Marinas from Kornati to Vodice: an insider's perspective

Where to access water, use the services and unwind?

We continue with our exploration of Croatia's finest marinas. This time, we turn our compass towards the captivating marinas near the Kornati Islands and the enchanting region of Vodice. Where can you find the best amenities, discover ultimate relaxation, or seek shelter from the unpredictable Bora wind? Find out in our guide.

Kornati Marina (Biograd na moru)

When it comes to Kornati, we have to mention the Kornati marina, which, surprisingly, is not located directly in the Kornati National Park, but a short sailing distance away in from Biograd na Moru. Apart from being a charming town, Biograd offers everything a sailor needs to refuel and replenish water, electricity, supplies and power. For a more in-depth look at this marina, check out — Best marinas in Croatia: our top picks.

Biograd na Moru town, view of the colourful and cute cafe

Biograd na Moru is a charming little town.

Betina Marina (island Murter)

Betina Marina on the captivating island of Murter has a fascinating history rooted in boat culture, dating back to the 18th century when it flourished as a prominent hub for wooden boat production. Although the marina itself was established in 1948, it remains dedicated to upholding its reputation as a premier destination for boat care, repair, and servicing. Notably, the design and layout of the marina pay homage to its maritime heritage, evoking the essence of a ship.

The marina offers 190 berths for boats on the water, 80 dry dock spaces and an impressive 120 parking spaces for marina visitors. One of its standout advantages is the convenience of leaving your car parked directly within the marina premises. In terms of services, the Betina Marina provides everything you could possibly need — water, electricity, a supermarket, a dedicated shop catering to boat accessories, modern shower and toilet facilities, a recycling point, convenient currency exchange services, an on-site restaurant, laundry facilities, and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Reliable support

In addition to being guarded 24 hours, both by cameras and a watchman, the marina also offers a 24-hour marine service. So if things get rough, they're here to help. If you have a problem at sea, Betina is a great place to go, equipped with on-water boat repair facilities and a lifting service, and catering to various needs such as boat surface waxing, sanding, polishing, as well as complex electrical and mechanical repairs.

What to visit in the region?

While at the marina, a visit to the Wooden Boat Museum is highly recommended, providing an immersive experience that showcases the rich history of wooden boat building in the region. Once you set sail from the marina, be sure to explore the breathtaking national parks and natural monuments within reach. Nearby attractions include the stunning Krka waterfalls, the renowned Kornati National Park, the tranquil Lake Vrana, and the picturesque Telašćica Bay, featuring the captivating Lake Mir.

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Boats in Betina Marina

We currently offer approximately 40 boats with Betina as their home marina. We recommend, for example, the lovely Sun Odyssey 30i Espresso, an Oceanis 43 named Mataa and for catamaran enthusiasts, we suggest the Lagoon 39 Anegada.

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Marina Betina from above

View of the marina Betina

Pirovac Marina

Nestled along the scenic coastline, Marina Pirovac welcomes sailors with 200 berths equipped with essential amenities such as electricity and water connections. Beyond providing fundamental services like boat repair, washing facilities, parking, and Wi-Fi access, this marina goes the extra mile by offering optional services such as airport transfers and expert sailing consultations based on weather forecasts.

Safe harbour

Pirovac is very well protected from waves, wind or almost any adverse weather condition. We, therefore, recommended keeping it in mind as a reliable and secure shelter if you encounter bad conditions at sea.

What to visit in the region?

Relax on the nearby beach, which has recently been revitalised. If you need to run errands, Marina Pirovac is the place to go — there is a supermarket, bank, post office and pharmacy. If you sail from here, it would be a shame not to visit the Kornati National Park or the Krka waterfalls. Pirovac is also strategically located as a starting point for various regattas, races and sightseeing cruises.

The small town of Pirovac

The small town of Pirovac invites you to take a stroll.

Boats in Pirovac Marina

There is something for everyone in the Pirovac Marina and we offer over 100 boats. We especially recommend the Bavaria 41 Cruiser Let's Dance, the Elan E4 Paris and for the discerning connoisseurs, the Elan E6 Loki.

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ACI Marina Vodice

Even as you sail past on the sea, you can recognize Vodice at a glance. Its modern and imposing hotel building dominates the skyline, contrasting with the small historic houses that surround it. . Opinions on this distinctive structure vary — they either love it or hate it. You can make up your own mind when you head there.

True to the ACI marina brand, ACI Marina Vodice upholds high standards, providing an extensive range of services and maintaining a professional approach. It offers every possible service you could possibly need during your trip (fuel station, showers, toilets, Wi-Fi, ATM, parking, shop, etc.). In total, the marina is able to accommodate almost 400 boats at the pier and 24 boats on dry land.

Strategic location

 Marina Vodice benefits from its proximity to two international airports, Split and Zadar. Additionally, its convenient access to the main coastal road allows for quick connections to various destinations across Croatia, which is why the marina frequently serves as a starting point for races and regattas

Jabuka Regatta

If you want to see something amazing, be sure to come here during the Jabuka regatta. Hundreds of sailing boats participate in this remarkable race, which starts and ends in Vodice and, interestingly, begins at night, creating a mesmerizing ambiance as the illuminated boats gracefully sail across the sea

Regatta Jabuka start

From the deck of a racing boat. The Jabuka race is unique because it starts at night.

What to visit in the region?

Adjacent to ACI Marina Vodice is the charming historic centre of Vodice, which is well worth exploring. Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful promenade that stretches alongside the sea, offering scenic views and leading you all the way to the distinctive modern hotel. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to wander through the town's quaint, picturesque streets. Even in the evening, Vodice remains vibrant, brimming with a lively holiday atmosphere.

Boats in Vodice Marina

ACI Marina Vodice offers a diverse fleet of boats, catering to various preferences. Among the many options available, we highly recommend the sleek and modern Sun Odyssey 410 Kalumina, the versatile and spacious Dufour 412 Grand Large Themisto or the impressive Bavaria 41 Cruiser Fleur de Lys, whose bathing plateau is simply enormous. For those who prefer catamarans, the Excess 11 Octavia offers a fantastic double-hulled sailing experience.

modern hotel Vodice

Vodice's modern hotel building stands out, even from a distance.

Tempted to visit the marina? You'll need a boat. Contact me and I'll find you the perfect one.

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