Marina Wolfsbruch - Jabel (or vice versa)

Destinations / Germany / Mecklenburg / Marina Wolfsbruch - Jabel (or vice versa)

Marina Wolsfburg_Mecklenburg_Germany_map

Basic information

  • Length of voyage: 65
  • Number of locks: 4
  • Trip duration: 3 days
  • Type of cruise: one-way route

A beautiful cruise on crystal clear water. Enjoy the modern amenities of the quiet town of Jabel and get to know the 300-year-old yew tree - a natural monument. On the way, don't miss these picturesque villages - Mirow, Rechlin, Röbel, Klink and Waren.

The network of lakes and canals of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg form an idyllic recreational area in the north-east of Germany. This region is very popular with water enthusiasts and nature lovers for its clean air and clear water.

The impressive nature reserves are home to a variety of flora and fauna. The surrounding forests, marshes and green pastures are ideal for picnics, walks and for bike rides. You'll see half-timbered houses and baroque castles that offer a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyle of bygone eras. Float on the beautiful Lake Müritz and stop for a glass of beer in a medieval village.