What not to miss when visiting Lefkada

Discovering Lefkada Beyond Yachting

Take in the stunning views from your deck, but be sure to venture out to explore the remarkable sights of Lefkada.

Lefkada is an island that offers much more than just beautiful sea and yachting. Its rich history, diverse culture and breathtaking scenery make this island attractive not only for sea lovers, but also for those seeking to explore its rich history and culture.

In our article on where to sail from Lefkas marina in Lefkada, we highlighted several interesting sailing routes. You can explore destinations like Sivota and Vasiliki or visit the islets of Meganisi, Scorpios, and Kalamos. However, make sure to also take the time to discover the many attractions that Lefkada itself has to offer.

Top 4 sights and places of interest in Lefkada

1. Agia Mavra Bridge

This imposing castle is located right at the entrance to the island and is easily accessible from Lefkas Marina. It was built in the 14th century and was used for protection against pirates. Today it is a great place to explore the history of the island and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. From Lefkas Marina, you can get here in less than ten minutes by car.

Agia Mavra Bridge

2. Porto Katsiki beach

One of the most famous beaches in Greece, Porto Katsiki is renowned for its white rocks and azure blue waters. It's about an hour's drive from Lefkas Marina, but the spectacular views and crystal-clear water are well worth it.

Porto Katsiki beach

3. Faneromeni Monastery

This monastery is the most important religious site on the island and offers a breathtaking view of the town of Lefkada and the surrounding sea. The monastery is located on a hill just a short drive north of Lefkada and is easily accessible from the marina.

Faneromeni Monastery

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4. Nidri Waterfalls

This natural wonder is located near the town of Nidri, about a 20-minute drive from the marina. A short hike takes you to the falls, where you can refresh yourself in the cool mountain water on hot summer days.

Nidri Waterfalls

See the azure lake for yourself with a beautiful waterfall.

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Activities outside yachting

In addition to yachting, Lefkada offers a wide range of other activities:

  • Surfing and kite-surfing — Vasiliki is known as one of the best places for windsurfing in Europe due to its ideal wind conditions. There are also several surfing schools where you can take beginner and advanced courses.
  • Diving — There are numerous excellent dive sites off the coast of Lefkada, offering the chance to discover underwater caves and shipwrecks. The diving centre in Nidri offers training and guided diving expeditions.
  • Hiking — For nature lovers, the island offers a number of hiking trails in mountainous areas that lead to spectacular views of the island and the sea.

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Culinary specialties — what to taste and where

Lefkada is a paradise for lovers of good food, offering fresh seafood, traditional Greek dishes and local wines. You should especially try:

  • Lefkadiana ladopita - a traditional olive cake that can be found in many local bakeries for around €5.
  • Savoro - fish marinated in wine vinegar with rosemary and black olives, a typical dish for the area. In restaurants in Nidri or Vasiliki it costs about 10-15 EUR.

Savoro will come to your taste for lunch but also just to chase away a hungry moment.

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