Sailing in Italy, discover the fragrant and magical town of Amalfi

Sailing in Italy, discover the fragrant and magical town of Amalfi

Introducing another beautiful and lesser-known location to visit whilst sailing in Italy. We’ve also included some tips on places that are well worth a visit along the way.

Italy is a wonderful and diverse destination. All yachting enthusiasts will be in their element and still have something new to discover. There are rugged coastlines, numerous beautiful bays, harbours, a wealth of historical sites and pure natural beauty. Let's explore this jagged coastline together with the scent of citrus in the air.

Tips for lesser-known yachting destinations in Italy

Let’s introduce you to yet another beautiful spot that is truly unmissable for sailors. We’ve added some tips for places that are well worth a visit on the way. Get some inspiration for your next voyage.

The coast near the town of Amalfi and Cilento National Park

The coast around Amalfi, near Naples, is one of the most beautiful and is a listed UNESCO heritage site.

The region of Amalfi attracts few tourists and is a place where time stands still. It’s hard to believe that Amalfi was once a powerful and important maritime republic in the 7th century. In the 14th century an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused its almost total destruction, when most of the city fell into the sea.

Where to moor in Amalfi

Directly in Amalfi itself is the port of Porto di Amalfi and the Coppola Marina-Dock, run by the enthusiastic sailors who are Coppola's siblings.

Amalfi Coast

Beautiful places in the Amalfi region

Captivated by majestic high mountains and dramatic wild nature on one hand and the picturesque villages on the other. The entire coastline is bordered by cliffs that fall sharply into the depths of the crystal clear sea. Numerous narrow staircases lead from the sea to the houses.

The fresh local lemons are famous, with 8,000 tons being grown annually. The sweet scent of their flowers in the air is truly intoxicating. Lovers of fine wine will also find something to satisfy their pallette.

Lemon field on Amalfi

If you like to combine sailing with excursions, be sure to head to the famous Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods). It is in the Amalfi region, from the Il Laggis islands, that the sirens lured the fabled Odysseus onto the cliffs. So be warned, it’s best to stay safely on board your boat, don’t be tempted to explore the coast.

What to take in on your voyage to Amalfi

Rent a yacht in Salerno and sail through Amalfi to the famous islands of Capri and Ischia. Or go for a romantic cruise to the volcanic and little-known Pontine islands, and admire the blue caves created by Etruscans on the island of Ponza.

The Cilento National Park is definitely worth a visit. Inaccessible mountains and rugged paths are preserved in the park in their original beauty. Rocky cliffs are guarded by numerous towers and lined with beautiful olive groves. Lovers of swimming among you, will enjoy the many sandy beaches. The headland, on which the park lies, is dominated by the legendary Cape Palinuro. The rock formations extend to the sea and create a plethora of beaches and bays. There are dozens of interconnected caves in the massif where you can dive.

View of Sant Angelo on the island of Ischia

What we recommend visiting on the way to Italy and Amalfi

Stay in Naples and enjoy a stroll through this lively and beautiful city. Climb to Vesuvius or take in the unique atmosphere of ancient Pompeii, buried under a five-foot layer of volcanic dust in a devastating Vesuvius eruption.

Italy is for explorers everywhere

Will you spice up your next voyage in Italy by visiting the beautiful Amalfi? Check out our deals on boats and set off to explore the region next year.