Total Yacht Sailing Costs

Total Yacht Sailing Costs

How much does it cost this year for a weeks yachting? What extra fees, other than chartering, do you have to fork out for? We’ve put it all together for you!

The total cost of a week’s yachting often remains a mystery for many experienced sailors who end up searching from memory when totalling their final costs. Therefore we’ve written a detailed overview of costs and added a specific budget for a six-person crew this year.


The overview is applicable for yachting throughout Europe but specifically we’re bringing you details for the most popular Czech destination – Croatia.

What fees to pay in addition to chartering when renting a yacht?

Marina Fees

Mooring fees vary greatly and can range anywhere from €20 per buoy to €300 per day in an attractive location. In each country the charges are different and the amount depends on the length of the boat, the period, plus the attractiveness and facilities of each marina.

In a marina it’s most expensive to moor at a pier, with the cheapest being on a buoy. City ports and piers or mooring at villages is cheaper and sometimes even free. You can also anchor in the wild and use marinas just to refuel or get water. You don’t have to pay at your home marina. In Greece or Italy you can also find mooring for free, especially off-season.

Example of this year’s mooring fees in Croatia

Berth Type11 - Metre Boat
Marina450 to 800 HRK
City Harbour330 to 500 HRK
Buoy150 to 300 HRK

Rates are increasing each year. When booking a place at a marina itself, you usually pay 10 to 25 % more than the pricelist. In Croatia, due to the market environment and grey economy, it’s possible to pay a lot less (50 to 100 HRK), albeit unofficially.

Boat Fuel

Total consumption depends on the weather, wind strength and your desire to sail and overcome longer distances. The average consumption for a typical yacht usually ranges between 5 and 12 litres per hour.

Water On Board

Consumption depends on the crew and lifestyle on board. A single tank is sufficient for the crew, in Croatia for a typical boat it is around 100 to 150 HRK.

Journey to the Sea and Back

Transportation to the boat is often the most expensive item to budget for. For a six-member crew we’re talking about 2 cars or the price of flight tickets. It’s also necessary to pay for the motorway or marina parking.

Eating Out and Buying Food

The budget depends on the willingness of the crew to cook and the desire to discover restaurants with local delicacies. If you’re planning on mooring away from civilisation, count on buying food, water and beer in the store. In Croatia, restaurant prices are higher than in other countries.

Mandatory Charter Fees

Compulsory fees are mostly paid along with the boat. They can come under various different names. For example, Transit Log, Permit, Starter Pack or just Cleaning. Mostly, we encounter a general Transit Log, under which there are services. For example, in Croatia there may be bedding, fuel and various handling charges - these may include things such as scuba diving, check-in and check-out procedures, etc. The Starter Pack may include outboard engine or insurance, but each charter company is different (info is available when booking the boat). Sometimes final cleaning is included in the charges, but sometimes it is charged separately. On average, charges vary from €35 to €180, and separate cleaning from €50 to €150.

Tourist Tax

In many countries there is a mandatory tourist tax. Currently in Croatia it is around €1.10 or 8 HRK.

Deposit Insurance

Deposit insurance is seemingly an extra expense, but it can really pay off to have it. It allows you to spend a vacation at sea without worrying about losing your deposit in the order of thousands of euros. At yachting°com, we offer a deposit insurance policy with the widest damage cover with special discounts for our clients. When planning your spending, you also have to reckon with a refundable deposit of about €1500, which will ideally be refunded at the end of the voyage.


If you don't have a skipper’s license, you can order the services of a captain. This is usually around €77 per day, plus, as a rule, money for travel and meals.

Other Fees and Expenses

  • Individual travel insurance
  • Admission to national parks - current prices in Croatia
  • Renting an outboard motor, spinnaker or gennaker (some charter companies include the outboard motor in the price of the boat)
  • Renting a paddleboard or subglider from 80 to €100 per week
  • Charges for other activities - such as diving

Example of Total Voyage Costs for a Single Crew

This example includes a recreational cruise budget for one crew (6 people) that sailed in Dubrovnik in June, taking advantage of a last minute deal. The captain was part of the crew and was not paid separately. The crew ate mainly on board and didn’t often berth at a marina. Your total cost may, of course, vary.


Boat rental including charges for one crew
Boat rental (11 m for 6 persons, 2 years old)1 620 EUR
Mandatory fees (Starter pack / handling fees including cleaning and others)180 EUR
Deposit insurance of 1 500 EUR for the boat (discounted from yachting°com)105 EUR
Journey to Croatia and back - 2500 km
Fuel for 2 vehicles481 EUR
Motorway charges for 2 vehicles190 EUR
Parking at the marina85 EUR
Boat operation
Diesel used in boat88 EUR
Filling of the water tank once21 EUR
Poplatky za kotvení (2x městské molo)1 100 Kč
Mooring fees (2x city pier)42 EUR
Tourist tax43 EUR
Food, water, restaurant
Food and bottled water225 EUR
Dinner (2x in Croatia)165 EUR
Total:3 269 EUR
Cost per crew member:545 EUR

As you can see the costs come out to be about the same as a holiday in a hotel, but including the amazing experience of a great adventure. Are you tempted by a boating holiday? Choose the perfect boat for you and your crew using our online search engine.

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