An unexplored landscape offering undisturbed relaxation and excellent wine.

Hungary is opening up to sailing and houseboat lovers relatively recently - the first boats will start exploring Hungary's waterways in the spring of 2020. We didn't use the word "discover" by accident, the landscape is truly made for explorers who don't let miss a single corner hiding either an unspoilt natural area or a cosy wine cellar.

Nature, wine and peace

Sailing from our base in Kisköre, you and your crew can enjoy Hungary's Great Plain and Hortobágy National Parks, the Tisza River and the lake of the same name. You will also explore the "Puszta", a region of vast grasslands unparalleled in Europe, home to herds of buffalo, oxen and wild horses. You won't miss their guardians, the "tsikos", who still wear traditional costumes.

Wine lovers, however, should set off from our second base, located in Tokaj. Your cruise will then take you along the Bodrag and Upper Tisza rivers. The rivers will take you to the heart of the region, which is famous for its Tokaj wine production. In addition to the delicious golden beverage, you will also enjoy the landscape of vineyards, look at the foothills of the Zemplén Mountains and see old volcanoes covered with forests.

Who will enjoy a houseboat holiday in Hungary?

  • Beginners and experienced skippers. Even less experienced skippers can navigate Hungary's waterways, but the area's current inaccessibility makes it attractive to experienced skippers as well.
  • Observers. The local nature, its fauna and flora deserve to be packed in your loom or suitcase with binoculars.
  • Calm types. For anyone who prefers to relax in peaceful nature, Hungary's little-known regions are the perfect destination.
  • Swimmers. Jump the dart into the water straight from the deck of your houseboat! Hungary's waters are perfect for swimming.
  • Fishermen. Do you love to relax in the morning while peacefully catching fish? In that case, definitely take your fishing rod with you!
  • History lovers. Hungarian history is often closely related to ours. Go and explore it up close.
  • Winemakers. The Hungarian Tokaj is famous all over the world. Do you know where it tastes best? Where it's grown!

Now all you have to do is pick the right houseboat. I'd be happy to help you. Let me know.