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North Sea or Mediterranean

With the Dutch company Starsails Yachtcharter you can sail on the domestic IJssel Sea (IJsselmeer) or the largest Dutch lake with an area of 1 100 square kilometres, but also in the North Sea on the islands of Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling or Ameland. And if you dare, all the way to the shores of London. The counterpoint to this are the sunny cruises on the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

Where can you sail from?

The Starsails Yachtcharter base is located in the Frisian port of Lemmer, which is an ideal base for trips to the IJssel Sea or the North Sea islands of Texel, Terschelling and Vlieland. It's easy to get here by motorway, or you can fly to Amsterdam. There is also a small and well-maintained fleet of boats in Mallorca's capital, Maria Naviera Balear, close to the old town. It's easy to get here by taxi from the airport and definitely add a day in your itinerary for this beautiful city.

A fleet of sailing boats

Starsails Yachtcharter has taken a liking to the Bavaria brand of sailing yachts. Specifically the Bavaria Cruiser model. As a result, their fleet includes a range of these three-cabin to four-cabin boats in lengths from 32–⁠51 feet. So everyone can find their ideal size.


Since quality and all-round service has long been a top priority for the company, you will always be in good hands.


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Personal service

Whether it's help with routing, anchoring or tips on local places or restaurants, Starsails staff are always willing to help. On request, this charter company can also arrange a one-way itinerary on the IJssel Sea and will even take care of transporting your car to your destination.


The Balearic Islands are islands that will enchant everyone. That's why they have earned a place on our list of the 7 best places for a romantic boat holiday. The three main islands each have a different specific reputation and atmosphere –⁠ Ibiza is usually the destination for party-goers, Mallorca for history buffs and Menorca for nature lovers. But one thing they have in common is beautiful sandy beaches with clear water, hidden in the lee of tiny bays. And the sea here is friendly even to novice crews and families with children. Get to know this perfect sailing destination better in our Balearic Islands article: Discover Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza from the deck of a boat and be inspired by one of our three recommended cruises.

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