The 10 best new charter boats for 2023

The 10 best new charter boats for 2023

What 2023 charter boats are available for your next sailing adventure? Check out these brand-new sailboats, catamarans, and powerboats.

We've put together an exclusive selection of the latest in boat rental. With a production year of 2023, these are the most modern boats available on the market. So, if you're looking for a boat that is scratch-free, has cutting-edge technology, and a contemporary design, then you'll find the perfect yacht. Currently, we have over 300 of these boats available for rent, so what are our top picks?

New sailing yachts to charter in 2023

If you're after the latest sails and a modern hull shape that will zip through the water, book one of these beauties. We've selected 5 exciting new products from the most sought-after boatyards.

1. Oceanis 40.1 Andrew

The sleek and stylish Oceanis 40.1 combines the pleasure of a top-quality sailing experience with a hefty dose of comfort. Designed for a maximum of 8 people, we recommend it to comfortably accommodate 6 in its 3 cabins with 2 bathrooms. This allows for plenty of privacy and space for everyone. As the Oceanis 40.1 is over 4 metres wide, you won't be feeling cramped. The interior is bright, modern and airy with plenty of daylight provided by the large number of skylights and portholes.

The Oceanis 40.1 has two steering wheels, allowing you to move comfortably from side to side when heeling. With a full-batten mainsail, trimming is a delight. Plus, this Oceanis 40.1 is offered by one of the best charter companies on the market — Dream Yacht Charter who have been a seamless partner offering the best quality service for several years. We have had an excellent experience with them.

Home marina: Kos Marina, Kos, Greece

Charter company: Dream Yacht Charter

Oceanis 40.1, ANDREW

Oceanis 40.1, ANDREW

YACHTING.COM TIP: Why is it so great to sail on a brand-new boat? We all know that feeling when you get into a new car and it's exactly the same with a boat. Along with that new smell, they have a modern interior and fittings, offer the latest technology, such as air conditioning, GPS plotter and autopilot, brand-new sails that hold their shape perfectly, and there are no scratches or defects. That's why the year's latest charter boats are always a hit. If you catch our Early Bird deals with all-inclusive insurance, you'll be a double winner.

2. Elan E6, Black Panther

The Elan E6 Black Panther is a real beauty — the Ferrari of charter sailboats. Approximately 15 metres long, equivalent to 50 feet, this is a medium-sized sailing boat.

The capacity is certified for 10 people who are accommodated in 4 cabins with 2 bathrooms. The facilities provide complete comfort for both cruising and living on board, with a refrigerator and sprayhood as standard, a television in the saloon, and with both a heater for those cooler evenings and air conditioning when it gets hot. Manoeuvring is easier thanks to the bow thruster and the two steering wheels will also come in handy. Swimmers will appreciate the spacious swim platform.

The Black Panther sports a classic full-batten mainsail with a full traveller in the cockpit and thanks to its modern hull shape and high-quality sails, it's great to sail. The Elan E6's wide open flat stern is the latest thing in boat design today.

Home marina: Marina Pirovac, Croatia

Charter company: Aquatoria Yachting

Elan E6, Black Panther

Elan E6, Black Panther

3. Bavaria C38 Mojito

How about an ice-cold Mojito on a sailboat of the same name? Besides the enticing name, this Bavaria C38 has much more to offer. With a truly magnificent and spacious saloon, you'll feel right at home here and the windows stretching along the sides provide a sunny, bright space.

The boat is designed for 8 people sleeping in 3 cabins with 2 bathrooms, providing ample comfort on board. The amenities are also plentiful — a fridge, a rubber dinghy, solar panels, heating, a plotter in the cockpit and a bow thruster to make port manoeuvres easier.

As the headsail is self-tacking and it has a furling mainsail, the Bavaria C38 is not a boat suitable for races, regattas or sporty sailing where you want to enjoy trimming and sailing. On the other hand, it is the perfect companion for a relaxing summer holiday around the Croatian islands.

Home marina: Marina Veruda, Pula, Croatia 

Charter company: Pitter Yachtcharter

Bavaria C38, Mojito

Bavaria C38, Mojito

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4. Sun Odyssey 440

Cosy, comfortable yet sporty, this boat provides the ideal combination for the sailor who wants a decent ride. The cockpit is ergonomically designed to make it as easy as possible to move from bow to stern and vice versa without anything getting in your way. Not only this, the Sun Odyssey 440 is sturdy and offers fantastic stability, making it a great choice for families with kids too.

