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Italy, autumn yachting paradise

Autumn sailing in Italy is a guarantee for great yachting experiences
Autumn sailing in Italy is a guarantee for great yachting experiences

Summer is over but the yachting season is still in full swing. So go to yachting paradise. Go to Italy!

The first half of September is usually windier in Italy and from mid-September to mid-October it is the true yachting Indian summer. The wind blows just a little, the sea is still warm enough to swim and the sun still steadily warms. You will be also able to anchor in semi-empty harbors where it will be pleasant finding that prices in marinas are almost half than those in summer and prices in restaurants on the coast are at a reasonable level again, from the second half of September.


The Tuscan islands smell beautiful and when you sail from the open sea you will be amazed by the cacophony of scents as you approach the coastline.
  Tuscany Tuscany


Sardinia, with the archipelago of Maddalena, is unbeatably romantic at this time of year when there are not hundreds and hundreds of boats. 
Sardinia La Maddalena Sardinia La Maddalena


Enjoy the wilderness of The Aeolian islands and Sicily with a long hike to the peak of the active Stromboli volcano, to the slightly smoking Vulkano or to the true mountain trail on the island of Salina. Climate conditions are already considerably more pleasant than in summer, so this trip will be a great diversion.
Sicily Sicily


The Pontic islands between Rome and Naples are no longer crowded with tourists and you will be anchoring in the coves completely alone. The Amalfi and Cilento coasts will offer you beautiful old port towns, ancient and Roman monuments (Herkulaneum, Peastum or Pompeii), beautiful nature and culinary delights. 
Naples Naples
Each area of Italy offers its own special dishes and drinks, and it is up to you, whether you will try them all or make your own explosive cocktail. You'll soon find out that Italy will be one of your best yachting experiences. Now the only thing to do is to choose the right boat for you.