Admission fees to Croatian national parks: Kornati, Mljet and Telašćica

How much does it cost to enter the national parks in Croatia? Save money by getting your tickets in advance.

Croatian national parks can be costly for sailors — sometimes you have to pay an admission fee for the boat and the visitor. If you purchase tickets online in advance, you'll save money and have no trouble getting into the park during peak season. So, how much do the most popular national parks in Croatia cost?

Telaščica Nature ParkTelaščica Nature Park

What are the prices of national parks in Croatia?

Current prices for Kornati National Park 

The unique Kornati limestone and chalk islands with their unspoilt beauty and rich marine life makes this one the most popular sailing destinations. You should spend a few days here to truly discover all the beauty within, so we highly recommend choosing a multi-day entry.













In advance (boat from 11 to 17 metres)

600 kn

300 kn

1200 kn 

600 kn

1800 kn

900 kn

On site (boat from 11 to 17 metres)

1200 kn

600 kn

Can only be purchased online

Buying a ticket on the spot, you’ll end up paying twice as much, so be sure to buy a ticket in advance. Plus, there may be signal and connection problems when purchasing online at the actual location.

Detailed list of Kornati admission fees (depending on boat length and the number of days)

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Current prices for Telašćica National Park 

Although in other national parks the price difference is not so great, purchasing in advance is still worth it. How about Teljaščica — the largest and most spectacular natural harbour in Croatia?

Detailed admission price list for Telaščica Nature Park (depending on boat length and number of days)


Admission for one day in peak seasonPer boat (11 to 17 metres long)
In advance400 kuna
On site500 kuna

Kornati National ParkKornati National Park 

Current prices for Mljet National Park

Visiting the Mljet National Park can be pricey and it isn’t enough to just pay for the boat. If you want to visit Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake), you will have to pay for further admission fees.

See the current admission prices for Mljet


Admission for one day in peak seasonPer boat (11 to 17 metres long)
In advance 250  kuna
Admission fee per person (visit of the park — Big and Small Lake)140 kuna

The densely populated island of Mljet is one of the most beautiful Adriatic islandsThe densely populated island of Mljet is one of the most beautiful Adriatic islands 

How to save on admission to Croatian national and nature parks?

If you plan to visit several national parks on your holiday, consider purchasing the more advantageous 3- or 7-day ticket, which gets you into many different parks. For example, for a 7-day ticket to NP Kornati, PP Telašćica, NP Mljet and PP Lastovsko otočje (Lastovo) you will pay 2,800 kuna.

Again you can purchase them in advance online at the Croatian National Parks website, where you will also find other popular parks — Plitvice Lakes, Lastovo, Brijuni, Krka and more.



3-day *

7-day **





I–V and X–XII

In advance for boat (11 to 17 metres in length)

1600 kn

800 kn

2800 kn

1400 kn

* Valid for NP Kornati and PP Telašćica

** Valid for NP Kornati , PP Telašćica, NP Mljet and PP Lastovo archipelago

The unique Kornati islands are the most popular destination for yachtsmenThe unique Kornati islands are one of the most popular destinations for sailors 

Croatian national and nature parks are really beautiful and are well worth a visit. If you need advice on choosing a route or boat, feel free to contact us. We know all the islands and bays in the Croatian sailing region and we’ll be happy to tell you more about them.


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