The capacity of 8 people, staying in 4 cabins with 2 bathrooms provides a good ratio to maintain privacy.

Home marina: Marina Lefkas, Lefkada, Greece

Charter company: AF Yachting Ltd.

Sun Odyssey 440

Sun Odyssey 440

YACHTING.COM TIP: Sailing conditions in the Ionian Sea are reminiscent of sailing in Croatia. Enjoy small distances between islands, sheltered seas enclosed between large islands, numerous smaller islands and countless bays and harbours. Compared to Croatia, the sea is warmer, there are fewer marinas but this is made up for by town ports where you can berth for free or for a nominal sum, and the people are warm and friendly. The area of islands between Lefkada and Zakynthos is the best area in Greece for novice sailors and families with children. We've picked out the 10 best regions for you.

5. Dufour 390 GL Coila

We believe that this 12-metre, 100-horsepower Dufour 390 Coila will soon become a bestseller. This type of boat is very popular among charter sailors because of its stability, robustness and easy handling. Although the maximum capacity is 8 people, for more comfort we recommend it for 6 as it only has 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms. But it is perfect for a sailing holiday with the family or a bunch of friends.

In terms of equipment, the Dufour 390 GL Coila comes with a full-batten mainsail, so you can enjoy trimming and on board, you'll find the latest technology and equipment from AIS, autopilot, depth sounder, GPS plotter and precision wind gauge. Sail this beauty into the North Ionian Sea and enjoy an amazing holiday.

Home marina: Marina Gouvia, Corfu, Greece

Charter company: Dream YachtCharter

Dufour 390 GL, COILA

Dufour 390 GL, COILA

New 2023 catamarans for rent

Generally, the advantages of a catamaran are its shallow draft and spaciousness, providing levels of comfort rarely to be found on a monohull sailboat. In addition, the brand-new catamarans for 2023 are equipped with the latest technology and innovations to enhance your comfort even more.

6. Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42, Follow the Sun

The Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 is the ideal companion for a summer holiday. Its spacious nets (trampoline) and bow loungers simply invite you to lie back and sunbathe. The maximum capacity of this luxury catamaran is 11 people accommodated in 4 cabins, each with its own bathroom.

Despite offering everything all the essentials (additional dinghy, fridge, sprayhood), and above-standard equipment (heatercockpit plotter, solar panels, teak cockpit finish, electric toilet), this catamaran has kept to a very comfortable size of 12.58 metres. This will make your passage to the marina easy, without affecting performance and utility. 

Home marina: Marina Veruda, Pula, Croatia

Charter company: Pitter Yachtcharter

Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42, Follow the Sun

Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42, Follow the Sun

YACHTING.COM TIP: The more you sail, the more types of boats you're familiar with. Sailboat, houseboat, power catamaran, gulet — these are just a few of the boats available to rent for your vacation. Take a look at our guide to find out which boats you can charter, their pros and cons, the destinations they're suitable for and what brands are out there — Boats for rent: what types of boats do charter companies offer?.

7. Lagoon 40, Mamma Mia

The 90-hp Lagoon 40 Mamma Mia catamaran is a fantastic boat for spending time at sea with family or friends, providing plenty of places to sit, have fun and relax. There is spacious and comfortable seating at the stern, the saloon is bright, modern yet cozy and the cabins have large oblong windows bathing the room in daylight.

The capacity of the boat is a maximum of 12 people accommodated in 4 cabins with 2 bathrooms. As the boat is equipped with solar panels and heating, you can survive any weather and it is equipped with a handy set of steps to the sea, so you can easily climb up to the beautiful wooden deck after taking a dip. There is, of course, a fridge, a dinghy and sprayhood and the sails are beautiful with a classic full-batten mainsail and a furling genoa.

The 11.74 m long and 6.76 m wide Lagoon 40 is offered by one of the best charter companies on the market — Pitter Yachtcharter, who has been a seamless partner offering the best quality service for several years. We have had a fantastic experience with them.

