What are the top yachting regions in Italy?

What are the top yachting regions in Italy?

Our guide to the best sailing regions near the Apennine Peninsula for breathtaking holidays at sea suitable for both beginners and advanced sailors.

Italy is a treasure of the Mediterranean, with a beautiful coastline, world-famous cuisine and rich and interesting history. But where should you head? We'll introduce you to Italy's most popular sailing regions and islands where you can enjoy a wonderful boating vacation. There's something on offer to both beginners and experienced sailors in Italy.

Itálie je teď bezpečná a pro jachtaře úžasně příjemnáSailing in Italy is safe and enjoyable

Where can you enjoy the best yachting holidays in Italy?

Italy is currently one of the most interesting sailing locations. We've prepared sailing itineraries for you in the most beautiful destinations, full of interesting places, deserted bays and ancient monuments. Check out our suggestions for a wonderful sailing holiday.

1. Sailing in Tuscany and the Ligurian Islands

Tuscany is quite possibly the most idyllic sailing region ever, and its centrepiece is definitely the island of Elba. Here, you'll anchor in beautiful bays, swim off pure white sandy beaches and in the evenings, you can retreat to a picturesque ancient harbour, such as the medieval town of Portoferraio. Take a look at our article on the 10 best places to visit in Tuscany, where you'll not only find the top spots, but also where and when to sail.

Tips on sailing around Elba

The alluring evergreen island of Elba, surrounded by a turquoise sea, offers sailing itineraries for families and serious sailors alike. From here, you can even sail all the way to Corsica and really get some nautical miles under your belt.

Vrak nákladní lodi Elviscot s hejny ryb je snadno přístupný i pro šnorchlováníElviscot freighter wreck, surrounded by schools of fish, is easily accessible for snorkelling

The amazing and little-known island of Capraia

If you prefer to sail away from the yachting crowds, you'll love our tips on this wonderful amazing yet lesser-known spot that is all the more beautiful for us sailors.

Maličký ostrov Capraia je půvabným zpestřením delší plavbyThe tiny island of Capraia is a charming diversion on a longer cruise

YACHTING.COM TIP: When to sail in Italy? The ideal time to visit the Tuscan Islands is spring (specifically May or June), when everything is in bloom, or September because in August, the whole of Italy is flooded with locals enjoying their holidays. The sailing conditions are perfect in September — the weather is calm with little wind, the sea is still wonderfully warm, there are few tourists and the marinas and restaurants are already at off-season prices.

2. Set course for Sardinia

Tired of Croatia and looking for a new challenge? Then Sardinia is a perfect choice. The second largest island in the Mediterranean offers great sailing for beginners and very experienced sailors. Take a look at our two recommended sailing routes.

Sailing route in southern Sardinia: a taste of the Caribbean

The southern coast of Sardinia will enchant any sailor. It is more rugged and green than the northern part and offers a large number of beautiful sandy beaches that pulsate with a Caribbean atmosphere. The region is also less crowded in high season.

As for the wind, the northwesterly Mistral prevails here, but southwesterlies are also common, reaching 5–6 Bf in the Gulf of Cagliari and Sant' Antioco. There are also frequent storms, but these usually do not last more than 2 or 3 hours.

Čarokrásná Sardinie s atmosférou KaribikuBeautiful Sardinia with a Caribbean atmosphere

Northern Sardinia will seduce you with its stunning beaches, mysterious islands, ancient fortresses and navigational adventures. The northern border is formed by the beautiful 7-mile wide Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica, which is also worth a visit.

Sailing in northern Sardinia for experienced sailors

Along the northern coast of Sardinia, you will discover a vast number of interesting islands, surrounded by a multitude of rocks and reefs, which will especially please adventurers and those who enjoy nautical navigation. However, plenty of caution is needed here as the shallows are often unmarked.

Also, be aware that it can get very windy. Even in the summer, the winds can reach 5-6 Bf, bearing down on you from the NW/W. Around the La Maddalena archipelago, the winds are often from SW and SE, while off Isola Asinara, strong northerly and easterly winds often result in no wind at all. In spring, the prevailing winds are NW and NE and can become very powerful. In autumn, the prevailing direction is NW and SE, the latter of which can very quickly turn to a northwesterly gale.

Žulové kameny na ostrově LavezziGranite stones on the island of Lavezzi

3. Gulf of Naples, Pontine Islands, Amalfi and Capri in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Introducing another beautiful and lesser-known location to visit when sailing in Italy. The Gulf of Naples, which is only 30 km long and runs some 15 km into the mainland, can be enjoyed even by beginner sailors. The islands here are only a few miles offshore, and the distances between them aren't too great either.

But even seasoned seafarers will find something for them here as the culture, sights and countryside are truly enchanting. Find out exactly where to go and which islands to visit in our article — Explore the Bay of Naples with all your senses.

While the mainland offers wonderful resorts and monuments from the days of ancient Rome, the Renaissance and the opulent years of Campania, the islands will seduce you with their relaxed atmosphere, vibrant houses and distinctive culture. But the truth is, you don't have to choose —sail around both in a week. And you may still have time to enjoy the attractions of the neighbouring Gulf of Salerno.

Why cruising the Amalfi Coast is a must too?

If you're planning to sail in the Gulf of Naples, don't miss the town of Amalfi in the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula, its beauty and surrounding unspoilt nature will literally take your breath away. In fact, this small town set in the steep cliffs is often described as one of the most beautiful in the world and is also on the UNESCO list. Everything you need to know about Amalfi and its surroundings can be found in our article — Sailing in Italy: discover the fragrant and magical town of Amalfi.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Italy is a sailor's paradise. So, where should you head, what sights should you see, where can you anchor and what delicacies are there to sample? Find out in our Top 15 most beautiful places to sail in Italy.

Amalfi je povětné skvělými citronyAmalfi is renowned for its lemons

4. Yachting around the Aeolian (Lipari) Islands and Sicily

Take up the challenge of the Roman god of winds, Aeolus, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of sailing around the Aeolian Islands, just a short hop from Sicily at the very south of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Consisting of seven larger volcanic islands and a number of smaller rocks, the mix of active volcanoes, mountain hikes, natural thermal baths, and hospitable and friendly people makes the Aeolian Islands one of the most beautiful and magical places in the Mediterranean. But be aware that sailing in this region is more suitable for experienced sailors. Check out where to sail and what to discover in our article on the Aeolian Islands and Sicily.

Jachting mezi činnými vulkány patří mezi ty nejzajímavější (ostrov Vulcano)Sailing among active volcanoes is one of the highlights (Vulcano Island)

So, are you tempted? Italy is a beautiful destination with something for everyone — both demanding competitive sailors and family vacationers. In short, if you choose Italy, you won't regret it. Take a look at our range of boats:

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