don't forget lunch at noon

The crew can decide whether to prepare lunch on the boat or eat at a restaurant ashore. You can reach shore using the rubber dinghy with paddles or the outboard motor that come included. You can prepare a light meal, anchor in the bay, and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Alternatively, find a cosy pub under the trees on the shore and enjoy the sea view. The captain can offer tips on where to get the best food or on budget options based on his local knowledge. Onboard, you have the option to prepare anything from light snacks to complete meals in the fully equipped kitchen and dine comfortably either outside or inside.

Afternoon anchoring and relaxation

After lunch, the atmosphere on the boat is usually relaxed. The kids can swim in the sea or play on paddleboards, while others sunbathe on the bow, drink cocktails, chat, or play games. The afternoon is also the time to plan where to spend the night. It's best to head to the harbour or bay while it's still light. If you're interested in exploring towns and the local landscape, you can join in the planning. Alternatively, leave the arrangements to the skipper, who will handle all the details and organization.

Dinner on land or in the bay

Dinner can be arranged by cooking on the boat or heading ashore to a local pub to try the local specialities. If the boat is docked at the pier, you can simply walk ashore on the gangplank. If anchored in the bay, you can use the dinghy to reach the restaurant. An early evening stroll around the town you're moored at is a popular activity. The darkened atmosphere of a quiet bay, the sound of cicadas, and a sky full of stars are truly enchanting.

Evenings on a boat are just awesome! Most often, sailors spend them in the cockpit, sitting on benches at the table, chatting, playing guitar, making merry, listening to music, or simply stargazing.

Sunset over the sea

Sunsets over the sea are some of the most beautiful

Night-time and sleeping on the boat

If you're part of a group that came to party, the boat is the perfect venue for a lively night. Those seeking peace and quiet can retire to their cabins or the deck to enjoy fresh air and a restful night's sleep. You don't need to worry about the boat rocking significantly; the captain, as a pro, will find a cove where your boat will be stable and calm. The clean, fresh air and a sky full of stars provide ideal conditions for undisturbed sleep.

YACHTING.COM TIP: There are no specific rules to follow on a boat, except for safety. As the captain is reponsible for your safety, they always have final say. However, there are unwritten rules and customs that will enhance your experience. Learn about yachting etiquette in our guide

Food shopping - a necessary task

Occasionally, grocery shopping is a necessary part of the daily program. It's recommended to do a reasonable amount of shopping before your trip to stock up on basic food and drinks. Fresh produce, such as baked goods, fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat, can be purchased along the way from local shops, markets, or directly from fishermen.

Captain's diet

It's common for the captain to join you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whether the meals are prepared on board or enjoyed at a restaurant. However, if you prefer to keep meals within your family or friendship circle, simply arrange with the captain to eat separately. He will accommodate your preferences. It's all up to you!

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