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Endless pastures, orchards, thatched-roof farms, wildlife and untouched nature. This is just a basic list of what you'll find around Lake Tisza. Charming villages are waiting to be discovered during your houseboat cruise.

Calm is replaced by crazy fun

The Hungarian lake Tisza is a suitable destination especially for those of you who are looking for perfect and undisturbed relaxation. Not only the unspoilt nature that surrounds the lake, but also the sun-drenched countryside scented with fine wine will help you to relax completely. In addition to observing the interesting flora and fauna, you will also enjoy swimming in the clear water and the interesting history that is linked to the region.

Crews who love a more active pastime can try canoeing, cycling, water skiing or sailing. There's simply no risk of boredom in Hungary and you'll be entertained both at the weekend and throughout the week.

What awaits you

From our base in Kisköre, you can float down the Tisza River to Tiszalök, which is famous for its impressive hydroelectric power station and peat bogs, where you can relax all day during your walk. The river will lead you to the eponymous Lake Tisza, which lies in the heart of the natural area of the Hortobágy and the Great Hungarian Plain, also known as the Puszta.

Don't hesitate to linger in the town of Kisköre before you board. The local sandy beaches, water slides leading directly into the river and fishing spots will keep you entertained. Not only Kisköre is a popular stop for families with children. Young crew members will also enjoy the bustling Abádszalók, which is attractive thanks to its sandym beaches, a giant slide and other water activities that will be fun for adults too.

Cascading solution connecting the lake and the Tisza River near Kisköre

Cascading solution connecting the lake and the Tisza River near Kisköre

You can find out everything you need to know about Lake Tisza during a visit to the Tisza Poroszló Ecotourism Centre. In addition to a 3D cinema and a gaming arena, you will also find the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe.

Tiszafüred, a spa resort and the largest town on the shores of Lake Tisza, is also worth a stop and is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Here you can enjoy not only swimming at the beach and fishing, but also windsurfing, canoeing and much more. Don't miss the soothing bathing in the thermal waters at a temperature of 39 degrees.

In the heart of Hungary's Puszta is the Hortobágy National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Puszta, the largest steppe in Central Europe, offers a unique experience. Here you can observe the work of shepherds and horse breeders in an impressive landscape of ponds, green plains and bird reserves. The town of Hortobágy is also one of the places you should not miss during your holiday. The local bridge with its nine arches will particularly catch your eye.

The vast steppes can also be visited at Tiszacsege, a spa town whose water is known for its healing properties. If spa culture is close to your heart, you can also explore it for yourself in Tiszaújváros. You can also visit Tiszadob, a town famous for its 19th-century neo-Gothic Andrássy Castle. The romantic architecture and the labyrinth in the castle garden will win you over.

Useful information

  • The area is also suitable for beginner skippers.
  • The Nicols fleet of sailing boats has swimming ladders that make it easy (and safe) to get in and out of the water.

Come and try a cruise in Hungary, you will be pleasantly surprised! Just contact us and we will choose a houseboat for you.

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Lake Tisza swimming area, map

Trip length: 7 days | 230 km
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