Setting sail from Biograd na Moru: Discover the best routes and local eats

Setting sail from Biograd na Moru: Discover the best routes and local eats

Where to go when you rent a boat from Marina Kornati? We have three itineraries for you, including tips on restaurants and bars!

One of Croatia's most popular marinas, Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru, opens up a variety of sailing destinations. Whether you're drawn to national parks, historic towns, secluded bays, or bustling marinas, there’s something for everyone. Find out where to set sail with a boat from LM Yachting, the local charter company based here. 

About Marina Kornati

Situated in northern Dalmatia, a hotspot for yachting enthusiasts, Biograd na Moru provides the perfect departure point for a boating holiday. With its favourable summer climate, calm seas, and well-equipped yachting facilities, everything you need is within reach.

Marina Kornati is situated right in Biograd na Moru (although its name can lead sailors to mistakenly believe it is located in the Kornati archipelago). It was one of the first marinas for recreational yachts in Croatia and is equipped with over 800 berths, 70 dry docks, and extensive facilities, making it one of the top 3 marinas in the Adriatic. The large marina is split into two parts, with our long-time partner LM Yachting located in the northern part by pier no. 6 (on the ground floor of the main building to the right of the restaurant).

Registered seat LM yachting

Office of our long-time partner LM yachting.

Why sail from Biograd?

Apart from the fact that Marina Kornati offers excellent facilities, including numerous shops and amazing restaurants, the town of Biograd itself is truly charming. We recommend a daytime stroll to the beach, where the swimming conditions are exceptional, often earning the local beach a Blue Flag for cleanliness. In the evening, meander through the historic streets and savour a delicious Croatian meal in one of the traditional taverns.

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Yachting event: The Biograd Boat Show

If you are looking for peace and quiet, don't come to Biograd during the famous Biograd Boat Show. But if you want to discover new yacht models, meet representatives of shipyards or learn the latest in yachting, head here in autumn and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

Tips for 7-day sailing itineraries from Marina Kornati, Biograd na Moru

Explore our specially chosen routes departing from Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply in search of tranquillity, our recommended routes offer something for everyone. Ready to set sail?

Route 1: Exploring Kornati National Park

Biograd na Moru — Žut — NP Telascica — Levrnaka/Kornat — Piškera — Opat — Biograd na Moru

  • Length: 56 NM
  • Difficulty: Easy (for beginners)

If you set sail from Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru, you mustn't miss the opportunity to explore the stunning Kornati archipelago. This national park is a jewel that Croatians take great pride in. As you navigate through its 89 islands and islets, you'll be captivated by the breathtaking scenery and unspoilt nature.

A week-long voyage is ideal for truly discovering the Kornati National Park, especially if you enjoy hiking and hill walking. Spanning an area of 220 km², the park offers ample opportunities for exploration. While cruising through the park incurs no fee, an overnight stay within the national park does require payment of an entrance fee.

  1. Biograd na Moru — ˇŽut (13 NM): Begin your adventure by marveling at the national park from above. Climb the hill on Žut Island for a panoramic view of the Kornati Mountains unfolding before you. In the evening, indulge in a gastronomic delight at the renowned, albeit pricier, Restaurant Fešta.
  2. Žut — Telaščica NP (10 NM): Continue to another national park, Telaščica, noted for its salt lake Mir. Moor at a buoy in the bay and enjoy a delightful excursion to this natural wonder.
  3. Telaščica NP — Levrnaka (7 NM)/Kornat (9 NM): Don't miss the beautiful Levrnaka Bay. A short 15-minute hike over a hill brings you to the only sandy beach in the archipelago. Alternatively, consider an overnight stay on Kornat, the largest island of the archipelago, which offers numerous bays or docks near restaurants for an evening ashore. Recommended spots include Uvala Spinata, Kravljacica, or Uvala Striznja, where a hilltop climb offers stunning views.
  4. Levrnaka — Piškera (6 NM): After exploring the secluded islands, you'll appreciate the amenities at the ACI Marina Piškera. Despite being a marina, it's usually uncrowded here. The clear waters are perfect for a swim straight from your boat, and an early morning hike to a hill or cliff is refreshingly serene. This is a good place to refill your water and recharge your batteries.
  5. Piškera — Opat Bay (4 NM): Opat Bay, a highlight of Kornati, is well-known for its excellent food and the famous local pub, which you must visit. The bay offers a pleasant environment and interesting snorkelling spots, with the local bar serving up great drinks. If you’re up for it, there’s also a nice walk to enjoy.
  6. Opat Bay — Biograd na Moru (16 NM): As your trip comes to a close, spend your final evening back in Biograd na Moru. A must-visit is Konoba Kaciol, a popular spot known for its captivating atmosphere and high-quality cuisine.

