30 best gift ideas for every sailor

Great gift ideas for skippers, the crew and all sailing enthusiasts — practical equipment and stylish accessories for aboard and ashore

Do you have a passionate sailor at home or in your circle of friends, and are not sure what to get them for their birthday, Christmas or another special occasion? Practical sailing gear or nautical-themed accessories are the perfect gifts for those of us who live for the smell of the sea, the sound of the wind in the sails and relaxing on the deck with friends or family. Whether it's a seasoned seafarer, captain, crew member or beginner sailor, we've got the perfect gift for them.

Practical gifts for a comfortable and trouble-free voyage

Handheld radio and ship's radio

When sailing on the open sea or in challenging conditions, it is critical to be able to communicate with surrounding vessels and have access to up-to-date information. This makes a handheld 1. VHF radio is an invaluable aid. Choose waterproof devices with illuminated display and keypad, belt clip and automatic channel scanning.

A good quality radio is an essential piece of equipment on a yacht

A good quality radio is an essential piece of equipment on a yacht

Charging and power sources

Electricity sources are sometimes in short supply on boats, yet the number of devices that need to be charged on board is increasing. As a result, it is worth relying on alternatives. The ideal solution is being able to recharge using solar power, which is plentiful at sea during the summer. A sailor would appreciate, for example, a 2. Rechargeable solar panel or 3. Solar flashlight with a hand dynamo. A 4. Power bank, which isn't just handy on the boat, will not go amiss either.


You can't do without electricity on a yacht

Multi-function sailing smartwatch 

A sailing watch is a practical tool for any sailor. It is usually a 5. Multi-function sports watch with traditional indicators such as time, date, countdown, stopwatch and so on, supplemented with unique sailing functions. Some of them can also be connected to a smartphone or other smart device, providing location, weather, tide and other useful data.

Sailing gloves

The skin of a sailor's hands takes a beating from the humidity, salt water, wind, cold and the strain of handling masts and rigging. 6. High-quality sailing gloves provide effective protection against the weather. Depending on the type of sailing, there are gloves available for both competitive and recreational sailors, which should fit snugly over long or short fingers and be made of waterproof but quick-drying materials.

Sailing gloves protect hands against discomfort

Sailing gloves protect hands against the rigours of sailing

Yachting knife

7. A sailing knife should be carried by at least one crew member at all times or kept within arm's reach on the boat. In an emergency, it can be used to cut a snagged rope, saving equipment and even lives. Plus, you can always find a use for the other multi-tool attachments, such as a screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener and tweezers.

Opening knife with additional attachments, multifunctional tool

Always be prepared

Sailing theory, practice and knowledge: gifts for beginners and sea dogs

Give the gift of a skipper's licence

For many sailing enthusiasts, becoming a captain and cruising the coastal waters of the Adriatic or the high seas would be a dream come true. And it only takes a few steps, practical and educational, to become a skipper. Yachting.com organises a variety of 8. Captain courses for the prestigious RYA skipper's licences including 9. SRC radio courses, which is mandatory for sailing in some countries. Isn't the idea of such a course appealing to you? You can still become a captain — you don't need a license to operate a houseboat. Take a look at our range of boats and popular houseboat destinations and give yourself the gift of a 10. holiday together.

Sailing itself is always a pleasure

Do you know someone who is passionate about sailing or wants to improve their sailing skills? Our staff at yachting.com can arrange a tailor-made cruise for you. You can get a voucher, rent a boat or sign up for the 11. Refresher course on both a sailboat and a catamaran.

Fun and education

Sailing is a popular topic and there are a wealth of books dedicated to it. 12. A book is always a nice present and is the perfect gift idea for any sea lover to relax with on deck whilst still learning a lot of interesting facts. Choose from educational publications on navigation or meteorology, biographies or travelogues of notable sailors, as well as fictional works about sailors.

Folded paper boat and book

Books about sailing and sailors

YACHTING.COM TIP: For some inspiration, check out our article on the 5 best books about sailing the seas. You'll find a selection of specialised literature, true-life adventures of intrepid sailors and fiction.

Stylish trinkets and elegant accessories for sailors

Home decoration

Bring a touch of the sea or your own sailing memories to your house or office with a variety of home decor. Interesting gift ideas for sailors include 13. Large-format posters of ships, harbours and lighthouses, 14. Nautical chart prints and 15. Model boats/ships.

Wooden boat on the ocean map

Unforgettable sailing memories

Home comforts on board

Conditions on board a boat don't have to be austere. In fact, you can enjoy a luxury holiday comparable to the comfort of a five-star hotel. Even if you're sailing on a small yacht, the cabin can be brightened up with all sorts of nautical touches providing some home comforts. Such ideas include a 16. Thermos, 17. Nautical-themed mugs or a good quality 18. Rum. Find out what else sailors traditionally drink.

Bottle and glass with whiskey or rum

Toast for calm seas and a good wind

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Stylish sailing gear

There are certain rules and customs associated with recreational and competitive sailing. Sailors and racers alike are expected to know the rules of sailing, how to handle a boat and sailing etiquette. On shore, this lifestyle is associated with a certain kind of dress and style that is characterised by understated elegance, comfort, combinations of blue and white and accessories with nautical motifs. For example, 19. Jewellery with anchors or a boat can make a great gift for yachtswomen.

A lady or lady sitting on the bow of the boat in a white shirt and wind

Casual elegance on a boat

Original and unusual gifts for boating and leisure

Gift ideas for sailors can come from many areas. A welcome and practical gift will always be 20. Functional sailing clothing that is suitable for the harsh conditions at sea and for leisure time in port or at anchor. Other practical gifts include items that come in handy for the actual sailing, such as various electronics and other essential sailing gear and equipment. Sailing fashion, accessories or decorations are a whole category in themselves.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Sailing gear must be able to withstand challenging conditions. That's why you need to choose not only on how things look, but also on the function of each piece, durability and the quality of the materials. Check out our guide to choosing sailing clothing.

With a little imagination and inspiration, you can gift your loved ones or friends something to match their lifestyle, interests and other favoured activities. Just think about what is close to their heart, combine it with sailing and they'll have a truly unique personalised gift.

Sailor — ecologist: Gifts made from recycled materials, such as a 21. Bag handcrafted from old boat sails, or why not make a donation in their name to 22. Marine conservation organizations, such as those trying to rid plastic from the oceans?

Sailor — gourmet: If they are also a lover of good food and drink, and never miss the opportunity to sample the local cuisine or produce, they are sure to enjoy 23. A guided tour of a local winery or 24. A voucher for lunch at a renowned restaurant.

Sailor — diver: A yachting vacation is also a perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of the underwater world. Ideal gifts include diving equipment, 25. An underwater camera26. An atlas of the underwater world or 27. A diving course in which they can learn to clean the keel, untangle a line from the propeller or dive down to check the anchor.

Sailor — athlete: This type of sailor is not simply satisfied with the physical activity demanded on board but loves to work out or exercise after reaching the marina and the shore. For these sailors, the ideal gift is a 28. Folding scooter, 29. Inflatable paddleboard or a 30. Inflatable kite.

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I won't be able to help you choose a suitable gift, but I can help you choose a boat or a skipper's course! Get in touch.

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