Experience the magic of autumn sailing: highlights of 2023

Experience the magic of autumn sailing: highlights of 2023

Autumn in the sailing world is synonymous with thrilling regattas, bustling fairs, and spectacular shows.

Sailing or yachting in general, is a sport that draws people from all walks of life. It's not just for professional sailors; even hobbyists have a spot in the yachting community and plenty of reasons to get involved in yachting events. Whether or not you're a seasoned sailor, participating in these events offers a wealth of experiences, insights, and lasting memories. So, why get involved in yachting events, and which ones should you head to this autumn?  

The importance of sailing events

When we talk about sailing events, we're referring to a wide array of activities. This includes not only races and regattas for seasoned sailors, but also skill-building opportunities for those new to the craft. No less interesting are the trade fairs where boat manufacturers showcase the latest designs and cutting-edge gear. The same goes for fashion shows, featuring innovative fabrics that will protect you from sun, water, salt and rain. But yachting is so much more than the physical. At regattas, fairs and other events are your ticket to a vibrant community, offering an inviting atmosphere and the chance to build valuable relationships with others who share your enthusiasm for the sea.

Community and friendship

Sailing is all about community. By attending yachting events, you get to interact with people who share your passion for boats and the sea. This is where you can make new friendships, share experiences and pass on tips and tricks. These events are also a great opportunity to meet people from all corners of the world.

Challenge and improve skills

Participating in races and regattas provides amateur sailors with a great opportunity to improve their skills. Races challenge sailing skills, from trim and steering to navigation and tactics.  This allows you to continuously improve your sailing skills.

Sailing races

Racing yachting

Thrills and adventure

Nothing can match the feeling of racing, with the wind in your sails and the thrill of competition at your fingertips. For the budding sailor, these races are a blend of adrenaline and exhilaration, offering an incomparable adventure.

The beauty of nature

Yachting allows you to explore spectacular places and natural beauty from a different perspective. Sailors have the opportunity to discover secluded beaches, stunning bays and picturesque seaside towns. It's a gateway to nature's majesty, especially during the golden hues of autumn. So why not set sail in the fall and witness nature's splendour? Check out our 5 top reasons to set sail in autumn.

Personal growth

Sailing requires independence, determination and problem-solving skills. By participating in sailing events, you can develop your skills in boat navigation, teamwork and crisis management. These experiences can positively impact your personal growth. And when attending fairs, exhibitions and shows, you'll learn about the latest trends in the world of yachting.

All in all, whether you're an expert or just starting out, there are plenty of reasons to join these events. Regardless of your level of experience, sailing is more than a sport; it's about adventure, learning, and friendship. No matter whether you love the sea or prefer events on land, the sailing world will welcome you.

Sailing Events 2023: Major races, regattas and trade fairs towards the end of the year

Across Europe and globally, the autumn calendar is bustling with thrilling sailing events. From races and regattas to trade fairs, there's something for every enthusiast. Here's a round-up of some of the major events you shouldn't miss.

1. Rolex Middle Sea Race (21st-28th October 2023)

Hosted annually in Malta, the Rolex Middle Sea Race is a distinguished event with a rich heritage, inaugurated in 1968. Recognised for its challenging yet scenic route, the race encircles the captivating island of Sicily.

Beginning and concluding in Malta, competitors navigate around Sicily, contending with gusty winds, unpredictable seas, and intricate navigational sections. A unique feature is its inclusivity, welcoming various boat types – from classic yachts to sleek catamarans, ensuring diversity and spirited competition. This race isn't just a Maltese gem but holds global acclaim, drawing crews worldwide and offering sailors the chance to compete against some of the best sailors in the world.

Beyond the competitive spirit, it's the accolades that are a major draw. The champions are awarded the coveted Rolex Middle Sea Race Trophy, coupled with a special recognition from the Rolex brand. Winning isn't just about the trophy; it's a testament to a sailor's skill and prowess. As they race, participants are treated to mesmerising views – from Sicily's active volcanoes and historic gems to its pristine coastlines.

Yachting in Malta

Port Juliana, Malta

2. Biograd Boat Show (25th-29th October 2023)

Recognised as a cornerstone event in the marine calendar of Croatia and Central Europe, the Biograd Boat Show is hosted in the picturesque Adriatic coastal town of Biograd na Moru, usually greeting attendees in the transition from September to October.

