Why go on a boat in winter?

Why go on a boat in winter?

Replace short chilly days by discovering white beaches, crystal clear sea, and breathtaking nature from the deck of a sailing yacht or catamaran. Go to exotic destinations for unforgettable experiences.

Do you like the heat? Do you love sandy beaches and amazing, natural scenery? Make your summer in the winter. Go to the exotic. Go on the sea to the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia or even the Pacific Ocean. Does it sound tempting, but you still haven`t decided? So here are 5 major reasons you are already looking for.

1. A large selection of destinations

The Caribbean Sea? Not a problem. Seychelles? Do not hesitate. And what about discovering the beauty of Thailand, Malaysia or the Pacific islands? The only thing that can slow down your imagination is the budget you decide to invest. Sailing is passion and passion has no limits.

The most tempting thing about exotic destinations is the fact that when it is winter here, there it is still hot. That`s why it is good to go there in the winter months when you will also avoid the influx of tourists.

2. A large selection of boats

During winter you will definitely not meet the same influx of tourists in the exotic destinations as in the high season in Croatia. You can choose from a lot of beautiful boats and there will not be only 2 boats available as it may be in early September.

3. A low price on flight tickets

Right now you have the best opportunity to buy tickets at really good prices. For example, tickets to Thailand are about 14 000 CZK, and to Seychelles, on average, about 15 000 CZK. You can also get tickets to the Caribbean and Malaysia at very reasonable prices.

Don`t you want to search for tickets and compare lots of offers? Leave it to us. Our flight specialist will be happy to advise you and choose the best fares for you.

4. Low prices

For example, if you visit Thailand, it will surprise you how cheap the destination is. Prices are even more favorable than in our country so even though you will invest in your ticket, the vacation in Thailand will not ruin your budget!

Actual available boats in Thailand

5. Go with Zindulka, number one on the market, and have a guaranteed holiday!

We have the widest offer of available boats in more than 25 destinations. We have 24 years of experience, which is something you cannot buy, so we can really advise you on anything. We guarantee the best prices. You can choose and pay the boat online so nobody will take it from you. We will find favorable tickets for you and advise you with transfers. Every day we will do everything to make your cruise the best experience!