Why and where to sail from Lefkas marina

Why and where to sail from Lefkas marina in Lefkada

Finding the best marina in Greece is easy — choose Lefkas Marina in Lefkada. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned sailor, Lefkas Marina provides the perfect base. Let's explore the incredible destinations you can reach from here.

Lefkada, one of the most stunning locations in the Ionian Islands, is a paradise for sailors and sea lovers. If you're looking for the ideal starting point for a nautical adventure, you can't go wrong with Lefkas Marina on Lefkada's west coast. Not sure where to sail first? We're here to guide you!

How to get to Lefkas marina

Getting to Lefkada is easy thanks to Aktion International Airport, which is just a 20-minute drive from Lefkada Town. Aktion Airport receives scheduled and charter flights from many European cities, making Lefkada an easily accessible destination for international visitors.

After landing at Aktion Airport, the best way to reach Marina Lefkas is by taxi or pre-booked transfer, which will conveniently take you directly to the marina. The journey takes around 20 minutes and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and coastline.

Lefkas Marina is equipped with all the services needed by sailors — from technical support, nautical equipment shops, restaurants and bars, to the possibility of hiring a boat with a skipper if you are unsure of your boating skills or just want to enjoy sailing. Ask our sales team!

Ride the waves of the calm Ionian Sea from the first-class marina of Lefkas.

Ride the waves of the calm Ionian Sea from the first-class marina of Lefkas.

Advantages for sailors in and around Lefkada

Lefkada is exceptional not only for its accessibility (due to the proximity to the airport), but also for the comprehensive facilities that Marina Lefkas provides. Here, you'll find everything you could possibly need in one place. With a wide range of services available, you can find everything from boat rental and equipment shops to restaurants and places for relaxation.

Sailing from Lefkas Marina is ideal for both beginners and advanced sailors, thanks to the variety of routes you can choose. Whether you opt for a leisurely cruise through sheltered waters or a challenge in the open sea, Lefkas has it all.

Tips on places to go from Lefkas marina

We have five amazing tips for destinations worth sailing from Lefkas marina. Whether you just want to drift slowly on the waves or prefer to take the shortest route to your destination, you'll find a route that appeals


Gather your mates, prepare food and drink supplies and raise anchors. The islands await...

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Lefkas — Sivota

This beginner-friendly route is approximately 15 nautical miles long and usually takes about 2–3 hours of sailing time. From Lefkas Marina, sail south around the eastern coast of Lefkada, renowned for its cliffs and picturesque coves with azure waters. Be cautious of shallow areas where rocks lies just below the surface. It's also important to keep an eye on the weather, as strong westerly winds can make sailing a challenge. Known for its sheltered harbour and hospitable environment, Sivota is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a snack in one of the local tavernas.

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Lefkas — Vasiliki

The trip to Vasiliki is longer, over 20 nautical miles in total, and takes about 3–4 hours. This route, for more experienced sailors, goes around the southern tip of Lefkada, where you have to be careful of the strong winds that are common, especially in the second half of the day. Vasiliki is a popular destination for windsurfing due to the ideal wind conditions and offers several options for anchoring in a well-equipped marina. The marina is sheltered, but it is still a good idea to check the wind and wave forecast in advance.


When you sail all the way south to Vasiliki, try windsurfing. The conditions are first class.

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Lefkada — Kalamos

Sailing to the island of Kalamos, which lies 20 nautical miles from Lefkada, involves navigating through more open waters, requiring close attention in case the wind picks up. The journey there will take approximately 3–4 hours. The island of Kalamos is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful secluded bays that are ideal for anchoring and snorkelling. When approaching the island, beware of possible underwater rocks around the entrance to the main harbour.

Lefkada — Meganisi

The journey to Meganisi is one of the shorter ones, measuring 11 nautical miles and taking around 2 hours. When sailing towards Meganisi, sail on the eastern side of Lefkada where the waters are calmer and less busy. Meganisi is a picturesque island with several bays that offer good anchorage and protection from the wind. The island is also known for its numerous caves and natural karst formations that are worth exploring. It is an ideal route for novice sailors.

Lefkada — Scorpios

The route to the island of Scorpios is the shortest, approximately 10 nautical miles, and takes about 2 hours to sail. Scorpios, a private island known for its exclusivity, is only accessible to visitors from the sea and offers beautiful bays and clear waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. When sailing around Scorpios, it is important to respect the privacy and safety zones that are set up around the island and to stay within the permissible boundaries.

Each of these routes offers a unique sailing experience combined with spectacular views and opportunities for relaxation and exploration. Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable day at sea.

The island of the entrepreneur Aristotelis Onassis

Take a closer look at the famous island of entrepreneur Aristotelis Onassis.

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Why sail from Lefkada to these destinations

Sailing from Lefkas Marina offers the ideal combination of accessibility, beauty and variety. These itineraries are designed to be suitable for both beginners and advanced sailors, allowing you to enjoy the full magic of the Ionian Islands in a single day. Natural beauty, mooring options and the quality of yachting services are key factors that make these destinations popular amongst nautical enthusiasts.

