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45 tips for the perfect Christmas gift for sailors

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a keen yachtsman? Or are you writing to Santa for a gift of your own? We have plenty of inspiring Christmas gift ideas to please every sailor.
Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a keen yachtsman? Or are you writing to Santa for a gift of your own? We have plenty of inspiring Christmas gift ideas to please every sailor.
Picking a unique, well-chosen present that will really make an impact under the Christmas tree is always difficult, but it can be even more so for yachtsmen.So we put our heads together with other sailors and together we’ve created the ultimate list of 45 tips for Christmas gifts.
We covered all areas of the yachting world and our list includes gifts both large and small. We have something for everyone, from novice yachtsmen to seasoned sea dogs. So ditch the pre-Christmas stress and choose your gifts at leisure.

Our top picks, guaranteed to please every yachtsman

  1. Solar panel and charger

Electricity and charging can be a problem on a boat, maybe because we are taking more and more electronics on board. Solar-powered solar panels are a fantastic solution. Choose a durable and ideally waterproof panel to use when sailing.

2. Solar power bank

A cheaper pocket-sized version of a solar panel is a solar power bank, which can be used to charge mobiles, tablets or cameras. Just charge it in the sun and use the stored energy for charging your electronics.  It displays battery status and can be also be charged via AC socket, so it can be used all year round.
Solar power bank Solar power bank

3. Mobile applications for yachtsmen

A mobile app with advanced functions is guaranteed to elicit smiles around the Christmas tree. We recommend Navionics nautical charts, which even the most well-equipped GPS plotter will happily stick in their pocket.

4. Gift voucher for a course, lecture, or cruise

Not sure what to get and worried you’ll make the wrong choice? A gift voucher from is an ideal solution. We can make it out for any amount and the recipient can use it for whatever they choose.
Voucher from yachting°com

5. Sailing knife

A real man always carries a knife, but with sailors this is doubly true. You can choose a sturdy knife specifically designed for yachting, or a Swiss Army knife-type tool. This has the advantage of containing general tools which can be used off the boat as well -  pliers, cross-head and slotted screwdrivers, knife, wire stripper, bottle opener, toothpick, tweezers, punch, wire cutter and, of course, a corkscrew.

6. Handpresso portable coffee machine for delicious espresso

Coffee lovers yearn for a good cup of proper espresso when sailing. Why not get them one of the popular handpresso machines under the Christmas tree? They can heat the water on the stove and their strong Popeye the sailor man muscles will take care of the pumping up to 15 bars.
Handpresso portable coffee Handpresso portable coffee

7. Photo canvas prints

Do you take photos while sailing? Then get a canvas print or large format print made from your own photos.

8. Multifunctional yachting watch

Yachting watches are generally designed as multisport watches, so the person you’re buying for can also use it when running or cycling, for example. The watch can be paired with marine plotters or an autopilot, has a built-in ‘Man overboard’ function, or even an anchor watch alarm. They can also be paired with mobile phones, which provides tidal data for the current geographical position and a host of other information.

9. Sunglasses

The sun is really strong at sea, so high-quality sunglasses will make a great gift.  Maybe consider some made from recycled plastic.

10. Headlamp

It’ll shine and keep your hands free on board and on land. Sailors appreciate being able to rely on a high-quality light when things go wrong on the boat and during nighttime trips.
Headlamp Headlamp

Books and nautical maps 

11. Books about yachting and yachtsmen

There are so many books about yachting and yachtsmen. You can choose educational books, on meteorology for example, or one with tips on how to be a better sailor. Yachtsmen can be inspired by novels or real reports from expeditions and voyages around the world. For little sailors choose a children’s book on the subject.

12. Nautical maps, pilots and guides

You can’t go wrong with a nautical map or pilot with detailed information on a favourite destination.

13. Prepaid subscription to a yachting magazine

When a yachtsman can’t be at sea, he can look forward to monthly news from the world of yachting, yachting skills and boat tests, photographs and reports.  

Good clothing is essential for a yachtsman

14. Functional underwear

Clothing made from merino wool is a great choice. It’s natural, functional and antibacterial. It helps regulate body temperature and keeps you warm even when wet. It wicks away moisture and even though it’s wool, it’s really soft and light. You can choose light underwear for summer or thicker, warmer outer layers.

15. Scarf and hat for the boat

Every sea dog values a good-quality and original hat or scarf for protecting them from the wind and cold weather. You can choose a stylish and practical cap for the summer and a thermal, waterproof hat will keep a yachtsman warm in the winter.

16. Windbreaker

A windbreaker is the perfect partner in bad weather. They are breathable, very tough, windproof and waterproof. Even the waterproof zip, stitching, high collar and adjustable tight cuffs will keep out the elements.
Yacht jacket Yacht jacket

17. Yachting gloves

Unprotected hands will take a real battering when working with ropes every day. Whether you end up choosing gloves for everyday use or gloves for cold or extreme conditions, always choose ones made from quality material which fit well and have reinforced grip patches. The shape and flexibility they afford is also important.

18. Yachting shoes

Why does a yachtsman need shoes for yachting? They’re made from material which dries quickly or is waterproof. And the sticky, non-slip, non-marking sole ensures you get around the boat safely.