We recommend making a reservation in advance for all restaurants on Kornati. Mooring capacity is limited and in high season local taverns are popular.

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Kornati is truly one of the wonders of the world.

Route 2: To the southern islands towards Sibenik

Biograd na Moru —  Murter — Tribunj — Kaprije — Primosten — Vrgada — Biograd na Moru

  • Length: 76 NM
  • Difficulty: Medium

Does your sailing heart pull you south? Embark on an easy journey to the historic town of Šibenik, stopping at famous ports and charming bays along the way. Everyone will enjoy this route.

  1. Biograd na Moru — Murter (11 NM): Murter boasts several options for overnight stays. We love the marinas at Hramina or Betina, and Jezera also offers cosy spots and the chance for a leisurely waterfront walk. For those seeking tranquillity, the bays of Koširina or Koromašna are highly recommended.
  2. Murter — Tribunj (16 NM): A visit to Tribunj is essential to truly experience Dalmatia. We really love this place because of the quaint atmosphere of the seaside town, the pleasant walk to the viewpoint and the delicious ice cream. We highly recommend Tribunj.
  3. Tribunj — Kaprije (5 NM): On Kaprije Island lies Spirito, a top restaurant and lounge bar. The owner personally ensures you're treated like a dear friend, creating unforgettable culinary delights. It’s a haven for food lovers and those seeking a laid-back vibe, complete with swimming opportunities for kids at the nearby beach or pool.
  4. Karprije — Primosten (12 NM): Primošten is a picturesque town perched on a promontory, frequently featured in tourist snapshots and guidebooks. Wander its streets, revisit the beloved Konoba Dvor, and enjoy the regular performances and concerts in the historic square. Don’t miss the nearby modern statue of the Black Madonna, perfect for a scenic walk.
  5. Primosten — Vrgada (25 NM): Make a stop at Vrgada Island. If you’re just passing through, drop by the Hakuna Matata bar for quality drinks and lovely views.
  6. Vrgada — Biograd na Moru (7 NM): Your journey circles back to Biograd na Moru. Remember to refuel before returning your boat, as queues can build up at the gas station. Allow ample time for this final task to ensure a smooth end to your cruise.
Tribunj view

Tribunj is one of the cutest Croatian towns.

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Route 3: Cruise through history and sights via Zadar

Biograd na Moru — Zadar — Silba — Mali Lošinj — Dugi otok — Sali — Biograd na Moru

  • Length: 136 NM
  • Difficulty: Advanced

Though fewer sailors head north from Biograd na Moru, the route offers a treasure trove of sights. Discover a less traditional path, and you'll be delighted by the surprises it holds.

  1. Biograd na Moru — Zadar (16 NM):  Zadar, a city rich in history, monuments, and vibrant gastronomy, is renowned for what Alfred Hitchcock declared the "most beautiful sunset in the world!". Dedicate a full day to explore this vibrant city. For more insights, take a look at our dedicated guide to Zadar.
  2. Zadar — Silba (33 NM): Next, visit the serene and romantic island of Silba, home to the famous Tower of Love. Enjoy the peaceful, picturesque bays here. Learn more about what makes Silba a perfect getaway in our article.
  3. Silba — Mali Lošinj (17 NM): The bay of Mali Lošinj is notably deep, making the Mali Lošinj marina a perfect anchorage. Soak in the lively evening atmosphere with dinner at a local pub and a nighttime stroll along the scenic waterfront.
  4. Mali Lošinj — Dugi Otok (31 NM): Dugi Otok offers tranquillity with its Veli Rat marina and numerous quiet bays. Choose a spot that suits your need for peace and seclusion.
  5. Dugi Otok — Sali (21 NM):  In Sali, a well-protected harbor town, several moorings await. Hike the hill for views over Telaščica National Park and end your day with peka, a traditional Croatian dish for which this town is famous.
  6. Sali — Biograd na Moru (18 NM): Return to Biograd na Moru, your final destination. Hand over the boat and cap off your adventure with a celebratory dinner at a local pub with your crew.

Zadar will absolutely delight lovers of history or architecture.

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Why rent a boat from LM Yachting?

This charter company has been our partner for many years. LM Yachting stands for reliability, excellent maintenance and condition of their boats as well as smooth communication in dealing with all situations. They provide preferential terms and exclusive services to our clients to ensure a happy holiday for all. LM Yachting boasts a diverse fleet of 60 boats, continuously updated with the newest models to guarantee vessels in pristine condition. Read more about the charter company LM Yachting.

Interested in a boating adventure near Biograd? Contact me, and I'll help you select the perfect boat for your journey.