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Professionalism and warm approach

Bodrum Tour has been specialising in tourism in Turkey for 20 years. In addition to organizing sightseeing tours to the most beautiful jewels of this wonderful country, the company is also active in the charter business, where they pride themselves on their warm approach to customers and professional service. Bodrum Tour has the advantage of detailed knowledge of the whole area and the ability to advise on an itinerary or route.

Romantic gulets

Bodrum Tour offers yachts and catamarans from famous brands such as Jeanneau and Lagoon, but in addition to this, they also have typical Turkish romantic gulets of various sizes in their fleet. You can sail on small, two-cabin, 4-passenger boats, but also on an eighteen-cabin boat with a capacity of thirty-six passengers, but for these you need the services of a professional captain and crew.

Where can you sail?

The main base of the Bodrum Tour is Marina Milta Bodrum in the centre of town. But you can also find a few boats at Marina Türk Village in Göcek or Marmaris. Bodrum is an ideal place for sailing in the Aegean Sea along the beautiful coastline of southwestern Turkey. This region offers a variety of interesting sites, from majestic castles to ancient monuments. The ancient monuments, which are often better preserved here than in Greece itself, are a great attraction for tourists and sailors alike, alongside the classic oriental sites. After all, Bodrum is a stone's throw away from Kos, so you can explore the Greek Dodecanese as well.

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Tired of classic sailing destinations like Croatia, Greece or Italy? Head to Turkey. The local charter companies work well, the range of boats is varied, the marinas are modern yet cheaper than elsewhere in the Mediterranean, and the sailing season is almost year-round thanks to stable weather. And when you dock, you can explore the sights, sample the great cuisine or discover the lively underwater life while snorkelling.


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