The Biograd Boat Show is aimed at showcasing a variety of marine vessels – from elegant yachts, agile boats, spacious catamarans to nifty dinghies. Both new and used vessels are available at the show, from a variety of manufacturers and brands. This event is popular among professional yachters as well as people interested in marine sports and recreational boating.

Biograd Boat Show is not only about the exhibition of vessels. It also provides a venue for the presentation of marine technology, accessories, equipment, and essential yachting services. Those keen on staying abreast of the latest marine trends, or simply weighing options for their next boat purchase, can engage with industry experts, discover new advancements, and compare various boat models and gear.

But it's not all business; the event thrives on its communal spirit. Attendees can mingle, share tales of maritime adventures, and even forge new friendships. The allure of the Croatian coast and the Biograd Boat Show draws not just professional sailors but ocean enthusiasts from across the globe, offering a splendid panorama of the yachting world and marine industry.

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3. Autumn yacht races on the Adriatic

The Adriatic, with its picturesque coastline, consistent winds, and mild weather, becomes a hub for yacht racing during the autumn months. Here's a glimpse of some notable yacht races in the Adriatic during this season, catering to both seasoned and budding racers.

Jabuka Regatta: Typically scheduled in September or October in Croatia, this prestiguous night race circles the island of Jabuka, a secluded gem in the central Adriatic. It's celebrated for its demanding conditions and long sailing length.

Kornati Cup: Often touted as one of the Adriatic's most scenic races, the Kornati Cup usually occurs in September or October. Sailors navigate around the enchanting Kornati Islands, encountering challenging navigation sections and awe-inspiring panoramas.

Vis Regatta. This race is celebrated for its laid-back vibe and camaraderie among participants.

Barcolana: Hosted in the Slovenian port city of Trieste in October, adjacent to Croatia's coast, Barcolana is renowned as one of the world's most attended regattas, drawing in multitudes of sailors from diverse nations.

Zadar Cup: Taking place in Zadar, Croatia, typically in September, this race circles the island of Ugljan and its nearby waters, affording racers captivating views of the Croatian backdrop.

These Adriatic yacht races in autumn offer unique experiences and opportunities for sailors and sea lovers. With its captivating landscapes, agreeable climate, and optimal sailing conditions, the Adriatic stands as a prime destination for autumn sailing events. And of course there is no shortage of gourmet experiences in the marinas.


Sea specialties

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Yacht fairs in Autumn

Come autumn, several major yacht fairs are held around the world. These events provide an opportunity to showcase the latest yacht designs, marine tools, innovative technologies, and yachting services.

Salon Nautique de Cannes (Cannes Yachting Festival) - France. This is one of the premier yachting events in Europe, spotlighting the latest yachts and luxury vessels.

Genoa International Boat Show - Italy. Taking place in early October, this fair stands out for its eclectic mix of boats and cutting-edge marine technologies.

Barcelona International Boat Show - Spain. A stage for diverse boat designs and top-tier marine equipment.

METSTRADE Show - Amsterdam, Netherlands. The METSTRADE Show is the ideal venue for marine equipment manufacturers and industry professionals.

The METSTRADE Show is a gathering point for yacht enthusiasts, industry insiders, and those passionate about marine recreational activities. It's a chance to discover the latest marine trends, products, and to connect with experts and the broader yachting community from around the world.

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Yachting events around the world

While many recreational sailors are drawn to popular destinations like Croatia, the Adriatic, and the wider Mediterranean, there's plenty of interesting yachting events happening across the globe.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (26th - 31st December 2023)

Annually, on the day after Christmas, sailors converge in Sydney for the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. This demanding journey to Tasmania's Hobart is a magnet for those with an adventurous spirit in the sailing community.

America's Cup World Series (November - December 2023)

The America's Cup, a highly prestigious regatta that takes place every four years, heralds its upcoming edition with a series of World Series races to get teams ready for the final battle. It is a race in which the sailors must test not only their physical abilities, but above all their tactics.

Transat Jacques Vabre (from 5th November 2023)

Embarking on a vast journey across the Atlantic, this race links the French port city of Le Havre to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. Navigating over 4,350 nautical miles, the Transat Jacques Vabre is a dual-sailor challenge known for its demanding oceanic conditions and draws a diverse international roster of participants.

As 2023 winds down, the sport of yachting is still full of passion, competition and adventure, and events continue to attract professionals, amateurs, and fans worldwide. So, which boat will you charter for your autumn sail?

We're here to help you choose the perfect boat.

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