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Skipper course that will change your life

It is super on the boat. Have you already experienced it or heard of it? It is way better to steer the boat by yourself.
It is super on the boat. Have you already experienced it or heard of it? It is way better to steer the boat by yourself.

There's nothing easier than fulfilling this dream. Become a skipper and steer your next vacation how you like.

If you don`t have any experience yet, it doesn`t matter. It is still better to learn everything from the beginning and from professionals who have experienced so much at sea that they are able to answer all your questions. A Czech skipper course for beginners is nicely divided into theory, exam, and, what you will probably enjoy most, practice. It`s great that you can do all of the skipper license now in autumn. No separation, nicely connected one by one so you will not forget anything. We are starting.
  • Theory – for three days you will be studying all the stuff that you will need in practice. It`s not boring though. Our instructors are experienced sea wolves and, in addition, we perform all the demonstrations on a small model of a sailboat and anchor. The learning scripts are clear and prepared for any notes that you can make. Don`t be surprised, we have been teaching for a long time and we know what you need. We can guarantee you that you will start thinking about yachting completely differently.
  • Practice – this fun part is already at sea. You will be repeating certain maneuvers to experience 100% of them and be able to steer the boat alone. If you have no experience we highly recommend a course for maximum 6 participants where we will have more time for you and we can devote more time to you individually. Those, who have already touched the steering wheel, can choose a crew of 8 people. Courses are financially different, depending on the number of participants.
  • Exam – The last part of our trilogy is the most important thing to let you sail: your skipper license. It is based on theory and consists of knowledge of navigation, meteorology, health science, English, naval science and navigation at sea. If you attend the theory part with us, you have already won and don`t have to worry about not passing the exam. We discuss all of the issues in detail here.
One more piece of information. You can do a Czech or Croatian license. Consider which one is better for you because there is a big difference between them.
Czech skipper license – it`s the one we are offering you right now. It is definitely better than the Croatian because it is valid internationally. It is divided into three categories with C being the basic one, the one you will begin with.
Croatian skipper license – it is quicker to pass (everything is done in Croatia), but it is important to remember that you cannot sail anywhere else than in Croatia with this license.