Why sail to Sivota

Sivota is known for its picturesque harbour and calm waters, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing cruise. The naturally protected harbour offers great conditions for anchoring, making it especially nice for those seeking refuge from the frequent summer winds.

What the place offers

Sivota attracts visitors with its crystal clear waters, charming tavernas along the coast and friendly atmosphere. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy snorkelling, diving and other water sports here.

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How to anchor here

Anchoring in Sivota is relatively easy thanks to the large number of anchorages and the well-equipped marina, which provides protection from the elements. Moorings are available for both short and long term stops.

Is the marina suitable for beginners?

Yes, Sivota is very friendly for newcomers. With its shelter and well-marked sailing routes, navigation is easy and safe.

What services are available for sailors here

The marina offers a wide range of services, including technical support, water sports rentals and restaurants. There are also grocery and marine equipment stores, making it easy to restock.

Village of Sivota

You will love the colourful and distinctive village of Sivota. As well as the local people.

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Why sail to Vasiliki

Vasiliki in the south of Lefkada is a popular spot for windsurfing enthusiasts due to its wind conditions. This port is also known for its hospitality and lively atmosphere.

What the place offers

In addition to excellent windsurfing conditions, Vasiliki offers beautiful beaches and a lively nightlife. Here you can visit various cafés, bars and traditional taverns serving local specialities.

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How to anchor here

The marina in Vasiliki is well equipped for all types of vessels and provides the services needed for safe anchoring, including electricity and water.

Is the marina suitable for beginners?

The marina is suitable for sailors of all skill levels, including beginners, thanks to its wide, safe access routes and quality services.

What services are available for sailors here

Vasiliki marina provides a full range of services including boat repairs, water sports equipment rental and the opportunity to purchase nautical charts and guides.

Why sail to Kalamos

Kalamos is a quiet island with beautiful nature and picturesque coves, ideal for those looking to escape the whirlwind of big tourist destinations. Its isolation and natural beauty offer the perfect setting for relaxation and connection with nature.

What the place offers

Kalamos is known for its dense pine forests, crystal clear waters and quiet pebble beaches. It offers breathtaking coves and sheltered crossings that are ideal for snorkelling and diving. The island also has several small villages where you can experience traditional Greek hospitality.

How to anchor here

Kalamos port provides good anchorage in its main harbour, which is sheltered from most winds, ensuring a calm anchorage. There are many other bays around the island that provide great anchorages for overnight stays under the stars.

Is Kalamos port suitable for beginners?

Yes, Kalamos is suitable for beginners looking for places with calmer waters and less navigational challenges. Access to the harbour and moorings are relatively easy and well-marked.

What services are available for sailors here

In Kalamos port you will find basic services such as fuel stations, water and a few small grocery stores. Although the offer is not as extensive as in larger marinas, it provides enough for the basic needs of boaters.

Marína Kalamos

Enjoy the beautiful view of the small and cozy marina of Kalamos.

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Why sail to Scorpios Island

Scorpios, a private island known for its exclusivity and luxury, is only accessible from the sea and offers a unique opportunity to explore this mythical island. A cruise here offers spectacular views and the chance to see luxury villa complexes and private beaches.

What the place offers

Scorpios is known for its immaculate beaches, bright blue waters and lush vegetation. It's the perfect place for those looking for peace and privacy away from the usual tourist routes.

How to anchor here

Anchoring off Scorpios is restricted and regulated due to the private status of the island. It is important to respect local regulations and only anchor in designated areas, which are often clearly marked.

Is Scorpios port suitable for beginners?

Scorpios requires a more cautious approach due to its private nature and limited anchoring options. It can be a challenge for beginners, but experienced skippers can provide the necessary help and guidance.

What services are available for boaters here

Services are limited on Scorpios, but necessities can usually be obtained when sailing from nearby islands. Sailors should plan ahead and stock up on necessary supplies before setting sail for the island.

Why sail to the island of Meganisi

Meganisi, with its bays and calm waters, is perfect for those who want to explore the hidden beauty of Greece away from the crowds. The island is famous for its bays, which are often compared to fjords, due to their dramatic and steep landscapes.

What the place offers

Meganisi provides a breathtaking sailing experience with several sheltered bays that are ideal for anchoring and swimming. The island has several picturesque villages where you can sample the local cuisine and discover traditional crafts.

How to anchor here

Anchoring on Meganisi is easy thanks to the many naturally sheltered bays that offer safety from strong winds and sea currents. Water conditions are usually calm, allowing for safe and comfortable anchoring.

Is Meganisi suitable for beginners?

Yes, thanks to its calm waters and clear navigation marks, Meganisi is suitable for beginners. Anchoring here is stress-free and makes learning the basics of sailing easy.

What services are available for sailors here

Meganisi, although a smaller island, offers several restaurants, grocery stores and yachting supplies, as well as several options for boat repairs and maintenance.

Fishing boats

The local fishing boats are charming, complemented by stylish street lamps and other picturesque details.

Whatever your interest in Lefkada, there is a wide range of activities to try during your visit. Whether it's relaxing on the beach, exploring historical sites or having an active adventure in nature, Lefkada offers something for everyone.

Are you as excited about Lefkada as we are? Contact me and I'll choose the best boat for you.