The real Black Pearl: a modern luxury super yacht

The namesake of the iconic ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, this is no ordinary sailboat. It is a pure megayacht — the largest sailing ship in the world.

Many of us associate the Black Pearl with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. Although this superyacht may not be quite as magical as the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean and likely won't magically be shrunk inside a bottle, it will still blow your mind.  

Built by the Dutch company Oceanco, this three-masted sailing yacht extends 106.7 metres in length, firmly securing its position as the largest sailing boat in the world. It was owned by Russian billionaire Oleg Burlakov from 2018 who sadly passed away this June at the age of 72, but it remains under the ownership of his family. In addition to his business ventures in the energy, aerospace and chemical industries, he will be largely remembered as the owner and visionary behind the revolutionary Black Pearl

the biggest sailing yacht black pearl parked at a sea port

©Tom Van Oossanen

The Black Pearl is an ecological super yacht

Production of this pioneering eco-friendly sailboat began on July 7, 2010 and was fully completed six years later, launching in 2017. One of its key technologies is power regeneration, using its speed through the water under sail to generate electricity with a variable pitch propeller. This is effectively combined with a hybrid propulsion system and numerous innovative features, such as waste-heat recovery.   

This megayacht has three decks and six luxury cabins. And by luxury, we mean that these are not just cabins, with each cabin being connected to its very own private lounge. The cabins are divided into a main suite, 2 VIP suites and 2 double guest cabins and according to the manufacturer, it can accommodate 12 guests.

the biggest sailing yacht black pearl parked at a sea port

How fast can the Black Pearl sail?

Although the maximum speed is specified by the manufacturer as being 15 kn flat, under full sail and in good winds, it’s much faster. Its captain, Chris Gartner, believed that the moment the Black Pearl proved her sailing ability, there would be renewed interest in sailing yachts. And he was right because believe us, if you think you're flying as fast as the wind at 8 knots, that’s nothing. This beauty can sail at a leisurely 18 knots and using very little fossil fuel. 

When you see the Black Pearl deploy her black sails, it's a sight to behold but to see her at sea is a true marvel. And if you can't imagine what it's like, check out the video when we encountered her at the harbour. 

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So what’s next in store for this superyacht? First it’s going to cross the ocean at record speed but we’ll see what the future holds after that. Perhaps it will provide inspiration for other developers to push the boundaries even further. 

Basic specifications of the Black Pearl superyacht:

Hull length 106.7 m (350'1")
Hull width15.0 m (49'3")
Dry weight2864 t
Country of originNetherlands
Year of manufacture2018
DesignNaval ArchitectureDykstra Naval Architects

InteriorNuvolari Lenard and Gerard Villate

ExteriorNuvolari Lenard and Ken Freivokh Design
TypeSailing ship
ClassLloyd's Register
Hull typeSingle hull
No. of decks 3
No. of masts3
No. of guests12
Guests lounges6
Sailing speed 12.0 kn
Maximum speed15.0 kn
Maximum sailing speed30.0 kn 
RegistrationCayman Islands
Sail area2,900 m2
Black Pearl yacht with its sails


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