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In summer, thousands of sailors head to the Mediterranean. With stable weather conditions and countless beautiful islands and places to explore, it's really no wonder why. But for the past two years, no decent boat (and we have over 13,000 of them!) has still been available right before the main season in popular destinations, such as Croatia and Greece.

Find yours now! You'll be rewarded with bargain prices and the fantastic extras that charter companies offer for booking early.

5 best sailing destinations for summer holidays

Are you about to set sail and not sure where? Try one of these five countries we love.

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first minute
thanks for the fast and pleasant communication and recommendation during the first minute booking. We hope that June will go as planned.
Martin V.
Good price and experience with yachting.com
Thanks to yachting.com for our get away in Belize on catamaran Leopard 40. It was quite new, clean and overall good experience.
Lucas B.
We went to Seychelles
We went to Seychelles, renting a catamaran from yachting.com company. We know sailing around Seychelles well, we had good communication with the sales lady that got us very nice Lagoon catamaran
Alexsei G.
Every things was very good
Every things was very good / weather,sea, boat in September
Mykola H.
Experience with charter Euroyacht.
Communication with Yachting.com was excellent. The situation on the spot was different - the boat under Euroyacht fleet was not ready for takeover by appointment - the front sail was missing, the zip on the sprayhood was defective, the stopper for the front sail was missing, the on-board computer showed bad values, overall the boat was in poor condition.
Tomáš K.
Everything went great
Yachting.com is always on the top. Only one thing could be better, to somehow filter damaged and not-repaired boats.
Ondřej R.
Perfect service
Very satisfied from booking on yachting.com to check-out in marina. Very good prepared boot, not the youngest, but excelent. Marina staff very competent and considerate.
Juraj G.
Wonderfull experience
We had wonderdful week. The boat was well prepared for sailing. There were just small non-essential issues, all crutial equipement was well serviced.
Ivan T.
Very friendly proffesional and helpful
Everything was fine. Only our boat had a defect during the cruise. But we called technicians, they arrived promptly and eliminated the problem.
Athena S.

New boats we offer for 2024

You want the best? Try one of next year's hottest new additions.

Sail with us to exotic countries 

Sunshine, gorgeous beaches and bays, beautiful natural surroundings, abundant underwater life... Why set your sights on sailing in October when you can sail all winter long in warm exotic countries? Try the Caribbean, the Seychelles or Thailand.

Find out what you'll love about the exotic, what to expect, and the best destinations, boats and dates in our guide to exotic sailing holidays.

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