Spring sailing in Croatia: why you should try it and where to head

Spring sailing in Croatia: why you should try it and where to head

Do you always wait until peak season to set sail? Perhaps you shouldn't. Spring sailing brings with it new boats, empty marinas, the first sunshine, fresh winds, and a wonderful, sportier sailing experience. Give it a shot.

Have you tried spring sailing yet? In April, Croatia is already in bloom, full of flowers and a beautifully fragrant air, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Check out our routes and itineraries, must-see locations and a list of things to do on a spring voyage in Croatia.

Sailing boats in CroatiaSailing boats in Croatia 

Biograd na Moru is the perfect starting point for exploring Croatia. It’s close to Kornati National Park and a variety of other beautiful locations. 

Tips on sailing from Biograd na Moru

Beginners, families with children and seasoned sailors will all find something to suit them in this region. Beginners will appreciate the ease of navigation here, the mild wind and numerous safe moorings, whilst experienced sailors will enjoy longer crossings and the divine tranquility of the more remote islands.


We have two routes for you from Biograd na Moru which can easily be combined.

1. Sailing route south from Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru – Pasman (Zaklopaca bay) – Vrgada and Artina islands – sailing along Murter – Prvač and Zlarin islands – Šibenik – Tijat island with Tijaščica bay – Kaprije island – Kakan – NP Kornati

2. Sailing route north from Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru – Pašman (Zaklopaca Bay) – Vrgada and Artina islands – northwest along Pašman – Iž island – Ugljan island – Sestrunj island – Zverinac island – Molat island – Premuda island – Ilovik island – Susak island – Silba island – Dugi otok – NP Kornati

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Sailing boat during the spring cruise in CroatiaSailing boat during the spring cruise in Croatia 

What places to visit when sailing from Biograd na Moru? 


Šibenik is a beautiful old town in the bay at the mouth of the river Krka, dominated by the fortress of St. Nicholas. The city centre is filled with stone houses, small squares, staircases, passageways and a maze of winding streets.


The most remarkable monument is the Cathedral of St. Jakov. It’s constructed of stone and decorated with 34 lion heads and 72 life-size busts. Also worth a visit is the seaside fortress of St. Nikols. It’s shaped like a keyhole and contains many secret passageways.


From Šibenik, go further up the river Krka. You’ll arrive at the port of Skradin with its picturesque marina. From here take a trip to the Krka waterfalls and the upper lake with its island monastery and even more waterfalls.

Krka - waterfallsKrka waterfalls 

Zlarin Island

The golden island, the green island, the coral island — this is Zlarin. A small rocky island once famous for the collection of red coral, the air is filled with the scent of rosemary here and as there is not a car in sight, it is wonderfully peaceful. Sailors will appreciate the unspoilt nature and the exceptionally clean sea.

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Premuda Island 

Along the southwest coast from Zaporat Bay to Lopata Cape, it is stunning. The breathtaking  "Cathedral" (Katedrala), a system of interconnected caves, is one of Croatia's top diving sites, as is the beautiful underwater wall in front of Široka bay with its rich and varied fauna and flora.

Island PremudaIsland of Premuda

Susak Island

Susak gets its name from the aromatic oregano that grows there and sailors are drawn by its sandy beaches and limestone cliffs. The southernmost tip of the island, especially the Margarina reef, is still one of Croatia's most popular dive sites. The island also boasts several beautiful vineyards, so definitely try out the local wine.

YACHTING.COM TIP: No matter whether you're a diver, foodie, sightseer, animal lover or nudist, Croatia truly has an island for everyone... With more than 1,000 to explore, scattered in the coastal waters within easy reach, you won't have to sail long distances. Find out which ones are worth seeing in our article — Sailing in Croatia: the 14 best islands to drop anchor.

Island SusakIsland of Susak 

Dugi Otok

An Island full of colour and contrast, Dugi Otok with its numerous caves, is the seventh largest island in the Adriatic.

In the north, don’t miss the picturesque harbour of Božava surrounded by pine groves where you can moor at the inner harbour or the outer wharf. In the bay north of Božava there is a submarine tunnel, where you can also moor at the entrance.

The Telašćica Nature Park is located on the southeast of the island. There are over 400 plant species and 300 species of animals, including those endemic, which can’t be found elsewhere.

Also worth seeing is the Mir salt lake. It is about 2 km long, shallow and has a high salt concentration due to gradual evaporation of the water. In the spring, it is even warmer than the sea.

Kornati National Park

In the beautiful azure sea lay 147 islands, islets and cliffs, and together they form the Kornati National Park. Look forward to unspoilt nature, beautiful coves, rock formations and steep cliffs. In the labyrinth of islands you will be guided by the stunning ancient lighthouses — the best of them is Sestriko.

Kornati is a paradise for all sailors. There are rugged and sheltered coves with many harbours and berths all of which have been used by pirates and guerrillas for centuries due to the excellent conditions they provide. When navigating, be especially careful of the unmarked reefs just below the surface.

Kornati National ParkKornati National Park 

In Kornati you pay according to the length of your boat and you’ll make significant savings if you get your tickets in advance. Tickets to all national parks can be purchased online at the Croatian National Parks website.

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What gear will you need for spring sailing? 

In the spring, the sea can still be cold and it is good to be prepared. Due to windchill and humidity, the felt air temperature, can be much lower. You’ll get the most enjoyment out of yachting when you’re dry and warm. So, what should you pack?

  • Functional, breathable base layer
  • Warmer sweater, winter jacket or light down jacket
  • Warm socks and underwear
  • Waterproof windbreaker with hood or raincoat
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Clear glasses and sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Neoprene boots or sailing boots
  • Shoes for on shore
  • Hat and scarf around the neck
  • Headlamp 
  • Thermos
  • Sunscreen
  • Cream to protect against the cold and wind for hands/face

And if things get really bad, we have some handy tips on how to stay warm on a boat when it gets cold! You'll be surprised how easy it is.

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What is the weather like in spring in Croatia?

Average air temperatures in Croatia are around 15°C in April and up to 18°C in May, and even the sea has warmed up to a bearable 15 to 18°C.

So, are you looking forward to some serious spring sailing? Choose your boat at a great price and you're ready to go. Or sail twice — in season with your family and in spring with friends.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Sailors understand that Croatian winds can be pretty powerful and cruel, especially when it comes to the famed Bora or south to south-easterly Sirocco/Jugo. What to do if you are caught off guard on board your boat? Take a look at our articles to find out what to expect and where to find shelter.

Which boat will take you on your spring sail?

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