9 reasons why a sailing holiday is better than staying at a hotel

9 reasons why a sailing holiday is better than staying at a hotel

No more packed beaches — experience the ultimate in relaxation, cruising the seas on a sailboat. It's much easier and cheaper than you think. Try something new and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

A sun-warmed deck, the waves lapping against the hull and you at the helm. Anchored in a deserted bay, your crew is about to dive into the clear blue sea, and soon you'll be firing up the grill and enjoying a beautiful sunset. These are just some of the idyllic moments you won't experience on a conventional holiday in a hotel or apartment. Check out 9 reasons why you should take the plunge and rent a boat this year.

Spending a holiday on a sailing boat is much easier than you think, and it's certainly not just the domain of experienced sailors or millionaires. In fact, the cost of a week on a boat is comparable to a traditional family holiday in a hotel by the sea. But the freedom you afford is priceless!

An important consideration is that you don't actually need a captain's licence when chartering a boat, because you can simply rent the services of an experienced skipper to head your crew. Just write to us or give us a call and we can take care of it for you.

But if you intend on going out to sea more frequently, it's well worth getting taking a skipper course. Sign up for one of our skipper training courses, and you can be sailing the seas in a matter of weeks.

Prožít dovolenou na lodi je mnohem jednodušší, než si myslíte

9 reasons to enjoy a yachting holiday this year

1. Experience the freedom of sailing

On a boat, you have complete freedom and independence. You can go wherever you want , create your own route and itinerary, and see new places every day. Sleep on the deck, swim in a secluded bay, and marvel at the marine life. Or just hang around in your swimwear all day and enjoy not having to care that your hair is a mess, your clothes wet, or there are stains on your shirt. Where else can you experience this?

Na lodi jste absolutně svobodní a nezávislíOn a boat, you are completely free and independent 

2. Avoid the crowds: beaches just for you

In high season, hotels and beaches tend to be packed, making it difficult to get any privacy. But it's not the same when you're sailing! — no more noisy guests, obnoxious neighbours, hurrying for the bus or the same overcrowded beach. There are only you, your crew and the vast ocean, ready to be explored. Every single day, you have the choice of staying where you are or sailing onward to discover fresh new places to drop anchor. Whether you head to a small beach, a tranquil bay, or a bustling harbour, the choice is yours! Check out two of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe — Croatia and Greece.

Na lodi jste jen vy a posádka, daleko od davů a turistůJust you and the crew on board, away from the bustling crowds and tourists. 

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3. Find pure relaxation on board a boat

On a boat, you can better escape the stress and turmoil of everyday life, the deadlines and all your work worries. You can always get to your computer for a few minutes a day but the truth is you probably won't even think about it because you'll be in the here and now — maybe you're battling the wind and waves, catching fish or jumping off the deck into the turquoise waters. You'll be just that step closer to nature. Along with the fresh air, sea and stunning environment, it's the kind of therapy you can't put a price on.

More sailing tips for your first sailing holiday:

Na moři se poperete se všemi nástrahami a to je terapie k nezaplacení

4. Sail to a new place every day without packing

Spend each afternoon in a different location, harbour, or bay. As you cruise along the coast, you can visit ancient villages and harbours and won't have to worry about extra expenses or getting transportation from your accommodation to take a tour. The hotel follows you, and the best part is that you don't have to pack and lug your luggage over and over again. Because on a boat, you always have everything with you!

YACHTING.COM TIP: Thinking of spending your first holiday on a sailing boat? Congratulations! You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. But what exactly should you expect from a sailing trip? How to prepare for it and how to conduct yourself on board so that you won't be the "rookie". Here are some tips and advice from experienced sailors. in our article: First time on a sailboat: 10 things you need to know before you depart. And if you're looking to book your first boat, check out our step-by-step guide to renting your first boat, which goes through the whole process from the documents you need, choosing a boat and destination, to making your booking.

Každé odpoledne můžete strávit na nové pláži a každý den můžete nocovat v jiné zátoceSpend every afternoon on a new beach and each night in a different bay

5. Breathtaking locations you can't get to without a boat

Sail from island to island, swimming in the endless crystal-clear blue waters, and taking in the deserted white beaches and rocky coves. As some places are only accessible by boat, they truly retain their unspoilt beauty. The best view of the world is not from horseback, but from the deck of a boat.

Sightseers and hikers won't be disappointed either — simply drop anchor in the marina and go exploring. We've hand-picked 33 of Croatia's best towns and cities to see which can be found on the mainland and islands. Exploring them from the deck of your boat means you can enjoy the historical sights one day, and swim the blue ocean in a secluded bay the next.

6. Enjoy adventure and the rush of adrenaline

On a boat, you can have even more adventure and get your adrenaline pumping — with an experienced skipper, you can enjoy serious sailing, heeling full-tilt through the waves. Through the mist, you'll get to see your friends enjoying themselves and realise that this is something you've actually dreamed of your whole life.

Na lodi můžete prožít i větší dobrodružství a nadopovat se adrenalinemHave more adventure on a boat and get your adrenaline pumping. 

7. Riches that lie beneath the surface of the sea

The underwater world on the open seas and in remote bays is tremendously diverse and rich. While snorkelling in the Mediterranean, you can see dolphins as well as gorgeous multi-coloured corals, anemones, and schools of vibrant fish.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Underwater caves, sunken wrecks and an abundance of colourful fish and animals... Discover the 7 most beautiful snorkelling spots in Croatia

Při plavbě můžete potkat i opravdové delfínyEncounter dolphins during your voyage 

8. Enjoy watersports, relaxation, fun and party

When you've had your fill of sailing, you can wind down with a spot of swimming, snorkelling, paddleboarding and simply enjoy yourself.

YACHTING.COM TIP: If you are planning to laze around with a group of friends, choose a comfortable catamaran instead of a monohull sailboat . It has more capacity than a sailing boat, offers more room for socializing and privacy in spacious cabins located in two separate hulls. Plus, it heels less, providing greater stability and safety and there's a lower risk getting seasick.

Na lodi si dosyta užijete i koupání, šnorchlování i různé vodní hračkyEnjoy swimming, snorkelling and various water activities 

9. Sailing holidays are often cheaper than a hotel

A yachting holiday is often a cheaper alternative to a traditional stay in a hotel, especially if you rent in advance. Get an idea of all the costs involved in our article — Yacht charter costs: how much can you expect to pay?.

And if you're a bit apprehensive of spending a holiday on the sea, you don't have to embark on a challenging sailing trip straight away. Sail from bay to bay or island to island, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and just enjoy it. You'll be accompanied by an experienced skipper who'll be happy to share his sailing skills or leave you to enjoy your holiday undisturbed. So, are you going to finally set off this year and follow your dream?

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