Where best to spend Easter yachting

Kick off the spring season with some beautiful Easter sailing. At the end of April the sun is hotting up and you won’t even have to take a day off work. Take some inspiration from our irresistible tips.

Start off the spring season with some beautiful Easter sailing. At the end of April the sun is warming up and you won’t even have to take a day off work. We’ll advise you where to go and where you can experience a different kind of Easter.


3 tips how to experience an unforgettable Easter on board a boat 

We’ve prepared three irresistible tips for you to enjoy yachting and much more. So this year leave the Easter bunny at home and head out to sea for some truly beautiful experiences. The season hasn't started yet so you can get big discounts on boats from many charters.


1. Races and regattas 

Dozens of sportier and fun regattas are held at different locations at Easter. You can join in the race or just enjoy the racing prowess of others. An experience is guaranteed. 

Celebrate Easter with a joint cruise or a straight race

  • Where to go?

As always, the entire yachting°com team kick off the year with the legendary Easter Cruise. We invite other yachting enthusiasts and all who enjoy being at sea. Join us, we can enjoy perfect sailing in Croatia together. The ocean will still be practically deserted!



2. Celebrating traditional Easter

If you want to combine your cruise with a few traditions, definitely go to Italy. Italy is infamous for its spectacular Easter celebrations. The Italians head to the churches and the streets where in lively processions they worship the most important period in the Christian calendar.

In Italy you can taste the traditional Easter sweet Colomba

The festivities culminate on Sunday, when families gather to enjoy a lunch fabulous roast lamb and specialty cakes. Pasquetta (Easter Monday) is the first opportunity for a spring trip of the year when Italians head to the park for a picnic.


Go to the restaurants to sample Italian Easter delicacies too. And don’t forget to stop by the local bakery which will be full of traditional Easter sweets. The most typical is Colomba, which resembles a dove – the symbol of peace and tranquility.


Spectacular Easter celebrations also take place in Orthodox Greece. But be warned, you'll have to get there a week later, because the Julian calendar is used to calculate it. Eggs are only painted red in honour of the blood of Christ and people tap them together, bringing luck all year long to those whose egg doesn't break.

Tapping eggs is a traditional pastime in Greece and Croatia

Even in Croatia, Easter is celebrated traditionally and passionately. The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated inland with the burning of high fires and on the coast with festivals and processions. The most famous is on the island of Hvar. The pilgrims travel 22 kilometres by candle and torchlight with a large cross.


  • Where to go?

Try a cruise around the coast at the magical town of Amalfi. You’ll be captivated by majestic high mountains and dramatic wild nature on one side and picturesque villages on the other. The entire coastline is lined with cliffs that fall sharply into the depths of the crystal-clear sea. Narrow staircases lead from the sea to the terraced houses.


3. In search of summer 

Fed up with winter and looking forward to summer? Extend your Easter and set sail in search of it. In April, the Balearic Islands are perfect for active travellers. The Mediterranean spring is in full swing, everything is in blossom, wonderful scent fills the air and the place is vibrant. Enjoy inland hikes or rent a bike.


We guarantee that you will return recharged and full of positivity. The average air and water temperature approaches 20°C towards the end of April. Did you know that the sun shines 300 days a year here?

The Balearic Islands in April are made for active travellers 

In short, the Balearic Islands are simply beautiful yachting grounds with enchanting nature, beaches and beautiful harbours with a rich history. In the spring you will be glad of fewer people, in the otherwise crowded location, and the high-quality yachting facilities.


Summer weather will welcome you in southern Turkey, Malta or Sicily, where you'll enjoy the windy conditions.


  • Where to go?

For example, try Menorca. It’s a rugged island with an infinite number of virgin coves, boasting natural diversity and endemic species. In addition to beaches and stunning nature, Menorca has cities that tell many a story of their interesting past. A visit to Ciutadella and Mahón is really worth it.



Wherever you head, enjoy some great sailing and get into the swing of the new yachting season. It will definitely be worth it.