Do you know of the shipwreck Michelle?

Do you know of the shipwreck Michelle?

When you drive north from Dugi Otok, stop off at Michelle. It's the shipwreck of an Italian merchant ship that ran aground sometime around 1983 and has never been salvaged. There’s no need to fear the ghosts of dead sailors as, fortunately, no one died in the accident. Only Michelle has remained trapped there forever.

"It's usually crowded there, so ideally go there in the morning when the waters are still calm," says our captain Jakub Kočí.

The rusting iron is quite sharp so you could get scraped in the waves. But the ship is almost completely afloat, so even beginner snorkellers will see it. You won't have to dive down to experience it but if you do, youll get to see the various sealife that resides there. 

If you want to go to Dugi Otok and visit the shipwreck of Michelle, we recommend taking a boat from Zadar. 


I will choose a boat that is not a wreck. Call me.