99 Christmas gifts for sailors

99 Christmas gifts for sailors

In need of the perfect gift for a sailor? We have plenty of inspiration not only for the experienced, but for complete beginners!

Finding a suitable, unique gift that will really please its recipient is always difficult, this is doubly true for yachtsmen. That's why we've interviewed our skippers and their crews, and compiled this comprehensive list of gift ideas. We hope you'll take your pick of one (or more!) of these items.

A selection of top-tier gifts that every sailor will appreciate

Useful technology for cruises

1. A solar panel

Electricity and charging are often the sources of loads of problems on a boat, partially because we've begun taking more and more electronics onboard with us. Solar panels are a great solution to this issue. Choose a durable, ideally waterproof panel for use in the field.

Solar-powered charger

Solar-powered charger

2. A powerbank

The solar powerbank is a cheaper, pocketable version of the solar panel. It can often be plugged into a WiFi router, so the sailor can make use of it all year round. Yachtsmen will, of course, also enjoy a classic powerbank.

3. A solar-powered dynamo torch

An LED flashlight that will save you in any situation and never go flat. On the contrary, it will also serve as a power bank! The solar panel takes care of charging, but can also be connected to a USB. Best of all, it can be recharged with a hand crank, therefore ridding you of dependence on electrical supply or the sun.

Dynamo torch

Dynamo torch

4. A multifunctional sailing watch

Sailing watches are usually designed as multi-sport watches – on top of sailing, the recipient can use them for running or cycling. Watches can be paired with marine plotters or autopilot, have a built-in "Man Overboard" function or perhaps a broken anchor alarm. They can also be paired with mobile phones, then provide data with tide information for current geographic location and a host of other information.

5. A headtorch

Onboard or off, it shines and frees your hands. A high-quality, reliable source of light will be appreciated by sailors during night sailing, anchoring, boat breakdowns, night dinghy trips and whilst on watch. Choose one with a red light option, then it will also serve as an emergency light.



6. A yachting knife

Every good man carries a knife, especially if he's a yachtsman. You can choose a fixed blade designed specifically for yachting or opt for a folding, multi-function knife. The latter has the advantage of usually containing universal tools to be used on more than just the boat – pliers, cross and flat screwdrivers, a knife, wire stripper, bottle opener, toothpick, tweezers, punch, wire cutter and, of course, a corkscrew.

Yachting knife

Yachting knife

7. A mobile phone holder

The mobile phone is an indispensable companion on a yacht, a holder keeps it in place and prevents it from getting lost.

8. A handheld VHF radio

Handheld marine radios are always handy. Choose a lightweight, floating one with a clear, backlit display and direct, channel 16 setting.



Navigation aids for sailors

9. A nautical compass

Nautical compasses are popular and reasonably priced. Decide on one that is shock and water resistant.

10. Nautical charts

You can't go wrong with a selection of nautical charts or pilots, with detailed information about your favourite destination. An atlas of 888 ports and bays is an essential guide for any sailor sailing in Croatia. It contains plans, maps, contacts and specific data on every port and almost every small bay.

11. Pilots or guides of the area

If your sailor friend doesn't already own a "Croatian Eight", i.e. a pilot of the 888 ports and bays, this is a must. A similar pilot for Greece has already been published.


Mobile app or virtual gift

12. Navionics

Navionics nautical charts can find their place in the pocket of even the most sophisticated GPS plotter. It is therefore a kind of virtual gift, but it will certainly please.

13. An anchor alarm

Does your sailor often spend the night at anchor? They will appreciate the paid version of the anchor alarm, with all kinds of features. For example, we like Anchor mate.

Gifts useful for everyday life on and off board

14. A manual coffee machine for delicious espresso

Coffee lovers on ships crave a good, authentic espresso. Choose from one of the popular "handpresso" machine types for them under the tree. The water heats on a boiler and the strong sailor's arms take care of pumping it up to 15 bars.

Manual coffee machine

Manual coffee machine

15. Linen or boat accessories

Dreams of sailing will be sweeter in bedding with anchors, boats or stripes. You can find a bath towel, pillow or trendy tableware with a similar theme.

Blanket with a nautical theme

Blanket with nautical a theme

16. Unbreakable glasses

Almost everyone who drinks on a boat has broken a glass at some point. To prevent this from happening again, there is no better solution than shatterproof glasses. There are also wine or champagne glasses, with stems, available.

