Best marinas in Croatia: our top picks

Best marinas in Croatia: our top picks

If you're dropping anchor at a marina, make it count. So, what are our favourites?

Often sailors ask us which marinas are worth visiting in Croatia where they can lay their heads, moor their boat, take on water and recharge their batteries. So we decided to put together a list of the marinas we like best. Find out why we like them, what to do nearby and where to sail next.

D-Marin Mandalina (Sibenik)

Regarded as one of the safest moorings in the Adriatic, Mandalina Marina is a popular choice for numerous charter companies. Chances are you might begin your sailing adventure from here if you rent a boat. The marina boasts 440 water berths that can accommodate vessels ranging from 10 to 70 metres in length, with a maximum draft of 5.5 metres. Additionally, the dry dock can house up to 30 boats, making it a favoured spot for the luxury yachts owned by the rich and famous.

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Luxury boats in Mandalina marina

Marina Mandalina is home to many luxury yachts.

The marina management here is moving with the times. Alongside traditional facilities like clean toilets, showers, supermarkets, and laundry services, it also offers modern amenities such as an ice machine and a Tesla electric car charging station. The marina is nestled on a sea-facing peninsula, home to an array of accommodations, resorts, and restaurants. Within this complex, you'll find a swimming pool, spa, wellness area, and a playground. A well-signposted fuel station is conveniently situated across the bay from the marina.

One feature of this marina, which could be seen as a benefit or a drawback depending on your viewpoint, is that it's not in the heart of Sibenik. The city centre is approximately 3 kilometres away, which is a manageable taxi ride. We don't really recommend walking due to a busy road you would need to navigate, making it less than an ideal stroll.

Aerial photo of Mandalina marina

Aerial view of the peninsula where the Mandalina marina is located.

Why visit Sibenik?

Sibenik is a stunning historical town that has the unique distinction of being the only location in Croatia to house two UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the magnificent St. James Cathedral and the storied St. Michael's Fortress. For those with a penchant for gourmet cuisine, we suggest a visit to the acclaimed Pelegrini restaurant, which has earned a Michelin star as of June 2023.

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What to visit in the area?

Sibenik serves as a launch point for numerous visitors keen to explore the wonders of Krka National Park. If you've yet to experience these majestic waterfalls, we wholeheartedly recommend a visit. The sheer might of the cascading waters, coupled with the stunning natural panorama, is nothing short of breathtaking. Perhaps a peaceful waterfall isn't quite your pace? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of festivals and events taking place across Croatia this summer that promises plenty of fun! Dive into our guide to 15 summer festivals and events in Croatia to find out more. There's never a dull moment in Sibenik. However, if you find the hustle and bustle of Sibenik a bit overwhelming, the nearby town of Primosten might just be the perfect alternative. With its historic streets and quaint charm, it offers a similar yet somewhat more tranquil experience.

Boats in Mandalina Marina

Our selection offers over 150 boats that depart from Sibenik's Mandalina Marina. A few standout options include the classic Dufour 430 Sweetest Taboo, the agile Oceanis 46.1 Greta, or the gracefully swift Hanse 458 Summer Wind. For those with a preference for dual hulls, Mandalina serves as the base for the Lagoon 40 Meea catamaran, as well as the spacious Bali Cat Space Viola.

Kornati Marina (Biograd na moru)

Sailors are frequently surprised to discover that the Kornati Marina is actually situated in the town of Biograd na Moru, not within the Kornati Archipelago as its name implies. If your voyage is destined for the Kornati National Park, Biograd serves as an ideal departure point — just remember, you won't be immediately amidst the Kornati Islands.

It's fair to say that Kornati Marina pioneered the concept of marinas for leisure yachts in Croatia. Back in 1974, ILIRIJA d.d. recognised the potential in Biograd na Moru and established the country's first recreational marina there. This sparked the expansion of yacht tourism along the Adriatic coastline.

marina Biograd

Marina Biograd from above.

With over 800 boat berths, including 70 dry docks, Kornati Marina ranks among the top three marinas in Croatia. Given its vast size, it's split into two sections: central and western. If you're setting sail from here, it's important to pinpoint the location of your chartered boat and the entrance you'll be using. With both south and north entrance gates, navigation can be a bit confusing. The site is expansive, so it's advisable to plan your route to avoid lugging bags or shopping unnecessarily long distances from your car to your boat.

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Event alert!

Every autumn, Biograd na Moru becomes a hub for the nautical community, hosting the much-anticipated Biograd Boat Show. If you're passionate about all things maritime, we highly recommend you pay a visit. You'll get the chance to observe the latest industry innovations, converse with experts in the field, and enjoy a wonderful conclusion to the boating season.

Why make the trip to Biograd?

This once regal city has evolved into a vibrant yachting hotspot, while maintaining its historic allure. The charm of its ancient streets is genuinely captivating. We suggest a leisurely stroll through the city centre, immersing yourself in the labyrinthine lanes, savouring a delicious meal in a cosy tavern, and simply indulging in the moment. The town's pristine beaches, regularly awarded with the blue flag for cleanliness, offer yet another delightful way to spend your time in Biograd.

Heart of Biograd

Heart for a photo shoot in Biograd na moru.

Where should you set your course in Kornati?

Departing from Biograd na Moru and bypassing the Kornati National Park would be an absolute missed opportunity. The park is conveniently close, so be sure to dedicate at least two days for exploring Kornati. Start with a pause on the enchanting island of Žut, then set out into a landscape that feels like a different world entirely.

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ACI Marina Trogir

A quick heads-up! Trogir is home to two marinas. Marina Baotić, which is situated just outside the town centre, and ACI Marina Trogir, which is on the island of Ciovo, directly across the bay from Trogir's stunning historical heart. Our pick? Naturally, we lean towards the one closer to the centre.

The marina provides more than 170 berths at the pier, about 30 dry docks, and a plethora of services, ranging from laundry facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, and an ATM, to toilets and showers, a fuel station, a dive centre, a spa, and a restaurant.

Ideal accessibility

ACI Marina Trogir enjoys a prime location when it comes to accessibility. If you're driving, the marina boasts its own car park. If you're flying in, you couldn't have chosen a better spot, with Split airport a mere stone's throw away (approximately 30 minutes by car).

Where to go?

Naturally, the historical centre of Trogir and its charming streets are not to be missed. Here, you'll feel as though you've stepped into the era of the Game of Thrones. Take a moment to relax in one of the quaint restaurants and soak in the ambiance. We also advocate for an evening saunter along the seafront promenade. The most popular beach, the renowned Okrug Gornji, is just about 2 kilometres from the centre of Trogir.

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Trogir at night

Trogir at night has its own charm.

To have a reason to visit a marina, you need a boat. Get in touch, and I'll help you select the perfect one.

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