All-inclusive boat deposit insurance for free!

Be an Early Bird on and you can get free deposit insurance for more than 10,000 sailboats and catamarans!

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How do I get free all-inclusive deposit insurance?

  • Find a sailboat or catamaran with the ALL-INCLUSIVE symbol in our offer
  • Select, book and pay for your boat
  • Valid for all European Union citizens for all 2023 sailing holidays meeting the above conditions
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DEPOSIT INSURANCE guarantees you will get your refundable deposit back

even if the boat or its equipment is damaged.

Don't be left high and dry


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Choose from our three insurance options for greater peace of mind at sea.

Deposit insurance >

Torn mainsail, scraped side, lost fender... Deposit insurance covers partial or total loss of the boat deposit due to accident, theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.

You can choose from two deposit insurance products: the BASIC package and the EXTRA package which includes liability insurance and cover for additional sails.

Cancellation insurance >

Coming down with flu just a few days before setting sail is a skipper's worst nightmare. Cancellation insurance covers you if you have to cancel your trip due to illness, quarantine or urgent family reasons.

Travel insurance >

You'll appreciate it should you fall ill in a foreign country, need medical attention or cause damages.

how to get insurance?

Three simple steps


Pay for the boat rental


Enjoy your voyage fully covered

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Our reliable partners: ALLIANZ AND UNIQA insurance

All the insurance products we offer at are guaranteed by the reputable insurance companies Allianz and Uniqa.

Insurance companies
  • Through Allianz insurance, we offer deposit insurance with a choice of two products – the BASIC package and the EXTRA package which included liability insurance and covers additional sails. 
  • With Uniqa, we offer cancellation insurance and standard travel insurance for sailors.

Terms and conditions and other important documents

Read the complete documentation for all the types of insurance we offer – terms and conditions, price lists and instructions on what to do in the event of a claim.

FAQs about our insurance for sailors

Everything you need to know about deposit, cancellation and travel insurance

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