Home marina: Marina Mandalina, Šibenik, Croatia

Charter company: Pitter Yachtcharter

Lagoon 40, Mamma Mia

Lagoon 40, Mamma Mia

Where to sail? Find some inspiration in these articles:

8. Leopard 45

In general, Leopard boats are very popular and especially so in exotic destinations. This Leopard 45 has a modern design and is available to rent in the Seychelles, a place many captains describe as one of the top yachting destinations.

This boat can sleep up to 10 people in a total of 5 cabins with 4 bathrooms,representing sheer luxury for a charter catamaran, with almost every cabin having its own bathroom. The modern saloon provides you with a place to relax inside should the weather happen to be unkind and there is plenty of living space on board. In terms of technology, there are solar panels and a generator, so you'll have your energy needs taken care of without stopping at the marinas. Music lovers will love the cockpit speakers. 

We would recommend the boat to families with children, even very young ones, or a group of friends who want to have fun and relax.

Home marina: Eden Island Marina, Seychelles

Charter company: TheMoorings

Leopard 45

Leopard 45

YACHTING.COM TIP: Perhaps everyone dreams of a holiday in a tropical paradise — turquoise waters, palm trees and white sandy beaches.  Look no further than the Seychelles — an archipelago of more than 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa. For sailors, this destination offers even more than it does for the average tourist. The numerous breathtaking anchorages are just a short distance away from each other, so you can avoid longer crossings and with a typical air temperature of around 30 degrees and water of 27 degrees, it's perfect for water sports. Check out our article, Yachting in the Seychelles: discover the ultimate sailing paradise with us, to find out what the local sailing infrastructure looks like, where to sail and what not to miss. If you're looking for a different destination, take a look at our complete guide to exotic sailing holidays, for where, when and which boats to charter.

New motor boats on offer

Whilst some enjoy sailing, others prefer plenty of horsepower and so for those who love speed, we also offer brand-new motor boats. Count on the wind in your hair, but also splashing out more money in the form of fuel consumption. Which engine-powered beauties have we included in our 2023 super selection?

9. Fountaine Pajot MY6, Family 2.0

This power catamaran is a total blast! Not only does it have a luxurious teak deck, but its engine is rated at a whopping 960 horsepower. So expect a superb ride with a touch of luxury. With a capacity of up to 7 people accommodated in 3 cabins, privacy and comfort is guaranteed.

Of course, there is a dinghy for your trips ashore and no matter the weather, you'll be comfortable thanks to both air conditioning, and heating. Sunbathing on the bow is perfect with a large area with sun loungers. The deck is teak, so it is very pleasant to walk and lie on. In the cockpit, you can even prepare a barbecue. 

In terms of technology, it is absolutely top of the range, with a modern GPS plotter, a well-functioning autopilot and at night, there is an impressive underwater light that beautifully illuminates the boat and the water below. 

Motor catamarans in general are very popular and we see more and more of them at sea every year. They offer all the advantages of a catamaran (two hulls, more privacy and space) with those of a motorboat (no worries about sails and quick journeys between islands).

Home marina: Marina Mandalina, Šibenik, Croatia

Charter company: Pitter Yachtcharter

Fountaine Pajot MY6, Family 2.0

Fountaine Pajot MY6, Family 2.0

10. Merry Fisher 1095 Fly, Raptor

This gorgeous motorboat from the well-known brand Merry Fisher is 10.5 m long, making it ideal for summer adventures. We would especially recommend this boat to sailors who like to swim in bays and want to stay close to shore. In fact, as the Merry Fisher 1095 Fly's draft is only 0.69 metres, you can sail it almost right up to the beach without hitting the seabed.

With 3 cabins, it can accommodate up to 8 people, so we recommend this boat for two families or a small group of friends. If no one sleeps in the saloon, then the capacity is reduced to 6 people but in high season, it is also possible to sleep on the deck under the stars. It's up to you.

The saloon has windows everywhere, filling it with plenty of daylight and it isn't cramped, making it pleasant to relax with family or friends. The master cabin is absolutely perfect, spacious and the rounded shape of the mattress adds originality to the design of the whole space.

The advantage of this Merry Fisher is also the relatively low price (compared to other motor boats). On the other hand, it has quite a small water tank, which requires more frequent refilling. But who needs fresh water in the tank when water is all around to swim in, right?

Home marina: Marina Kornati, Biograd na Moru, Croatia

Charter company: Euronautic d.o.o.

Merry Fisher 1095 Fly, Raptor

Merry Fisher 1095 Fly, Raptor

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