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Founded by Miltos Goutos and Barbara Gabriel in 1989, the company has a sympathetic philosophy that customers are also friends. Hence the name Fyly – in Greek φίλοι, meaning friends. At Fyly Yachting & Travel, in addition to a friendly approach, they pride themselves on hospitality, a thorough knowledge of the Greek environment and professionalism in every detail.

Where can you sail from?

Fyly Yachting & Travel specializes in Greece, you can explore the North and South Ionian Islands, the Sporades, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese or the Saronic Islands with them.


You can sail from Corfu, Volos, Athens, where the company has the most boats, but also from Mykonos, Kos or Santorini. The company's home base, however, is on the island of Lefkada, where you will find famous archaeological monuments, an extensive and interesting coastline, picturesque surrounding islands and countless beautiful beaches. In addition, a 50-metre long bridge connects the island to the mainland, facilitating immediate access to Aktio Airport. Lefkas Marina is located on the eastern side of the island, literally in the embrace of the prefectural capital, next to the main port.

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A perfectly maintained fleet

In Fyly Yachting & Travel's fleet you will find boats from famous manufacturers such as Benetau, Fontaine Pajot, Lagoon and Bali. Whether you choose a sailboat or a catamaran, you can set sail with complete peace of mind. Quality and all-round service has long been a top priority for this charter company.

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Greece, the cradle of civilization, but also an increasingly popular yachting destination. Thanks to the mostly sandy subsoil, it's also a great place to anchor, so you're not just reliant on marinas and buoys. The Greeks are also very nice people, they don't chase every euro, and they often don't even charge you anything for a few hours at the pier. The local cuisine is definitely worth trying and the options of where to go are plentiful. We've ranked the top 7 destinations for yachting in Greece in 2023. Wherever you go in Greece, you'll need to know how to park your boat using what's known as Roman Catholic mooring, or stern to the pier and anchor. In the article Anchoring stern to the pier at the front anchor we give you step by step advice on how to do it.

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