Yachting for a week for just 199 €? It's no mistake, it's yachting°com!

Yachting for a week for just 199 €? It's no mistake, it's yachting°com!

You can never get enough yachting! That’s why we’re literally giving away boats in the spring. Enjoy a beautiful boat from yachting°com for just 199 €.

You can never get enough yachting. And that's why you can get a beautiful boat for a week for just 199 ! Look forward to a deserted marina, sunshine and a fresh wind. The season on the Adriatic has not yet begun, so you can enjoy the endless sea just for yourself.


How to rent a boat for 199 €? 

It's unbelievable, but we really have boats for you from just 199 €. We are in love with yachting and we want others to fall for it too.

How much does the boat cost for a week-long voyage in March and April?

199 € per week (in April 299 €) for a sailboat with 2 cabins

299 € per week (in April 399 €) for a sailboat with 3 cabins

499 € per week (in April 699 €) for a sailboat with 4 cabins

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And how to get your great boat deal?

Each is listed at its original price. Let us know and we’ll decrease the price straight away. It’s as easy as that.


Great deals on motor boats 

Take a motor boating holiday in March and April with our irresistible deals.


April is the least windy month of the year on the Adriatic, so it’s ideal for motor boating. Look forward to low prices, light winds, calm clear waters and plenty of sunshine, which is already in full force. Are you tempted yet?


How much does a motor boat cost for a week in March and April?

March 399 euros a week

April 499 euros a week