Greece's harbour havens: an insider's view on the top 3 marinas

Greece's harbour havens: an insider's view on the top 3 marinas

Discover Greece's premier marinas, where you can dock, restock, and rejuvenate.

There are not as many marinas for leisure boats in Greece as in Croatia. leaving sailors often unsure where to lay their heads (and boats), take on water, hook up to electricity or replenish supplies. In light of this, we've handpicked three marinas in Greece that have captured our hearts. We personally toured them, scrutinizing their operations and exploring the local area. Let these amazing marinas inspire your next Greek yachting adventure.

Gouvia Marina

Region: Ionian Sea, Corfu

For those eager to explore the Ionian Sea, Gouvia Marina serves as an ideal launchpad. Its strategic location near Corfu's capital, a hub for numerous airlines during peak season, is a significant advantage. Over time, Gouvia Marina has expanded substantially, earning its status as one of Greece's largest marinas. As a part of the D-marinas network, it guarantees top-notch facilities, superior quality, and excellent service.

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Location of Gouvia Marina

While the marina is situated a bit outside of the city centre, reaching the main town of Kerkyra isn't achievable by foot as it's quite a stretch from the airport. However, Corfu offers a reliable taxi and bus network. The journey from Gouvia Marina to the town centre of Kerkyra covers roughly 10 kilometres, translating into a 15-20 minute drive, traffic dependent. The airport, on the other hand, requires a somewhat longer journey of around 30-40 minutes, although this can fluctuate considerably depending on the traffic situation.

Parking in Gouvia Marina

If you are one of those sailors who also go to Greece by car, rest assured, Gouvia Marina provides ample parking options during your week-long cruise. The marina offers a myriad of parking spaces, both close to the main building for a fee, as well as further afield at no cost, providing convenient options for all. However, for peace of mind, we advise sourcing a secure parking lot onsite or liaising with a private tour operator to oversee the safekeeping of your vehicle.

Facilities at Gouvia Marina

It goes without saying, the marina provides essential amenities including toilets and showers for sailors. Additionally, within close proximity of the marina, you'll find several supermarkets, an array of restaurants and bars, laundries, and souvenir shops. The marina also boasts a swimming pool, a feature that will undoubtedly be appreciated by youngsters during check-in waits. This is also a perfect spot for you to unwind and relax.

the area of the marina of Gouvia

Gouvia Marina is really big.

Where to shop in Gouvia Marina

We recommend buying supplies directly from the supermarket in the marina. There are several well-stocked markets where you can find fresh fruit, vegetables and baked goods. Don't be afraid to hire a trolley and take your shopping to the pier in front of the boat.

Things to do in the area of Gouvia Marina

In terms of sightseeing, the harbour itself doesn't offer a great deal beyond the pool, a small waterside promenade, and a selection of restaurants and bars. For those in search of more diverse attractions, we highly recommend a trip to the nearby town of Kerkyra, which is truly captivating. Its historic streets, pedestrianised promenades, and grand fortress with a pantheon are bound to leave you spellbound. Even if history isn't your passion, Kerkyra's vibrant nightlife is sure to impress. As the sun sets, the streets of Kerkyra become extraordinarily lively, and post-midnight, the excitement shifts to music clubs located further from the town centre.

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Aerial view of Kerkyra with the old fortress during a sunny summer day. Corfu Island, Greece

Ancient streets and houses of Kerkyra

Boats in Gouvia Marina offers hundreds of boats in the marina of Gouvia. From classic sailboats and catamarans, to powerboats and power catamarans. So, if you want to start and end your voyage in this marina, you will definitely have a good choice. We recommend, the sailing yacht Dufour 390 GL or Oceanis 46 or the power catamaran Leopard 434. For those who love speed, the Bavaria SR41 with 600 horsepower is also worth mentioning.

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Erikoussa Marina

Region: Ionian Sea, Erikoussa

For a taste of Italy while still in Greece, Erikoussa Marina is an excellent choice. This marina is a popular first stop for many Italians en route to or from their homeland, and the atmosphere is effervescent with Italian spirit. Yet beyond the lively Italian presence, Erikoussa Marina is a stunning marina nestled among beaches. It offers a stark contrast to busier marinas, providing a tranquil setting with pristine waters, devoid of any rush or clutter. This marina could best be described as a spacious, well-equipped haven where you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water. Erikoussa Marina certainly possesses its own distinctive charm.

Location of Erikoussa Marina

The port of Erikoussa is located on the island of the same name, which lies northwest of Corfu. It is the northernmost island of Greece and the closest to Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.

erikousa beach

There's also a beautiful clean beach like this right by the marina.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Please be aware that it's essential to secure prior approval from your charter company before leaving a country's waters. This is especially true when it comes to Albania and Montenegro, as these nations are not members of the European Union and boat insurance is frequently unavailable. Read more about crossing borders in our article — Can you cross national borders with a charter boat? Or take some inspiration from — Crossing international waters on a charter boat: 5 route tips.

