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Why book your boat early?

By booking early you enjoy some great benefits!

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Wider choice of boats

Want the perfect boat? Don't wait! While in autumn the choice of boats is huge, it drastically reduces in spring and by April everything's booked up.

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Save money

If you book a boat in advance, you pay lower prices and a lower minimum deposit –⁠⁠ on some boats, it's just 10 % of the charter price.

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Sail a brand-new boat!

Only with Early Bird deals can you get brand-new 2023 boat models. Sail the latest boats with the best gear.

The most popular boats

These boats are a hit with our clients. If you are interested too, don't wait too long...

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In summer, thousands of sailors head to the Mediterranean. With stable weather conditions and countless beautiful islands and places to explore, it's really no wonder why. But for the past two years, no decent boat (and we have over 13,000 of them!) has still been available right before the main season in popular destinations, such as Croatia and Greece.

Find yours now! You'll be rewarded with bargain prices and the fantastic extras that charter companies offer for booking early.

5 best sailing destinations for summer holidays

Are you about to set sail and not sure where? Try one of these five countries we love.

New boats we offer for 2023

You want the best? Try one of next year's hottest new additions.

Sail with us to exotic countries 

Sunshine, gorgeous beaches and bays, beautiful natural surroundings, abundant underwater life... Why set your sights on sailing in October when you can sail all winter long in warm exotic countries? Try the Caribbean, the Seychelles or Thailand.

Find out what you'll love about the exotic, what to expect, and the best destinations, boats and dates in our guide to exotic sailing holidays.

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