Smooth sailing in Greece: 3 easy routes to choose from

Smooth sailing in Greece: 3 easy routes to choose from

Yachting in Greece is simply amazing and provides a wealth of wonderful experiences, even for beginner sailors. Try one of our three recommended sailing itineraries.

Turquoise seas, steady winds and stunning sights — that's what sailing in Greece is all about. As they are apprehensive of the seas here, less experienced sailors often end up choosing Croatia. Even in Greece, however, there are boating routes where you can sail in calm waters and discover gorgeous islands worry-free. Take a look at our recommendations for inspiration!

Where can you enjoy the most beautiful sailing in Greece?

Greece is a totally unique sailing destination and definitely worth the small inconvenience of getting there. Look forward to beautiful islands of all shapes and sizes, crystal-clear blue seas, award-winning beaches, ancient monuments and top-notch cuisine.

3 tips for beautiful and effortless sailing in Greece

Sailing in the Aegean Sea is challenging due to the Meltemi and is generally for experienced sailors, but we have three tips for Greek destinations where you can enjoy a relaxing and easy sail even in summer!

1. Sailing in the southern Ionian Sea

The area of islands between the fabulous islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos is the best choice for novice sailors and families with kids. The sailing conditions here are similar to sailing in Croatia. Expect sheltered seas, small distances between islands and a large number of bays and harbours. Compared to Croatia, the sea is warmer and you'll enjoy a wealth of contrasts — green hilly islands flanked by high, rugged mountains and bright turquoise waters washing over white sandy beaches.

Lefkada je krásný a voňavý ostrov s mnoha unikátními plážemi

Our tip: recommended route from Lefkada

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2. Sailing in the northern Ionian Sea

The Ionian Islands are bathed in the most beautiful emerald green waters. They owe their colour to the brilliant white limestone that lies beneath them. You really should experience the beauty of this destination for yourself! The sea between Corfu and the mainland is calm and in case of strong winds provides a good shelter without big waves.

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Our tip: recommended route from Corfu

3. Sailing in the Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf near Athens is truly enticing with its ancient treasures. Long expanses of sandy beaches are lined with pine forests and charming fishing villages, and the brilliant sunshine and crystal-clear blue waters can be enjoyed in picturesque bays that simply invite you to drop anchor. Or visit world-class sights like the amphitheatre at Epidaurus or the Temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina.

Chrám Afaia na ostrově Egina

Our tip: recommended route from Athens

YACHTING.COM TIP: Are you tempted by sailing in Greece but still not sure where to sail to get the most out of your trip? The Aegean Sea is a popular choice for sailors. Its numerous beautiful islands make sailing pleasantly varied and, as they are not too far apart, you cover several of them in one holiday.  our favourite routes. Check out our recommended 7-day itineraries in the Aegean in our article — The most beautiful week-long sailing routes in the Aegean Sea. Both beginners and experienced sailors will have something to choose from. 

A practical tip to end with: boat deposit insurance

Are you hesitant about whether deposit insurance is worth it? In our experience, it’s a definite yes! Not only will it save you nerves, but also a ton of money. Despite all the precautions, even in the Ionian or Aegean Sea you can be caught off guard. After all, did you know that bail insurance also covers against theft and vandalism? So, why exactly should you get deposit insurance? — 5 reasons to take out deposit insurance.

Řekové si potrpí na čerstvé ingredience

Is Greece beckoning you? It's no wonder — it's so varied and diverse that you could literally spend a lifetime exploring its beaches and bays on a yacht. So it's definitely time to get started! No need to worry about the trip, all available boats are waiting for you in our search portal.

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