17. A flask (for the crew, of course)

Sometimes you want to warm up from the inside. Of course, this gift should be used for the crew only!

18. A functional towel

It meets all the requirements of the demanding sailor — it is small, compact and dries quickly. It can also be used as a scarf, an improvised blanket or a fashionable skirt.

19. Boat accessories

Towels, towels, cushions...all are made with anchor, sea, rudder or simple stripe patterns.

20. A small sleeping pillow

A small pillow guarantees a good night's sleep even on a boat. You can choose one with an ergonomic design that offers your spine extra support.

21. A high quality lighter

Whether your sailor/yachtswoman is a smoker or not, a lighter is, at the very least, useful for lighting the stove or even for burning the ends of ropes.


22. Sunglasses

The sun is really harsh at sea, so a fitting pair of sunglasses make a great gift. Look for one made of recycled plastic, for example. Polarised sunglasses are ideal.

23. An unsinkable keyring

When crossing a bridge to the shore, sometimes boat keys get dropped into the water. But who wants to dive to the bottom in a harbour? Buy your boatsman a floating boat key chain. They also come in the shape of a cute little fender.

24. A wallet or bag made from old sails

Recycling is all the rage, and having a wallet or bag made from old sails that have spent some time at sea is pretty cool. You can find different designs and original patterns on etsy.com, for example. We like the ones from Olde Dog the best.

Wallet made of old sails

Wallet made of old sails

25. A waterproof/water-resistant case or bag

Wetness and dampness are ubiquitous on a ship and there are never enough waterproof bags. A larger bag with a roll top is useful — for trips to the beach bar or paddleboarding.

Waterproof bag

Waterproof bag

In order to continually educate himself

26. A captain's Course

If your sailor does not yet have a skipper's license or he/she wants to further his/her education, gift him/her a RYA skipper's course.

27. A cruise

Of course, every sailor will be most pleased with a cruise. If you would like to give one to someone close to you, take a look at our range of boats or contact our dealer.

28. Books about sailing and sailors

There are many books about sailing and/or sailors. You can choose educational books; about meteorology, or a book with tips on how to be a better sailor. You can also inspire sailors with fictional or authentic accounts of expeditions and trips around the world. For little sailors, choose a themed children's book.

29. A yachting magazine subscription

When a yachtsman can't be at sea, he or she will enjoy monthly news from the world of sailing, sailing skills and boat tests, photos and reports. Out of the British ones, we recommend Yacht Monthly.

30. A Croatian/Greek/Spanish dictionary

Does he/she grumble every year that he/she doesn't know what they're being offered in a Croatian tavern when they give her/him a ring and a masline? Buy him/her a dictionary and next year he/she will be fluent in Croatian.

31. A lecture for sailors

Yachting lectures with experienced skippers and a long tradition will delight every yachtsman. They are full of practical experience and cover all fundamental yachting topics.

32. A yachting first aid course

Knowing how to provide first aid is more necessary on a yacht than anywhere else. You never know what can happen and preparation pays off. Provide a first aid course and you'll have one less reason to worry onboard.

First aid course

First aid course

Documents and paperwork

33. Logbook

Delight your sailor with a new logbook with an original design.

34. Yachting book

Did you know that a yacht book can have a hard cover and gold font? Why settle for a plain one, when you can gift a beautiful book that will be a joy to bring on your boat?

35. A folder for documents

The logbook, the yacht book, the ship's papers, the charter contract... all these things have to be stored somewhere. That's why yacht-themed folders are a very practical gift.

Good clothing is essential for sailors

36. Waterproof socks

Are you familiar with waterproof socks? Last year's hit amongst tourists — also enjoyed by sailors. How do they work? The sock is usually made up of three layers. An outer nylon layer protects the middle layer with a membrane, and a merino base layer diverts moisture and keeps you warm. Ideal for the vessel.

37. Functional underwear

A great choice is merino wool clothing. It is naturally functional and antibacterial, helps with thermoregulation and keeps you warm — even when wet. It wicks away moisture and, even though it's made of wool, is very soft and lightweight. You can choose lightweight underwear, as a bottom/summer layer or pick out a thicker, warmer top layer.

Functional, merino wool clothing

Functional, merino wool clothing

38. A boat scarf/cap

Every sea dog will appreciate a good quality, unique cap or scarf to protect their sinuses from the wind and cold weather. For summer, you can select a practical, stylish cap (ideally one with a clip to prevent it from "flying away" and UV protection), during winter, the sailor will be warmed by an insulated cap with a water-repelling modification.

