10 reasons to go on a 14-day charter

10 reasons to go on a 14-day charter

A week onboard a boat flies by and when you're finally feeling at your best, it's already time to head back. But we know the solution! Next time, try it like experienced sailors do and sail for 14 days straight. Enjoy real yachting, discover more beautiful and deserted places plus you’ll even save yourself some money. 

Why take a two-week vacation on a boat? 

There are many more reasons, but we bring you the top 10. Let's take a closer look at them, some of them may even surprise you.

1. A 10% discount on a boat

For a 14-day charter, you can get a 5% discount from the charter company. Plus, we'll add a further 5 % on top of that. That's a real discount.

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2. More days on the boat (13 days instead of 6)

Look forward to more than double the actual voyage time. The proportion of time wasted at the beginning and end of your sailing trip will be less, leaving you to really enjoy the sea. Realistically you can sail for a full 13 days, which would only be 6 with a week-long charter. 

3.Sail to places without the crowds

By mid-week, most sailors are dashing back to their home marina so they can return the boat in time. But you can continue onwards until Friday and Saturday and enjoy deserted beaches and bays without the crowds. You’ll get to experience quite exceptional moments of solitude at sea — far from the hustle and bustle of ports, other boats and sailors.

4. Absolute rest and relaxation

You know what it’s like. You barely get a chance to recover from your journey and take a long deep breath before you're already thinking about heading back. One week is not long enough to switch off properly and discard your stress to the bottom of the ocean where it belongs. You may not be able to take a month off, but try leaving the mainland for at least 14 days next time and you’ll see the difference. On a boat on longer voyages, you can better escape everyday stress and chaos, deadlines and worries. 

5. Get acquainted with the boat 

You’ll surely agree that it always takes a while to get a feel for the boat and really know your way around it. And it takes just as long to align with the crew. In the second week, the voyage will be smoother, the crew will work better as a team, leaving you to enjoy the pure pleasure of sailing.

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6. You only pay for one deposit insurance

The deposit insurance is paid only once and is exactly the same as if you were sailing for just a week. The amount depends on the deposit amount, not the length of the voyage.

7. You only pay for cleaning once (transit log)

You only pay the transit log once.

8. Transport for the second week costs nothing

It’s simple maths, the journey to your boat is a substantial part of the cost of a yachting vacation. If you choose one two-week cruise instead of two individual weeks, your holiday will be around 75% of the price. In addition, the journey itself takes up a lot of valuable time from your vacation.

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9. Only one check-in and check-out 

As you know, handing over and returning a boat are not the most popular of activities. It’s always time-consuming and is not exactly fun. Choosing a 14-day voyage instead of two weekly ones will save your nerves and your time.

10. Shop once, pack once

Most people end up buying too much stuff for their voyage and don’t even use half of it. As a result, when packing up, many things get thrown away and wasted, which wouldn’t be the case on a longer voyage. Likewise, you can take it easy when packing bags and unpacking. You pack almost the same for one week as for two. 

To put it simply, a two-week voyage will provide the full sailing experience you long for. It will allow you to sail further, discover much more, experience solitude at sea and get to know the boat completely. And besides all of this, you’ll save money.

Finally, we have another tip for you. Do you want to sail 14 days, but the crew can’t take so much vacation? Take two of them! The crew can change after a week, just supply the crew lists in advance.

Try a two-week voyage this year and enjoy your dream vacation. We have prepared the best offers in the Mediterranean just for you.

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