Top 10 reasons to sail in Turkey

Top 10 reasons to sail in Turkey

What's the appeal of yachting in Turkey? And why should you consider a sailing holiday around the Aegean and Mediterranean?

Have you already sailed the Greek side of the Aegean Sea or the coastal waters of Croatia and looking for new experiences and challenges? Try Turkey! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the yachting here — modern infrastructure, good weather conditions almost all year round and countless beautiful destinations. We've rounded up the top reasons to try sailing in Turkey.

1. Turkey is a yachting capital

Sailing is commonplace for people around the Aegean coast. Bodrum and Marmaris are among the largest yachting ports in the Mediterranean and many international races are held here. The main yachting centres are Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, Finike and Keme.

View of the yacht bay at Bodrum with mountains in the background, Turkey, Aegean Sea.

The town of Bodrum, on the Bodrum Peninsula, lies on the southwest coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea

2. Longer sailing season 

While in Croatia and Greece we have to say farewell to the sailing season in autumn, in Turkey the season extends until the end of the year and the weather conditions are much more stable.

3. Warm sea for swimming

The waters on the Turkish Riviera are warmer than the sea in Greece or Croatia. In the summer, you'll be bathing in temperatures of up to 29 °C, whereas in October it's still a pleasant 25 °C. Plus, the water is above 20 °C even in November.

A view from above of young friends jumping off a sailboat.

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4. Good yachting infrastructure

Excellent modern marinas (the high-end ones have a swimming pool, spa, gym or their own helipad in addition to the standard services). The D-Marine Turgutreis marina in Bodrum is considered the best in the country.

Turgutreis, Bodrum D-Marin marina and yachts and sailing boats.

D-Marin Turgutreis Marina in Bodrum

5. Wide selection of boats

Find sailboats, catamarans, motor boats as well as owner-operated boats for rent. A local speciality are the gulets — boats resembling old merchant or pirate ships. Sailing them is a fantastic experience.

6. Favourable conditions for beginner sailors

In the most popular stretch between Bodrum and Antalya, there are short distances between the marinas and plenty of quiet bays for swimming. Plus, there are no strong winds, sudden temperature changes or treacherous sea currents.

7. Unspoilt locations

You'll often come across deserted bays and beaches where you'll have complete peace and privacy. Many of these spots are also only accessible from the water, so you won't encounter the usual tourists.

8. Monuments in all styles

If you love history, architecture and art, or just enjoy exploring old buildings, Turkey is heaven on earth. Thanks to its location on the border between Europe and Asia, this country offers a mix of Eastern and Western elements. Monuments here date back to the Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman empires.

A traditional Middle Eastern dinner. Olives, salad, skewered meat, hummus.

A traditional Middle Eastern dinner

9. Excellent Turkish cuisine

Thanks to the mix of nomadic Turkish tribes, the cuisine is a blend of Indian, Persian, Arabic and Balkan. The latter has influenced much of it — for example, tzatziki, cevapcici and kebabs are all originally from Turkey. One benefit for sailors is that many of the coastal restaurants have their own piers, which are free for guests.

10. Hospitable people

The Turkish people are kind, helpful and friendly. You'll encounter genuine people here, rarely out for profiteering.

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