39. Yachting jacket

During unpleasant weather, a jacket is the ultimate companion. They tend to be breathable, very strong, windproof and waterproof. A waterproof zipper and seams, a high collar and adjustable tight cuffs protect against the wrath of the elements. Need advice? Check out our clothing guide for tips on how to dress for certain conditions.

40. Sailing gloves

Unprotected hands take a beating when working with ropes every day. Whether you choose gloves for everyday use or extreme conditions, always go for well-fitted gloves made of high-grade material with properly reinforced stress areas. Shape and flexibility levels are also important.

To avoid rope burns, wear gloves

To avoid rope burn, wear gloves

41. Yachting shoes

Why should a yachtsman wear sailing shoes? They are made of material that either dry quickly, or are entirely waterproof. And the non-slip, grippy soles will keep you safe.

42. Yachting wellies or leather boots with a membrane

For lovers of more extreme weather, purchase boots. They keep your feet dry, are comfortable and prevent slipping. Lately, taller leather boots have been popular on boats, with a membrane and fleece inside.

43. Clothing with a UV filter

A lycra shirt with a UV filter will protect a sailor, young or old, in the water and on the boat. It is comfortable, breathable and repels moisture.

44. A voucher to a sailing shop

Let them take their pick. A voucher is a great option if you are unsure about sizing or worried that the equipment won't be appropriate. 

45. Leisure clothing for yachtsmen

Clothing for yachtsmen has a distinctive style and top-notch workmanship. You certainly can't go wrong with a traditional striped T-shirt or socks. For the modern yachtswoman, a patterned T-shirt, skirt or scarf with boats or anchors.

Gifts to warm up

46. A treat to warm-up when the rum runs out

Layers of warm clothes and a jacket are great, but why not feel even better? We've got a tip for you – carbon heaters, used mainly by hunters. But why not use them when waiting for a fresh breeze? You can also choose from other gadgets that are guaranteed to keep you warm on the boat, even whilst an icy wind whistles through the rigging.

Carbon heater

Carbon heater

47. A thermos

A thermos full of hot tea will keep you warm during a rainy night watch. A durable, lightweight container can also be used in the city or the mountains, in short, wherever weight matters.

Thermos for hot but also cold drinks

Thermos for hot or cold drinks

Yachting food and drinks

48. Self-heating food

Have you heard of food that heats itself on board or in the cockpit? The so-called "self-heating" is a reaction between quicklime and water taking place in a special bag, which can be bought in outdoor shops, for instance.

49. Quality rum

No sailor will be offended by a bottle of premium rum, wine or champagne. Find out what other drinks sailors like in the article What does Poseidon drink?.

50. Wine from their favorite destination

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend have a favourite place in Croatia, that he/she keeps coming back to? Buy him/her a nice bottle of wine from Hvar.

51. Excursions to wineries

There are countless wineries in Croatia that offer visits, tours and tastings. So why not combine sailing with a visit to a wine cellar? Read our article about the most famous wineries in Croatia.

Excursion to a wine cellar

Excursion to a wine cellar

For ecologists

52. Ecological garbage bags

Is your yachtsman passionate about ecology and waste sorting? Is he/she likely to clean the beaches of rubbish? Then offer him/her a set of biodegradable garbage bags.

Bags for sorted waste

Bags for sorted waste

53. Contribution to an environmental organisation protecting the sea

For charitable sailors and volunteers, many organisations offer the possibility to make a donation in their name. Including: Ocean conserving, Oceana, Sea Shepherd or dolphin conservationists such as the Dolphin Project.

A bit of sailing at home – home decoration

54. A large poster of the sea, a lighthouse or a boat

An aesthetically pleasing poster with a nautical theme brings a piece of the sea straight into your home or office. The poster will also delight children, who can decorate their room with original nautical paintings or stickers. Don't forget a nice frame! 

55. A photo canvas

Did you take photos during your time sailing? Have a photo canvas or large-formatted photograph made from your own snapshots.

56. Nautical charts

Frame a nautical map and await their joyful reaction — you can look around on collectors' portals and hunt for an interesting, genuine historical piece.

A historical wall map can be a tasteful addition to any room

A historical wall map can be a tasteful addition to any room

57. A calendar with ships

There are many companies that produce calendars with ships. We have a favourite calendar by Czech photographer Pavel Nesvatba.