19. Yachting boots

For fans of more extreme weather, choose yachting boots. They keep feet dry, comfortable and don’t slip.
Yachting boots Yachting boots

20. Clothing with UV filters

A Lycra T-shirt with UV filters will protect sailors both big and small on board and in the water. They feel pleasant and breathable and repel moisture.

21. Voucher for a sailing clothing store

A voucher is a great choice if you’re not sure of the size or are worried it won’t suit.

Take a bit of yachting home with you

22. Large poster of the sea, lighthouse or boat

A stylish poster with a nautical theme brings a piece of the sea right to your home or office. Don’t forget to get a nice frame. Even kids will like the poster, or you can decorate their entire bedroom with original nautical paintings or stickers.
A picture about a yachting theme A picture about a yachting theme

23. Nautical wall maps

Leave a framed nautical wall map under the Christmas tree and then sit back and bask in the joy it brings. You can check out collectors’ websites and bag an interesting and original historical piece.

24. Personalised photo calendar

Treat your nearest and dearest to a sailing trip every day of the year with a calendar made with their own sailing photos.

25. Good-quality rum or wine

No sailor will say no to quality rum, wine or champagne.

26. Jewellery

Make a yachtsman happy with some stylish jewellery, an original brooch or pendant with nautical features.

27. Leisure wear for yachtsmen

Yachting apparel has an original style and is well made. A Breton striped T-shirt will always go down well.

Having fun on the boat

28. ABC snorkel set

Snorkelling is an essential part of every sailing holiday. Good-quality equipment will come in useful when checking the hull or tying up ropes. The mask must fit well, so it’s probably a good idea to subtly get the future owner involved when choosing.
ABC snorkel set ABC snorkel set

29. Ultra-thin neoprene

Ultra-thin neoprene shorts cling like a second skin. They maintain body temperature and comfort while snorkelling or paddleboarding.

30. Outdoor digital camera and waterproof case

The colourful world under the waves is definitely worth capturing on film. If you opt for the case alone, you must really ensure it’s completely waterproof so you don’t flood your phone or camera. You’ll be able to capture plenty of other adventures with your digital camera, or even take 360° photos.

31. Dive torch

For night snorkelling or sorting out any issues that might crop up at night.

32. Paddleboard (SUP)

Paddleboards have become a real hit on every yacht. You’ll have lots of fun with it even at home on a lake or river and it keeps kids occupied for hours.

33. Folding bike or scooter

A folding bike or scooter doesn’t take up much room on board and is ideal for trips around town or getting around the marina.

34. Drone

A lightweight drone with a camera will take breathtaking shots on every cruise. You can choose an affordable drone for beginners or one with all the bells and whistles for more demanding professionals.
Drone Drone

35. Games

Games are good at combatting sea sickness and low spirits. Pocket editions of well-known games and the popular magnetic versions are best suited to sailing.

On-board comfort

36. Multifunctional towel

It meets all the demands of an ambitious yachtsman. It’s small, stowable and dries quickly. It can be used as a shawl, improvised blanket or attractive sarong.

37. Boat accessories

You can choose from a wide range of yachting accessories. You can gift coffee lovers a mug designed to be used on a boat, smokers will appreciate an ashtray and a drink holder will probably have everyone else covered.

38. Waterproof and water-resistant cases & bags

Wet and damp is everywhere on a boat and you can never have enough waterproof bags.

39. Mobile phone holder

A mobile phone is an indispensable companion on a yacht and a holder keeps it in one place to stop it getting lost.

40. Small pillow for sleeping

A small pillow guarantees a good sleep, even when sailing. You can choose a special ergonomically-designed pillow, which supports the spine.

Equipment for salty dogs

41. Dividers or sextant

Dividers are a standard piece of yachting equipment, but your own high-quality pair in a stylish case are sure to delight. An experienced adventurer and expeditionary yachtsman will appreciate a sextant for navigating the open seas.

42. Binoculars or night vision binoculars

Binoculars with a maximum 10x magnification and larger lens are recommended for sailing. For advanced yachtsmen choose marine binoculars, which are waterproof and fog proof. Night vision binoculars push the boundaries of the whole sailing experience nautical miles ahead.
Binoculars for yachtsmen Binoculars for yachtsmen

43. Yachting instruments

An advanced yachtsman’s equipment should include various instruments. You can choose an anemometer, wind meter, barometer, compass or even an inclinometer.

44. Life vest and harness

These life-saving bits of kit are also part of the onboard equipment, but they’re not enough for the sporting yachtsman. The latest life jackets are auto-inflatable, so they don’t get in the way and only inflate when you fall in the water. These vests can come with a good-quality harness, or you can get one separately.

45. Velocitek - SpeedPuck

The small, yet smart, SpeedPuck combines a GPS speedometer, GPS compass and automatic shift tracking. It’s a firm favourite with racers. There’s even a paddleboard version.

A few tips on how to choose the best present

Finally, we have a few more tips on how to choose the best present this Christmas.
  • Leave yourself enough time to prepare your Christmas surprise. If you leave it until the last minute, you may panic and choose the wrong gift.
  • Did the person you’re buying for mention if they need something for the boat?
  • Think about how practical your chosen gift is, so it doesn’t get used just once a year. Choose more versatile gifts that can be used all year round.  
  • Even a small present brings joy if it comes from the heart.