Travel insurance

Travel insurance

If you're injured, fall ill abroad or cause any damages, you'll be glad you took out travel insurance.

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What is travel Insurance?

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind by covering unforeseen events such as illness, accident or loss of documents, or even assistance if you are stranded somewhere with your boat.

Why take out travel insurance? 

Almost all of us have been ill on holiday, had a toothache or, worse, needed surgery or hospitalisation. Unfortunately, even sailors are not spared these inconveniences. If you have travel insurance, all medical expenses and other complications abroad will be covered by your insurance company. We offer travel insurance in cooperation with Uniqa tailor-made for recreational sailors. In addition to accidents or illnesses that occur during sailing, it covers the same for fishing, jet skiing, parasailing or scuba diving with an instructor.

What is covered?

Medical expenses

  • Up to €612 997

Assistance services 

  • Repatriation up to €612 997 
  • Distance of the vessel from the coast without affecting the insurance claim
  • Costs of rescue operations, search operations and necessary helicopter interventions up to €183 900 


  • Sailing, as well as other sports, such as spearfishing, fishing from a boat, jet skiing, banana boating, parasailing and scuba diving with an instructor

Accident insurance 

  • Permanent injury with a percentage benefit according to the valuation tables.
  • Death due to accident
  • Hospitalisation with daily compensation of €24/ day

What is not covered?

  • Unstabilised chronic diseases, specifically those that have not been stable for the 12 months prior to travel
  • Illnesses and accidents that occurred before the insurance was taken out
  • Injuries sustained doing uninsured sports
  • Injuries and illnesses that occurred outside the territorial scope of the insurance
  • Injury that occurred in the context of criminal activity
  • Preventive checks, rehabilitation and extra care
  • Injuries and illnesses occurring after alcohol or substance abuse
  • Pregnancy after the 26th week
  • Injuries or illnesses sustained during races and regattas, including preparation for them

TRAVEL INSURANCE costs multiple times less than expenses associated with medical treatment abroad or other unforeseen events. 

FAQs about travel insurance

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