58. Custom photo calendar

Treat the giftee to a sailing experience every day of the year with a calendar made from their own sailing pictures. They will be reminded of all their sailing trips.

59. A model of the boat

It sounds like a cliché, but some models are very tasteful and quite suitable as home decor for a lover of the sea.

Model of a sailing ship

Model of a sailing ship

Gifts on the more feminine side

60. Jewellery or a brooch

Charm your yachtswoman with a sophisticated piece of jewellery, an individualistic brooch or a pendant with maritime elements.

Jewellery with maritime theme

Jewellery with an ocean theme

61. Tilt relief

This sounds very strange and is quite an intimate subject. However, female competitive sailors who can't go to the toilet during a race will appreciate a handy funnel for urinating while standing.

62. Sea-themed socks

Printed with anchors, rudders, waves, anything to do with the sea and sailing. It is also a good idea to put a red and green one together to imitate position lights.

For small sailors

63. Baby nets

If your friends have small children, they will appreciate having their own baby nets so that their child is safe even in the inclines and they don't need to rent them for every cruise.

64. Ropes

Older children already need to be trained in sailing skills such as knot tying. So a set of ropes will come in handy can be practiced on at home as well.

65. Knots made fun

If you find classic knot tying too boring, there are board games available to teach your children knot tying in a playful way.

66. Remote control sailboats

This gift will delight little ones as well as older ones. How to entertain a sailor when they can't be at sea? Give him an RC model of a sailing boat. You can purchase a racing model, for big waves, or a nice retro, wooden copy.

67. Boat construction sets

We have seen, for example, a catamaran from the well-known Lego company. When assembled, it makes for a great display in the young one's bedroom. 

Gifts for exploring the subaquatic world

68. A snorkelling ABC set

Snorkelling is a crucial part of any boat holiday. Quality equipment also comes in handy when surveying the hull or coiling a rope. The mask must fit well, so discreetly involve the future owner in the selection process.

Snorkelling ABC set

Snorkelling ABC set

69. Thin neoprene

Thin, neoprene shorts cling like a second skin, keeping you warm and comfortable while snorkeling or paddleboarding.

70. A digital outdoor camera and waterproof case

The colourful subaqueous world is definitely worth hunting — without weapons. If you're just going for the case, make sure to thoroughly check its waterproofness so you don't drown your phone or camera. Use the digital camera to capture other adventures or take 360° photos. Already have a camera? Get accessories! A sufficiently long "selfie stick" will allow you to explore the keel of your boat in dry comfort.

Even a photo taken with an underwater camera can look like this

Even a photo taken with an underwater camera can look like this!

71. An underwater flashlight

For night snorkeling or solving nighttime snags.

72. A scuba diving course

Being able to dive to an anchor, check if it's holding or, if it's stuck, manually cut it off underwater, is a valuable skill for a skipper. The same goes for diving under the boat when something gets tangled on the propeller or keel. So he/she will definitely need the skills from the scuba diving course one day.

73. An undersea Atlas

Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts will be elated by an atlas of the undersea world. You can choose one that focuses on a particular location or on your favourite animals.

Fun gifts A.K.A. ways to liven up a long cruise

74. Paddleboard (SUP)

The paddleboard has become a hit throughout the yachting community. You can have a great time on it on the river or lake near home, and kids can have hours of fun on it.

The paddleboard can be used in several ways

The paddleboard can be used in several ways

75. Wingsurf

New in recent years, it is suitable for the boat because it is foldable and relatively accomodating to weather conditions. We often see wingsurfers racing around the bay between boats.

Wingsurfing is becoming more and more popular

Wingsurfing is becoming more and more popular

76. Rope for water sports

Having this rope on your boat entices one to do some water activities. Whether you follow the boat on a wakeboard, on water skis or on a wooden footbridge.

77. A collapsible bike or scooter

A collapsible bike or scooter doesn't take up much space and is perfect for trips around town or cruising around the marina.

78. A drone

A lightweight drone with a camera will create breathtaking footage of all of your cruises. You can choose an affordable drone for beginners or one with equipment for the discerning professional.

79. A board game

Various games can combat motion sickness or drowsiness. Travel-sized versions of well-known games or popular magnetic versions for playing at a slight tilt or wind are most practical for the boat.

