10 Tips on where to Sail - for Old Sea dogs and Novices

Each place has its own unique charm and offers different experiences. This is why we have 10 tips on lesser-known destinations for beginners, old hands, athletes, explorers and hobbyists to choose from.

Each place has its own unique charm and offers different experiences. Wild as well as relaxing, but always free and intense. Some places target those who are out on their own for the first time and others target those who have already travelled the length and breadth of Croatia and are looking for a new challenge. This is why we have 10 tips on lesser-known destinations for beginners, old hands, athletes, explorers and hobbyists to choose from.

I am setting off alone for the first time or want a relaxing voyage

If you are just starting out with yachting, choose a less challenging route or places you already know. You’ll enjoy the cruise more and strengthen your skills. Over the selected period, study the weather, thermal conditions and weather variability. 

Tips for a relaxing cruise and for less experienced sailors

  • Endless Croatian coastlines full of islands and bays will absolutely enchant you. Perfect yachting facilities with plenty of safe harbours and high-quality service will provide the peace and security you need. A popular cruise route in Croatia is through the Kornati National Park.
  • Also try Greece and the area of the Ionian Sea between Lefkada and Zakynthos. Yachting conditions resemble those of Croatia, short hops between islands, sheltered and warm seas, beautiful nature, numerous bays and harbours where you can dock for a nominal fee.
  • The sandy beaches of the Tuscan coast and the Elbe are the ideal place to anchor and swim with the kids. In the evening you can stroll through the picturesque streets of ancient harbours, enjoy an espresso or something to eat in a cozy trattoria. 

Sailing for beginner yachtsmenSailing for beginner yachtsmen

I’m a sports yachtsman and I love adrenaline

Exit known waters and head for adventure! There are still many destinations where Czech sailors are unwilling to give up their secrets. For the experienced ones, we offer 3 tips.

Adrenaline tips for experienced sea dogs 

  • Greece and the Cyclades are the domain of experienced sailors, especially in the summer when the famous meltemi wind blows. Compared to Croatia, the distances between islands are longer, almost no marinas, big waves, strong winds and often cheaper prices. 
  • North Sardinia, where the wind is stronger than Croatia and with several interesting islands surrounded by rocks and cliffs, will delight adventurers and lovers of nautical navigation. Shallow waters are often unmarked.
  • Caribbean, where you can enjoy yachting with strong passive winds in the southern part of the Lesser Antilles or the Windward Islands. 

Adrenaline yachting for experienced yachtsmenAdrenaline yachting for experienced yachtsmen

Combine yachting with other activities

Yachting can combine both holiday and relaxation. Admire unspoilt nature, explore historical sights or do some active sports.

Tips for lovers of diving and snorkelling

  • Thailand. Coral reefs, many fish and even manta rays or whale sharks in shallow waters. With a yacht you can sail around the picturesque islands.
  • ElbaThe Emerald Sea with numerous small islands rich in marine life also appeals to the experienced diver. Go for a snorkel to explore the Elviscot wreck which lies at a shallow depth! 

Tip for explorers of history and nature and for connoisseurs

  • Sicily is overpowering with its varied and wild nature and numerous historical sights that can’t be found elsewhere. In the markets, you can buy premium oil, capers, figs or the infamous lemons. Will it be swordfish on the grill or would you prefer carpaccio? 

Cruises with other activitiesCruises with other activities

I want to enjoy the exotic out of season 

Of course, you can go out on a boat in winter and enjoy unforgettable relaxation. Escape the depths of winter in the sun and the warm sea.

Tip for lovers of the exotic

  • Malaysia is literally a yachting paradise with beautiful untouched nature and white sandy beaches. Enjoy crystal-clear sea with millions of coral fish and giant turtles.  

Sailing in exotic destinationsSailing in exotic destinations


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