Discover the yachting paradise of Paxos and Antipaxos

Discover the yachting paradise of Paxos and Antipaxos

Imagine yourself on a yacht, drifting over the serene azure waters of the Ionian Sea, where the pristine islands of Paxos and Antipaxos emerge as jewels of unspoiled beauty and tranquil charm. You are about to set sail into paradise.

The islands off the Greek coast offer a unique sailing experience that combines rich history, breathtaking nature and the warm, welcoming spirit of the Ionian Islands. The voyage to Paxos and Antipaxos is suitable for seasoned and novice sailors alike. Join us as we set sail to these breathtaking Greek islands.

Paxos and Antipaxos - two lighthouses in the Ionian Sea

Paxos and Antipaxos lie in the heart of the Ionian Sea, a stone's throw from the southern tip of Corfu and the western shores of mainland Greece. Paxos, the larger of the two islands, measures approximately 10 km in length, while Antipaxos, its smaller sibling, is only 4 km at its widest point.

Despite their small size, both islands offer a wealth of b stunning scenery, from the hills covered in olive groves to secluded bays with crystal-clear waters where you can comfortably anchor and enjoy swimming and scuba diving.

The picturesque village of Loggos on the island of Paxos

The picturesque village of Loggos on the island of Paxos

YACHTING.COM TIP: You can sail to Paxos or Antipaxos from the infamous island of Corfu.

The favourable climate invites you to visit throughout the season

The Ionian Islands are surrounded by a mild Mediterranean climate, making Paxos and Antipaxos ideal sailing destinations from late spring to early autumn. The best months to visit are from May to September when the weather is warm and the seas calm, providing perfect conditions for sailing, swimming and exploring. July and August see the highest temperatures, often reaching up to 30°C, while May, June and September offer a more pleasant climate with temperatures around 25°C.

Sail in June or September and enjoy tranquillity

The boating season peaks between May and September, with July and August being the busiest months. For those looking for solitude and tranquillity, late May, June and September are ideal, with the perfect balance of fantastic weather and fewer people.

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Why head to Paxos and Antipaxos?

Both islands are conveniently accessible from Corfu and Lefkada. You can reach them in a single day, although you'll be making stops in the azure bays along the way to swim and rest before your next cruise. And what can you see on the islands themselves?

The unspoilt nature will take your breath away

Paxos and Antipaxos are celebrated for their stunning natural beauty. The west coast of Paxos boasts dramatic white cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea, and is home to the mesmerizing Blue Caves, where light and water dance together to create captivating colours. Though smaller, Antipaxos offers some of the Ionian Sea's most pristine beaches, such as Voutoumi, with its vivid turquoise waters and white sands, framed by lush greenery.

The beautiful bay of Voutoumi on the island of Antipaxos.

The beautiful bay of Voutoumi on the island of Antipaxos.

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Discover the islands' impressive history

The history of the islands dates back to ancient times and myths link them to Poseidon, the god of the sea. Throughout the centuries, various civilisations, including the Romans, Venetians and British, have influenced the islands, each leaving their mark on their architecture, culture and traditions. The charming villages of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos on Paxos are living museums that showcase the rich cultural heritage and offer a glimpse into the islands' historical past.

Where to start and where to anchor: the route to Paxos and Antipaxos

The marinas at Gouvia in Corfu and Lefkas in Lefkada serve as excellent starting points and are favourites among our clients. 

Sailing to both Paxos and Antipaxos is an ideal itinerary for charter boats. For detailed sailing routes and anchoring recommendations, check out our article on routes to Paxos and Antipaxos from Corfu and Lefkada.

The beautiful scenery of Erimitis Bay on the western shore of Paxos

The beautiful scenery of Erimitis Bay on the western shore of Paxos

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What you can do and experience in Paxos and Antipaxos

Both islands will captivate you with their rich natural landscapes, featuring beautiful bays, caves, and beaches. Enjoy undisturbed swimming close to your boat, explore underwater worlds while snorkelling, or relax under the warm sun on the soft sands and pebbled shores.

The islands of Paxos and Antipaxos are a paradise for nature lovers. On Paxos, the Tripitos Arch presents a stunning natural archway, while the Blue Caves beckon adventurers to delve into their secluded depths. Antipaxos is a dream destination for beachgoers — Voutoumi and Vrika beaches have some of the clearest waters in the Ionian Sea.

Enjoy panoramic views and snorkelling

As well as sailing, the islands offer plenty of other activities. Hiking trails wind through ancient olive groves, offering spectacular views.  Snorkelling and diving in the crystal-clear waters reveals the colourful underwater life beneath the waves. For a taste of local life, take part in village festivals or enjoy a tasty meal in a seaside taverna, where you can find fresh local cuisine.

Swimming and snorkelling off the island of Antipaxos

Swimming and snorkelling off the island of Antipaxos

What you need to know on your trip around the Greek islands

Safety should be your first priority, along with ensuring your boat is well-equipped and well-stocked. It’s wise to carry extra food and drinks — you might find a spot you want to linger in longer than planned. While the Greek islands are only hours away from the nearest towns, being well-supplied means you won’t have to interrupt your adventure for additional provisions. Prepare thoroughly to fully enjoy your experience without unnecessary disruptions.

YACHTING.COM TIP: New to yachting or unsure about what to bring on board? Check out our article on essential boat gear to ensure you’re fully prepared for your adventure.

Look at the weather and sea currents before your trip

When navigating the waters around Paxos and Antipaxos, it's vitall to monitor weather conditions and sea currents. Up-to-date information on local weather forecasts and detailed nautical charts on board will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Generally, you can expect moderate and steady winds most of the year, with minimal concerns from currents. However, understanding the sea's behaviour in your intended sailing area is always beneficial for a smooth journey.

Sample the local specialities

The Ionian Islands are renowned for their culinary heritage. Paxos and Antipaxos offer a delicious array of local dishes such as seafood pasta, grilled fish and traditional sofrito. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the local olive oil, which is one of the best in Greece.

Excellent food and drink in the cafes and restaurants of Paxos

Excellent food and drink in the cafes and restaurants of Paxos

Where you can find valuable information

For those planning an adventurous cruise to Paxos and Antipaxos, numerous online resources and guides are available to help craft your itinerary. The Hellenic National Tourism Organization's website is a treasure trove of detailed information on weather forecasts, cruise itineraries, and local points of interest, offering valuable insights and tips for travellers.

A cruise to these islands is more than a journey — it's a voyage into their  unspoilt natural beauty, rich historical tapestry, and vibrant Ionian culture. Whether you’re moored in a secluded bay, wandering ancient paths, or basking in the sublime beauty of an Ionian sunset, Paxos and Antipaxos deliver an unforgettable sailing experience. Let the wind guide you to these hidden gems where adventure and tranquillity sail hand in hand. 

The best way to see the islands is from a boat. Contact me and I will be happy to help you choose the perfect one for you.