Funny gifts for captains

80. "Captain's" hat

Every layman can think of a captain who wore a cap. Of course, this is no longer the case; on the contrary, you can make fun of your captain friend this way.

This isn't what captains look like anymore, but for the fun of it...

This isn't what captains look like anymore, but for the fun of it...

81. An image with knots

It is not entirely out of place for a sailor to keep knots in sight at all times so as not to forget them in the off-season.

82. A ship's bell

Only big boats have bells, but having one at home and being able to try out the sound signals at any time is handy. Plus, it can be a nice decoration.

Equipment for the experienced sea dog

83. A divider 

A divider is usually part of the standard equipment on a boat, but having your own, in an elegant case, is a sure to gladden. They are also sold in beautiful, decorated wooden boxes.

The single-handed divider is useful for map navigation

The single-handed divider is useful for map navigation

84. A sextant

The experienced adventurer and expeditionist will appreciate a sextant for navigation on the open sea. But be aware, obtaining a professional, high-grade sextant is not a cheap affair.

Astronavigation is a beautiful, complex discipline

Astronavigation is a beautiful, complex discipline

85. Binoculars or night vision binoculars

For use on a cruise, a telescope with a maximum magnification of ten times and a larger lens diameter is recommended. For advanced sailors, buy marine binoculars, they are waterproof and have fog protection. Night vision binoculars take the voyaging experience a nautical mile further.

86. Sailing instruments (anemometer, wind gauge, barometer,...)

The advanced sailor's equipment includes a variety of instruments. You can choose an anemometer, wind meter, barometer or inclinometer.

87. A life jacket

These life-saving devices are also a part of regular sailing equipment, but they are not enough for a sports sailor. The most modern life jackets are the self-inflating ones, which do not obstruct the wearer and inflate only when dropped into water.

88. A harness

For those who seek out more challenging sailing or go to regattas, we recommend securing their own personal harness. On charter boats, harnesses are available or can be requested from the charter company, but having your own is best.

89. A safety line

Again, more needed by sailors who find themselves more challenging conditions. A safety line is useful when you need to go to the bow at night, or the ship is tilted .

90. A personal EPIRB or PLB buoy

If your sailor also goes offshore, this is a gadget that could save his or her life.

Personal location device

Personal location device

91. High-quality tools

Those who sail frequently will appreciate quality tools. Rope, pliers, a sail repair kit, paint and scratch repair kit, knife, waterproof tape, duct tape, electrician's tape...

TIP: How about a nice and practical bag or organiser — filled with your own contents? For example, spare shekels, carabiners, pulleys, various ropes, and silver tape. All of which will come in handy.

92. A first aid kit

The ship's medic will welcome a proper first aid kit, ideally made of durable material with a distinctive colour so that it is easy to find, even under duress. It should also be spacious, with compartments and efficient internal organisation. You can go with an empty one or fill it with essentials.

To please boat owners

93. A fender

"Fenders like to get lost", as any boat owner will tell you. That's why a spare fender is not a bad idea at all. And we guarantee that this present won't already be sitting under the tree.

94. Rope

Spare ropes, lines and knots are almost always needed on a boat, and they're not always cheap. That's why every owner will find sailing ropes useful.

95. A portable boat grill

Don't have a grill built right into the boat? There's nothing easier than buying a portable one. We recommend, for example, the Lotus grill, which can also be hung up, so that you can grill at an incline.

96. A drink holder

For the connoisseur who wants to keep their can, bottle or glass close at hand.

97. A flag or set of signal flags

Is the flag on their boat tattered and torn from the wind? To make sure he/she disgrace the national symbol, buy him/her a new one. Likewise, a set of nautical alphabet signal flags or day flags make a good gift for someone who is buying a new boat and doesn't have such equipment yet.

98. A comfortable bocmano bridge

Those who have had to go to the mast to repair something will surely tell us that a comfortable Bocman gangway is priceless. In the ordinary one made only of straps, the sailor is cramped, and repairs are slower up there...

TIP Choose a gangway that has tool pockets on the sides. It is very practical for the repairer. 

The Bocman bridge, with tool pockets on the sides, is ideal

The Bocman bridge, with tool pockets on the sides, is ideal

99. Company

That sounds a little weird. Of course, we don't mean buying them company. But if you have a partner, spouse, friend... who sails, they'll be happy if you join them. Because shared experiences are the best.

Can you think of any other original gifts for sailors? Share your ideas with us.

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