The nearest foreign cruise destinations will surprise you.

As antisexy as the phrase "holiday in Germany" sounds, believe me, the cruising areas of our northwestern neighbor can equal the renowned regions of France or the Netherlands. In fact, Germany boasts three places where houseboating is pure joy. And for several reasons.

One country, three different regions

There is only one group of people for whom a holiday in Germany is not suitable — premium wine lovers. Everyone else will enjoy their stay with our neighbour. Mecklenburg is a popular destination for those who like unspoilt nature from which they can simply escape to picturesque historic towns. Here you will discover a colourful carpet of lakes, forests and meadows. Lake Müritz is the largest in Germany and is part of the eponymous Müritz National Park. Brandenburg, on the other hand, is popular with history buffs and the nightlife elements who are at home in vibrant Berlin. The last group of customers head to Rügen and Bodden, where they are attracted by unspoilt lagoons and small fishing villages.

Berlin, German, view of the water canal, city panorama.


  • You can go to Mecklenburg, Rügen and Bodden without a skipper's licence. In Brandenburg, however, you will need a licence to drive sports boats in inland waters. If you still want to visit the area around the German capital, hiring a skipper or taking one of our regular skipper courses may be the solution.

Who will enjoy a houseboat holiday in Germany?

  • Families with children. The selected areas are so varied that even small children won't get bored. Moreover, thanks to the various leisure activities, you can tailor the programme to suit your children's mood.
  • Swimmers. Germany boasts excellent water quality that will make you want to swim from morning to night. Its purity will win your trust.
  • Fishermen. Can you imagine catching fish in the morning right from the deck of your boat? In Germany, this idea is not unrealistic!
  • History lovers. You don't have to go to Berlin (famous for its spectacular historical sites).or Potsdam (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to soak up German history. You'll encounter castles, manor houses and ancient towns at every turn.
  • Cyclists. When you see a map of the cycle paths that run around Germany's waterways, your head will go round with happiness.
  • Calm types. For anyone who prefers to relax in the peaceful countryside, Germany is the perfect destination.
  • Traditionalists. Not one of those people who seek exotic experiences but like tried and tested certainties? You'll get just as good beer in Germany as you do here, we promise!

Now all you have to do is pick the right houseboat. I'd be happy to help you. Let me know.