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Basic information

  • Cruise length: 200
  • Number of locks: 12
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: round trip

The beautiful network of lakes and canals of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg form an idyllic recreational area in the north-east of Germany. The area is very popular with water enthusiasts and nature lovers for its clean air and clear water.

The impressive nature reserves are home to a variety of flora and fauna. The surrounding forests, marshes and green pastures are ideal for picnics, walks and bike rides. You'll see half-timbered houses and baroque castles that offer a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyle of bygone eras. Float on the beautiful Lake Müritz and stop for a glass of beer in a medieval village.

The Mecklenburg Lakes are made up of more than a thousand interconnected lakes surrounded by forests, meadows and marshes. The ecologically pure natural paradise offers maximum relaxation, which is complemented by the region's functional infrastructure. Although sailing on the lakes requires more skill than canal cruising, it offers you experiences that are hard to find elsewhere: anchoring far from the shore and swimming in an idyllic and ecologically clean environment.