Why (not) try a catamaran? 

Shallow draft   

What is it good for? It’s perfect for getting to a bay or near the beach where you and your sailboat would normally be scratching the bottom with your keel. 


Catamarans generally have larger cabins, higher ceilings, so you won't hit your head. There is also more storage space. 


Do you feel a bit like you are in a small dark dungeon on a sailboat? The salon in a catamaran is absolutely filled with light. 

Less tilt  

Do you have a member of the crew who doesn’t do so well in the waves with the tilt of a sailboat? A catamaran is much more stable in this respect and therefore ideal for smaller children or remote work. 


Do port manoeuvres cause you problems? A catamaran has two engines, so it can literally be turned on a dime in the harbour. 

Large crew  

Did you know that we offer catamarans for up to 23 people?  


There is often no place on a sailboat to properly sprawl out. On a catamaran you will be spoilt for choice where to lie down and sunbathe.  


catamaran is perfect for 2 families who want privacy on one side, but also want to meet upstairs in the spacious lounge in the evening.  

Do you want to try catamaran? We have more than 3500 of them in our offer. Just choose one.



We have plenty of catamarans in our offer, just call me and we will choose the right one for you.