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Some time ago, the wine cruising areas were enriched with a region that is no stranger to any winemaker - the Hungarian Tokaj. The local vineyards were even the first in the world to benefit from the official classification of a wine-growing region, in 1737.

A different face of Hungary

Although Hungary is only a short distance from our border, apart from its capital Budapest or its spa town, the rest of the country is often unknown to Czechs. Let's change that together and take a cruise through an area that is not only associated with wine production, but also immaculate nature and rich history.

You can choose from itineraries that you can sail in a long weekend, but you can also explore the Tokaj region for a whole week. You won't be bored! As well as swimming in the clear water, the location itself offers other activities that will get under your skin.

What awaits you

The Tisza and Bodrog rivers will take you through the famous wine region. Before you set sail, however, stay in the town of Tokaj. At the local museum, you can learn more about the unique microclimate that contributes to the exceptional taste of Tokaj wines. At the renowned winery in Rákóczi, you'll see thousands of oak barrels filled with the iconic white wine, famous for its golden colour. Pick up a few bottles here and enjoy them later on the boat deck at sunset. Your cruise will begin along the foothills of the Zemplén Mountains, where you'll discover a protected natural area in a landscape of ancient volcanoes now covered in forests.

Traditional wine cellars in Hercegkut

Traditional wine cellars in Hercegkut

Continue to Vörös torony, a former medieval dungeon that stands majestically on the banks of the Bodrog River. Not to be missed is Rakóczi Palace, a Renaissance gem that definitely deserves to be explored up close. Towards the Slovak border, you will arrive in Sátoraljaújhely. If you have thrill seekers or children on board, take them to the Zemplén Kalandpark amusement park. Here you'll find the longest summer bobsleigh and the longest chairlift in Hungary, as well as a zip line and many other activities to get your heart racing.

A stop in Szabolc, a peaceful village on the banks of the Tisza River, where you will find a stunning church from the 11th century. Fishermen should not miss Dombrád, a town that literally lives on the water. Carp, roach, pike, perch, catfish and mullet are just a small list of the fish you can catch on the Tisza.

Those of you who are not so keen on fishing will be delighted by the beautiful sandy beaches that can be found near the town. If you sail a little further afield, you'll come across Tiszalök, home to a hydroelectric power station but also endless paths leading through the peat bogs. If you're looking for undisturbed peace and quiet, you're guaranteed to find it in the surrounding wetlands.

Useful information

  • The area is also suitable for beginner skippers. If you have never driven a houseboat before, Tokaj is a good place to start.
  • Nicols' fleet of boats includes swim ladders that make it easy (and safe) to get in and out of the water.

Come and try a cruise in Hungary, you will be pleasantly surprised! Just contact us and we will choose a houseboat for you.

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Map of the Tokaj Navigation Area

Trip length: 7 days | 250 km
Type of cruise: there and back
Number of locks: 0

In the footsteps of Tokaj wine

This week-long cruise takes you to the world-famous Tokaj vineyards on a cruise along the Tisza and Bodrog rivers. The crew will be captivated by the preserved nature, romantic walks and swimming in the rivers.