Top marinas in Montenegro: a sailor's guide

Top marinas in Montenegro: a sailor's guide

Want to explore Montenegro by sea? These are the marinas you won't want to miss.

Still untouched by the masses, Montenegro remains a gem for sailors seeking serenity and beauty. We love Montenegro so much that we keep coming back. That's why we've put together a list of top marinas and ports in the region to ensure you make the most of your maritime journey. Dive into the grandeur of Montenegro's mountains, the allure of its ancient fortresses, and the captivating beauty of its coastline. Wondering where to anchor for the night? Find out in our comprehensive guide.

Porto Montenegro (Tivat)

As you navigate from Croatia to Montenegro, Porto Montenegro in Tivat is among the first sights to greet you. This modern marina, with its pristine waterfront promenade, seems as if it's been lifted straight from a luxury lifestyle magazine. With top-tier restaurants and a selection of upscale shops, the marina exudes an enchanting ambiance reminiscent of tales from the Arabian Nights. It's no exaggeration to say that every corner of this marina epitomizes design excellence.

For yacht enthusiasts, the part of the marina dedicated to super and mega yachts is a highlight.  There is a huge number of them here, so we recommend walking along the pier and taking in the luxurious surroundings.

YACHTING.COM TIP: For a unique experience, check out Buddha-Bar. It boasts an infinity pool right by the shore. By day, it serves as a relaxed beach club; come evening, it transforms into a lively restaurant and bar with a great atmosphere and delicious food.

Buddha Bar Montenegro

From Porto Montenegro's beach bar, you have a prime view of the luxurious super yachts anchored nearby.

Access to Porto Montenegro

Conveniently situated near Tivat airport, Porto Montenegro offers easy access for those looking to charter. With direct flights from many European cities, reaching Tivat is straightforward and quick. Once you land, a short drive, typically a matter of minutes, will bring you directly to the marina's heart.

Things to do in Porto Montenegro

A unique highlight near Porto Montenegro is an on-land submarine. Safe and accessible, visitors can explore the insides of this metallic marvel. Adjacently located is a maritime museum, a must-visit for history and technology enthusiasts.

Yacht choices in Porto Montenegro

Pondering your sailing options? Porto Montenegro offers a range of boats, including the Oceanis 45 Soul or the Sun Odyssey 439 James. For those partial to catamarans, consider the the Lagoon 46 or the majestic Lagoon 50.

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Portonovi Marina

Portonovi Marina boasts over 200 berths accommodating boats from 10 to a incredible 120 metres in length. A customs pier is operational nearly the entire day, from 7.00 to 20.00, ensuring efficient clearance processes. We've observed the professionalism and friendliness of the customs and marina staff, always ready to assist with docking. The marina is equipped with a fuel station and modern facilities including clean restrooms. Nearby, visitors can enjoy a variety of bars and restaurants, shop to their heart's content, or grab fresh produce from local markets, often at prices lower than the marina's supermarket.

Port of Kotor

Kotor boast really quaint little port nestled right beneath the walls of the old town of Kotor. With limited berthing spots available, it's advised to book ahead. Despite its size, it provides all essential amenities such as water and electricity for sailors.

YACHTING.COM TIP: As you pass through the Bay of Kotor, keep an eye out for a beautiful island with a chapel. Don't forget to have your camera ready; it's a sight you'll definitely want to capture.

St. George Island

The island of St. George is extremely photogenic.

What to visit in the vicinity of Kotor port

For hiking enthusiasts, the nearby hills are a must-visit. The trail is generally moderate, and the vistas it offers are truly breathtaking. As you hike, you might also stumble upon quaint shepherd huts where you can buy authentic sheep's cheese.

Yacht choices in the port of Kotor

Our range here includes the comfortable Dufour 412 Grand Large or the seaworthy Oceanis 48. For those who prefer two hulls, we recommend the Lagoon 40 or the Bali 4.1.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi Marina, with its 70 berths accommodating boats up to 50 metres long, is a medium-sized facility, though some might liken it more to an expansive, well-equipped pier. A standout feature is the round-the-clock availability of the harbour master, ensuring assistance is always at hand, regardless of the hour. Moreover, the staff at this marina are known for their amiability and readiness to assist incoming boats. Given its popularity with tourist vessels, the marina can become bustling during the day. Yet, as dusk settles, the hustle subsides, promising a tranquil overnight stay. Both electricity and water are available on the pier, and those in need can find a fuel station within the harbour premises.

What to explore around Herceg Novi

Sailors often discuss that the absolute best thing to do is wake up in the morning and head to the local fresh food markets. The array of local fruits and vegetables is nothing short of spectacular. For those not in the mood for cooking, the surrounding restaurants present a delightful alternative and are certainly worth exploring.

Boats in Herceg Novi

The charter business isn't overly prominent in this marina. As of now, our search system lists only the Bavaria 51 Cruiser.

Herceg new pier

The marina in Herceg Novi is more like a large pier.

Budva (Dukley Marina)

Dukley Marina is located in the heart of the Budva Riviera. The beautiful historic centre is just a stone's throw away, so we recommend this marina to anyone who wants to visit Budva. Dukley stands as one of Montenegro's most ancient maritime hubs, boasting a yachting and boating heritage that extends deep into history. This expansive marina can accommodate up to 300 vessels, stretching up to 70 metres in length. All berths are equipped with electricity and water lines and there are also toilets and showers behind the offices. There is also a fuel station, boat lift, water taxi or Wi-Fi. In short, it's a marina fitted with everything a sailor might need.

What to see around Dukley Marina

While in Budva, it's almost mandatory to explore the town from which the marina derives its name. The dominating fortress of St. Mary and the town's walls are prominent landmarks. Those less inclined towards historical tours can indulge in the neighbouring sandy beaches, celebrated as some of Montenegro's finest. For families, the Budva Aqua Park is a recommended visit, packed with activities to engage both the young and the young-at-heart.


Budva, while steeped in history with its charming old town, also pulses with vibrant and spirited entertainment locales.

Wherever your journey takes you, in Montenegro or elsewhere, I'll find the perfect boat for you.

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