7 reasons why a boat is better than a hotel

1) Discover places you can't get to by land 

Did you know that there are also some sandy beaches in Croatia? Do you like picturesque deserted bays and towns? Easily the best way to visit all this is to sail there. 

2) Avoid the crowds 

Only you and your crew will be on the boat. No need to reserve a sunbathing spot or squeeze in line for anything. 

3) Experience the sea world in its purest form 

The sea is just for you, the fish, the dolphins or even whales (if you are lucky). Encountering sea creatures is the experience of a lifetime, especially for kids. 

4) Discover new beaches and harbours every day 

Being stuck in one place the whole week can be tiresome. On a boat, you can decide where you will go that day or evening. This means you’ll get to discover many places and travelling between them is actually fun. 

5) Experience sports, relaxation and entertainment

Your voyage can be sporty or relaxing. It's up to you and the pace of your crew. We offer boats for a quiet family holiday as well as for sports sailing. 

6) Learn a lot 

Sailing is both a sport and a stimulating leisure activity. You can learn to tie knots, to monitor the weather and wind and how to set the sails correctly. As a captain, you’ll also get to practice your organizational skills and even a bit of a psychology. 

7) Holidays on a boat can be cheaper 

At first glance, holidaying on a yacht seems like an unaffordable luxury. But if you look at the prices of a charter and calculate it per person (there are usually 4-8 people in the crew), a holiday on a boat can be half the price of staying in a hotel. Plus, if you do your own cooking on board, you won't have to splash out on restaurants. 

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our range of boats and wake up to the best vacation! 

Call me and we will choose you a boat like a hotel.

Anežka Harudová

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