Facilities at Erikoussa Marina

There are toilets and basic showers right at the end of the pier. But don't expect any luxury or luxury. These toilet facilities are located in a small building, which at first glance looks a bit strange, as there is a garbage collection point next to it.

Where to shop at Erikoussa Marina

There is a small convenience store a short walk from the marina. Don't expect too much choice, but there's plenty to fill up on basic ingredients. It's a sort of family-run business combined with a restaurant and cafe, so you'll feel like you're in a Greek family's backyard, plus you can buy supplies and have a meal.

What to see at Erikoussa Marina

If we had to recommend one single place near the marina of Erikoussa, it would be the Sunset Bar on the west side of the island. As the name suggests, it is a bar with a spectacular sunset view. The drinks here are rather average, you'll get a classic Cuba Libre, Mojito or Sex on the Beach, but the view is worth it. It's a very pleasant walk from the marina to the bar. But if you're not impressed by the Sunset Bar or you're so tired after the trip that you don't want to go to the other side of the island, take some inspiration from our article — Drop anchor and enjoy: discover the regional drinks of the Mediterranean region! You can even make your own cocktails on board.

Beautiful view of the island of Erikousa with the Orthodox Church of Erikousa at night, Greece

View of the bay at the Erikoussa Marina with the orthodox church

Boats in Erikoussa Marina

Would you like to set sail from Erikoussa Marina? Then we have bad news for you. There are no charter boats in this marina. So you'll have to sail here from somewhere else. But you will be pleased to know that because of the absence of charter companies, this marina is peaceful, clean and family friendly.

Alimos Marina

Area:Gulf of Sharon, Athens

The largest and one of the most popular marinas in Greece is not to be missed. Alimos Marina offers 1,100 permanent berths for boats and up to 600 dry berths for overwintering boats on land. The development of this marina is aiming to become the most modern marina in the Mediterranean by 2025, so there is a lot to look forward to.

Location of Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina is located approximately 40 kilometres from Athens Airport, so it takes about 40 minutes to get here from the airport. From the marina, it is approximately 20 minutes (10-15 kilometres) to the centre of Athens.

Parking in Alimos Marina

There is plenty of parking around the marina, either secure paid parking or free on-street parking (if you are lucky). As the marina is close to the capital and the capital brings with it a higher crime rate, we recommend paying extra for secure parking.

alimos marina breakwater

Alimos Marina is very well sheltered from the waves thanks to the breakwaters.

Facilities at Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina is a comprehensive facility offering all the typical marina services, such as water, electricity, and sanitary facilities. It boasts a range of restaurants and café bars. By prior arrangement, fuel can be delivered directly to your pier, and luggage storage services are available. For relaxation and sport, there's a nearby swimming pool complex featuring Olympic-standard lanes. The pools are heated, making this an appealing activity even on chillier days. We also suggest checking out the local Nautical Centre, which offers services including kayak and canoe rental, diving expeditions, and even water polo tournaments. In the vicinity of the marina, you'll find ATMs, beaches, hairdressers, and car rental services. In fact, it's hard to imagine a service you won't find here. This includes boat repairs, with several companies and private individuals based within the marina who service boats, so if you have a technical problem during your trip, they will be there to assist you.

Swimming pool in Alimos marina, Greece

Swimming pool in Alimos Marina, photo source:

Where to shop in Alimos Marina

Within a short walk, you'll find an abundance of shops, a pharmacy, and a bank, turning shopping from a mere necessity into a leisurely activity. Virtually any item you could possibly need is available here. Moreover, some supermarkets in the area offer the convenience of direct boat delivery, so you don't have to lug around heavy bags.

What to see in the vicinity of Alimos Marina

We recommend that you set aside at least one full day to explore Athens. Its centre is only 15-20 minutes from the marina and there is a dense network of taxis, buses and trams to get around the area. In Athens, don't miss the famous Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus or the ancient Agora. If you're not into ancient monuments, then you'll appreciate the modern Olympic complex, which is about 20 minutes from the centre by metro and is a real wonder. In fact, since 2004 (the Olympic Games in Athens) this magnificent building has not been used for anything of significance. But if you are not at all keen on sightseeing, just find a taverna with a view and enjoy the beautiful ancient past.

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Boats available in Alimos Marina

In this marina we offer almost 1,000 boats of all types. So there is something for every sailor. We recommend, for example, the Oceanis 46.1 or the Bavaria 56 Cruiser. For those who like two hulls, the Excess 11 catamaran will definitely float your boat.

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In Greece or elsewhere, I'll find you a boat in no time. Get in touch.

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